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Chapter 833: Subdued

The descent of the Bloodline phenomenon crushed the final hopes of the Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave.

The two Territorial Lords were scared out of their wits completely – these capabilities were beyond their understanding of things!

Without hesitation, the two of them chose to escape right away!

When their Territorial Lords ran, the remaining mid-level fiend demons could not be bothered and turned to flee as well.

However, the two Territorial Lords were the first to react and their speeds were faster than the others as well. Both of them managed to flee from the area of effect of the Bloodline phenomenon by a hair’s breadth.

The remaining mid-level fiend demons were not so lucky.

When the Wild Bovine, Sanguine Ape and the other demons charged forward, all of them were killed. Their flesh splattered everywhere in a tragic manner and their Essence Spirits were extinguished on the spot!

Although for some unknown reason, on the other side of the battlefield, the Territorial Lord of Ghastly River was kneeling on the ground with indescribable fright, nobody could take notice of that by this point of the battle.

The Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave had the same idea and both fled in different directions.

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge returned to his human form.

His massive scorpion form was inconvenient for his escape among the dense forest with tall trees.

On the contrary, after he was in his human form, he became much more agile and was a smaller target.


The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge sprinted with all his might and felt the wind howl beside his ears; his back felt cold and was drenched with sweat.

‘Once I return to Black Sand Ridge, I’ll definitely gather powerful experts and return once again!’

He had a wrathful expression and howled in his heart.

He was a Territorial Lord and had reigned over Black Sand Ridge for several thousand years. Naturally, he was well connected and knew many powerful experts.

There was no way he was going to let things go easily after the immense loss this time round!

As he fled, his Essence Spirit throbbed in pain due to the prolonged intense toll it undertook.

Even so, the feeling of danger behind him did not vanish and followed him like a shadow.

Furthermore, it felt even more pressing!

Could he have caught up to me?

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge could not help but turn back.

That single turn scared him out of his wits and his legs went limp!

Not far behind him, a purple thunderbolt was surging forward at an extremely fast speed like a flash of lightning!

The distance between the two of them was decreasing rapidly!

Although he could not see it clearly, the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge knew that the purple thunderbolt was none other than the demon beast named Mo!

Purple Escape.

It was an escape technique from the Purple Thunder Manual.

Although this escape technique’s burst power and speed could not compare to Blood Escape, the good thing about it was that it did not have any sequelae on the body.

“Sir, please spare me!”

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge suddenly paused in his tracks and spun around when he realized that he could not escape. He kowtowed in Su Zimo’s direction and shouted, “I’m willing to submit to you!”

The two of them were extremely close.

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge was scared out of his wits with a flustered expression, looking as though he had given up completely.

If it was anyone else, they would have let their guard down at that moment.

However, the moment the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge spoke, he coiled his tongue and a streak of black light shot out. It carried a repulsive stench and burst towards Su Zimo’s face!

In truth, the Dharmic weapon that was taken away by the Mystic Magnet Mountain was not his Destiny Dharmic Weapon.

This black poison needle was!

This black poison needle was refined day and night using the most toxic poison within his body; the poison of his scorpion tail.

The poison was something that even pure-blooded ferocious beasts could not withstand!

With this move, he managed to escape from the brink of death countless times by killing his opponents instead!

There were many mid-level fiend demons within the vast Thousand Demon Valley. There was no way he could become a Territorial Lord without some capabilities!

His method might have worked against others.

Unfortunately, it was useless against Su Zimo.

Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and possessed his spirit perception; he sensed danger the moment the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge turned around!

Suddenly, a blinding glow shot forth from his right eye, resembling a blazing sun!

Instantly, the rainwater around them evaporated.

It was the visual technique, Illumination Dragon Eye!

A column of light tore through the void through the black poison needle in midair and pierced through the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge’s head entirely!

The distance between the two of them was too close.

In other words, the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge could not dodge that killing move at all!

No blood dripped down.

The area around the wound was burned up.

The glow of the black poison needle dimmed as it fell.

Even a Destiny Dharmic Weapon was useless against the attack of Illumination Dragon Eye!

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge’s eyes were widened. His expression carried the same menace right before he launched the ambush, but there was a hint of pity within his eyes.

He had truly not expected his killing move to be countered by Su Zimo so easily.

Less than that, he had not expected that he would die in the blink of an eye!

A Territorial Lord had fallen.

He would no longer have the chance to return to Black Sand Ridge!

Su Zimo had a cold expression as he waved his robes. He collected the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge’s storage bag and turned to leave without looking at the corpse.

He had to settle the Territorial Lords of Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River still!

With lightning speed, Su Zimo vanished from the spot and disappeared into the forest.

The moment the arrived in the air above Howling Moon Mountain, Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi closed in.

Both of them had odd expressions and wanted to speak but stopped.

The Solitary Cloud of Territorial Lord stood beside the two of them.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Was Solitary Cloud trying to threaten him by holding Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi hostage?

Before that thought was finished, Solitary Cloud took the first step to walk towards Su Zimo. With a thud, he knelt on one knee and cupped his fists. “Territorial Lord, I am willing to be your underling and lead all the river demons of Ghastly River to submit to you!”

Su Zimo was about to speak when Solitary Cloud flipped his palm, revealing a weak Essence Spirit within.

It was a blood-colored bat.

Solitary Cloud said with a respectful expression, “Territorial Lord, this was the Blood Bat of Cyclone Cave that escaped earlier. I’ve already captured it!”

Su Zimo raised his brow.

This wyrm was interesting indeed.

Not only did the wyrm submit to him, the former even captured the Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave that had escaped.

Solitary Cloud asked, “Territorial Lord, how should we deal with this bat?”

“Kill it,”

Su Zimo waved his hand.

Without hesitation, Solitary Cloud exerted strength with his palm and crushed the Essence Spirit of the Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave!

Without Su Zimo’s command, Solitary Cloud did not rise and merely knelt obediently before him.

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi exchanged glances – both of them could see the shock in the other’s eyes.

Solitary Cloud’s attitude towards Su Zimo was strange.

It did not seem as though he had submitted due to Su Zimo’s strength. Instead, it seemed as though there was a sense of reverence and fear from the depths of his heart.

Both of them were confused.

Although outsiders typically have a clearer view of the situation, the two of them were utterly puzzled. Both parties were fighting earlier on. All of a sudden, one party knelt in fright and kowtowed…

Su Zimo gazed at Solitary Cloud with a deep look in his eyes.

Solitary Cloud’s expression was respectful and not hypocritical at all.

On account that Solitary Cloud’s bloodline and combat strength was decent, Su Zimo waved it off. “Rise. From this day forth, you shall be one of the Deputy Territorial Lords of Howling Moon Mountain!”


Solitary Cloud was delighted and rose.

Notwithstanding the submission of Ghastly River’s Territorial Lord, the Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave had fallen and both those territories had no owners.

Su Zimo intended to include those two territories under Howling Moon Mountain and right now, he was lacking assistants like Solitary Cloud.

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