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Chapter 834: A Hundred Years Later

After the battle, corpses were strewn everywhere in a devastating sight.

However, the demon beasts of Howling Moon Mountain that survived were excited as they collected various trophies of war from the ground.

They had won this battle!

Initially, Howling Moon Mountain was on the verge of destruction.

However, with the arrival of one person, the tides had changed entirely!

The demons reared their heads and looked at the figure on the mountain peak of Howling Moon Mountain with reverence in their eyes; there was an indescribable fervor in their gazes.

In the world of demons, their belief was that the strong reigned supreme!

After this battle, the rise of Howling Moon Mountain was inevitable and no one would be able to stand in its way!

The Rat King puffed his chest proudly as he walked through the crowd with an impressive strut.

From time to time, lesser demons would close in with pandering expressions and offer him spoils of war.

He had the right to be proud indeed.

No matter what, he was the one that brought Su Zimo here from the ancient battlefield.

Among the demons, he was also the first to make acquaintance with Su Zimo.

That fact alone gave him an unshakable status among the demons!

On the mountaintop.

Monkey, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing descended with blood all over their body; some were theirs and some were from other people.

“Che che, amazing!”

Monkey smacked his lips and grinned, as though he could not feel any pain on his body at all.

There was finally a great battle that could satisfy him after he became a fiend demon.

Along with the spirit tiger and Qing Qing, the three of them hunted down fiend demons of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave for dozens of kilometers and had only just returned.

Although Little Fox had already adapted to life in the jungle, she did not like to kill. She did not chase after the demon beasts of the two territories that fled and returned to Su Zimo’s side a long time ago.

“Go and rest to recuperate first,”

Su Zimo smiled. “There might be more battles in time to come.”

He was already prepared to head to Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave and claim the territories under his command!

Be it Territorial Lords or Overlords, it would naturally be better for them if they occupied more territory.

The greater their territory, the more the demon beasts under their command.

This also meant that they would gain access to even more resources such as natural minerals, materials, spirit herbs and treasures!

“Territorial Lord, thank you for protecting Howling Moon Mountain,”

Black Wolf bowed deeply towards Su Zimo.

Without Su Zimo, the outcome of the battle today would have been starkly different.

Howling Moon Mountain would have ceased to exist, divided by Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River.

But now, not only has Ghastly River submitted, the territory of Howling Moon Mountain has expanded by more than twice!

At that thought, Black Wolf turned to look at Solitary Cloud instinctively.

It was understandable why the Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave were defeated.

It was because they were weak.

Among them, the Territorial Lord of Ghastly River behaved the strangest.

The other two Territorial Lords bore a semblance of hope and turned to flee. However, this guy chose to submit right away.

At that moment, Solitary Cloud said, “Territorial Lord, you seem to always be alone. Don’t you have a mount yet?”


Su Zimo shook his head without thinking too much.

“That’s good!”

Solitary Cloud was delighted and hurriedly said, “Territorial Lord, let me be your mount!”

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were both pondering about why Solitary Cloud would submit and whether the latter possessed any devious intentions. However, their jaws nearly fell to the ground when they heard that.

This was not just a mere submission.

He was almost sprawled onto the ground completely!

Where in the world would there be a demon beast that would offer to be a mount for someone else?!

It might be understandable if they were facing a supreme expert or some Overlord, but this was a low-level fiend demon right before them!

“It’s fine,”

Su Zimo waved it off. “You are the Deputy Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain. It will lower your status significantly if you become my mount.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine!”

Solitary Cloud waved it off as well. “I won’t be a Deputy Territorial Lord then! I’ll just be your mount!”

Both Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were stunned.

Solitary Cloud was the most prideful loner in the region.

As a pure-blooded ferocious beast, he was indeed qualified to have that attitude.

However, what was happening here?

Wasn’t the difference in his attitude before and after way too great?!

Could he have some immense benefit to gain by being the mount of the Territorial Lord?

It was a fleeting thought and neither of them thought too much about it.

In truth, there was indeed an immense benefit for Solitary Cloud to be Su Zimo’s mount!

After Solitary Cloud deduced Su Zimo’s true form, he garnered that he could accompany the latter and cultivate together with him if he became the latter’s mount.

Even if he could only absorb a trace of aura from the Dragon race, it would provide an unimaginable benefit for Solitary Cloud’s cultivation!

The Dragon race!

That was the existence that once reigned over the primordial era!

In Solitary Cloud’s mind, he imagined that as someone from the Dragon race, Su Zimo must have come to this random small place to become a Territorial Lord just to have some fun.

Once he had his fill of fun, he would definitely return.

If Solitary Cloud could follow Su Zimo along to return to the sacred land of the Dragon race, the possibility of his dragonificiation would be much greater!

Su Zimo mulled for a moment and had already guessed Solitary Cloud’s thoughts.

“Are you sure?”

He gave a faint smile with an odd gaze.

“Definitely! I won’t regret it!”

Solitary Cloud nodded hurriedly. “I’m willing to lay down a blood oath and follow you for life…”

“There’s no need,”

Su Zimo waved it off and interrupted him. “If you’re willing to do it, we’ll follow your intentions,”

“Thank you, master!”

Solitary Cloud had already changed his way of addressing Su Zimo.

“Your status as a Deputy Territorial Lord shall remain unchanged. Head back, recuperate and prepare to attack Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave!” Su Zimo said deeply.


Solitary Cloud bowed in response.

Su Zimo stood at the top of the mountain with monkey, the spirit tiger, Little Fox and Qing Qing behind him.

His scarlet hair rested on his shoulders as he looked into the distance with a deep gaze and murmured, “From this day forth, the five of us siblings are going to start ruling over the vast forests.”

Su Zimo gazed into the North with a hint of sorrow in his eyes.

He was far from his homeland and would most likely not be able to return within a short period of time.

“Qing Qing, hurry, look! I painstakingly dug this beautiful pearl necklace personally from a corpse! It’s extremely compatible with you!”

“Get lost! You disgust me!”

“Fufu, Brother Tiger, you sure won’t know how to coax a girl,” Foxy quipped in a teasing manner.

The sorrow in Su Zimo’s eyes dissipated when he heard the laughter around him and he gave a suave smile.

At the very least, he won’t be bored in the future with monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and Little Fox around him.

A storm was destined to befall Thousand Demon Valley because of the five of them!

A month later.

The army of Howling Moon Mountain was split into two, led by Su Zimo and Solitary Cloud respectively to conquer Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave!

Solitary Cloud fought against the demons of Cyclone Cave for half a day and the latter submitted.

Su Zimo descended upon Black Sand Ridge and killed half of the Black Scorpion race, leading to an instant submission by the demons of Black Sand Ridge!

Thereafter, in less than half a year, Howling Moon Mountain merged Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave completely and the territory under their command on the maps expanded rapidly!

The name of Howling Moon Mountain spread wildly!

In the days after, Howling Moon Mountain engaged in a few more conquests against the territories in the vicinity and everything concluded in victory!

The territory of Howling Moon Mountain expanded once again!

The name of the Mo Demon was renowned.

Many experts came in reverence of the Mo Demon and submitted to his might. As such, the strength of Howling Moon Mountain grew even further.

Towards the end, Su Zimo rarely appeared.

Solitary Cloud, Black Wolf and the other demons held the fort and that was enough to ensure Howling Moon Mountain’s continued development.

The sands of time flowed freely.

In the blink of an eye, a hundred years passed.

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