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Chapter 832: Appearance of a True Dragon?

The nine fiend demons were unnerved and had not snapped out of their stupor.

However, Su Zimo had already attacked!

By this point of the battle, the nine mid-level fiend demons no longer posed any threat to him!


Su Zimo circulated his blood qi and the sound of tsunami tides surged within his body in a terrifying manner.

The demons were shocked when they heard that sound!

Tsunami blood!

He had cultivated his bloodline to its limits!

Solitary Cloud had a grim expression.

Although he was a pure-blooded ferocious beast with a noble bloodline, he had not cultivated to that stage yet!


Su Zimo had already vanished from the spot.

Because his speed was too fast, a series of afterimages lingered for a long time in midair!


A mid-level fiend demon was momentarily distracted and felt a devastating power that sent his massive body flying instantly.

While he was still in midair, he exploded into a blood mist and dyed the mountains red.

Another mid-level fiend demon had fallen!

There were eight remaining!

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge had a cold gaze as he waved his sharp scorpion tail that was laced with poison. He charged towards Su Zimo and hollered, “Kill!”

“This man has treasures from head to toe. His death will be a great opportunity for all of us!” The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave said frostily as well.

Solitary Cloud said nothing as he rode through the clouds; he had already charged towards Su Zimo with a roar!

Under the lead of the three Territorial Lords, the remaining five mid-level fiend demons lunged forward once again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Eight gigantic fiend demons encircled Su Zimo.

Su Zimo was comparatively smaller like an ant. However, every single move he made possessed terrifying power of blood qi as he countered the attacks of the eight fiend demons completely!

None of these fiend demons were his match in melee combat!

Figures weaved and maneuvered around one another. After a single exchange, the eight fiend demons felt as though their bones were on the verge of snapping and their bodies felt like splitting apart.

Solitary Cloud looked even more wretched.

He was indignant and charged to the front and took Su Zimo on with two punches. In the end, a few of his claws were snapped and he was in unendurable pain.

“Black Sand Eclipse!”

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge howled.

His Essence Spirit was channeled to its limits as he released the secret skill of the Scorpion race. A black sandstorm surged around him that blanketed the skies!

The sand seemed like it was ordinary.

However, every single sand particle was formed with Dharmic power and possessed toxic poison!

If ordinary demon beasts were to consume the black sand, they would transform into pitch-black skeletons and their flesh would rot within ten seconds!

This was a demonic art that the young master of Black Sand Ridge released previously as well.

However, Su Zimo dispelled it without even a scratch on him.

Although the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge was also a mid-level fiend demon, the Dharmic power of his demonic art was way stronger and it was clear that its power was a few levels higher!

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

His two Essence Spirits were exhausted after the Essence Spirit fight and it was difficult for him to release any Dharmic art for defense.

However, the Black Sand Eclipse was extremely lethal and he might get injured if he tried to defend with his physical body alone.

A look of conviction flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes!

“Since that’s the case, it’s time to bring an end to things!”

Su Zimo reared his head into the skies and roared. “I’ll show you guys what I can do as well!”

Before his sentence was completed, scarlet demonic qi circled around him and swiftly created ancient demons one after another. They were life-like with shuddering gazes and menacing fangs and claws!

There was a Wild Bovine, Stone Bear, Sanguine Ape, Anaconda, Divine Steed, Hell Tiger and Wind Leopard!

The seven demons were massive in size and had frightening auras. Some of them were more than a hundred feet tall, some of them were more than a hundred feet long. All of them were murderous as they glared forward with bloodshot eyes!

Surrounded by the seven ancient demons, although Su Zimo was much smaller in size, it seemed as though he was the sole ruler within the universe that was unparalleled!

“What is that?!”

“What is up with those demon beasts?!”

“Goodness! What’s the true form of this man? How are there so many demon beasts?!”

A series of exclamations sounded from above and beneath Howling Moon Mountain.

Beneath the firmaments, the seven demons stood in midair and looked down at everyone, as though they had lived through eternity and had arrived here by going against the tides of time.

The demons were shocked!

The demon beasts present did not have the experience to recognize this as a Bloodline phenomenon.

Only Solitary Cloud could recall some sparse descriptions from the depths of his memories. Instantly, his face turned incomparably pale and he looked flustered.

“Blood Bat Sonar Realm!”

The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave’s eyes were bloodshot and murderous. He could not be bothered any longer as he released a secret skill!

Sonar Realm was a secret skill unique to the Bat race.

If one was caught unprepared, their eardrums would shatter the moment the secret skill was released!

In fact, weaker demon beasts might have their Essence Spirits destroyed by the Sonar Realm!

Within the void, ripples surfaced.

The Sonar Realm secret skill had already materialized and was surging towards Su Zimo with a boundless killing intent!

Su Zimo’s gaze was indifferent and he was motionless as he opened his mouth.

The seven demons surrounding him opened their mouths as well, mimicking him.


A roar echoed from the mouths of Su Zimo and the seven demons, surging forward at the same time with enough power to devour mountains and rivers!

The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave’s Sonar Realm looked insignificant compared to the roar and dissipated into emptiness instantly!

The eight fiend demons in the surroundings shuddered!

There some low-level fiend demons beneath that did not manage to dodge in time. Their lips, eyes, nostrils and ears oozed with blood in a horrific manner!

The spirit demons across the mountains were even sprawled on the ground, shivering in fear.

Solitary Cloud shuddered and stirred awake from his slumber.

His ears buzzed and ringed in pain as he looked towards Su Zimo instinctively.


Su Zimo hollered and the seven ancient demons around him charged forward.

One of the mid-level fiend demon’s mind went blank from the shock and he had a lost expression. The Hell Tiger charged forward and chomped off the former’s head with a single bite, killing him along with his Essence Spirit!

The seven demons charged towards the seven mid-level fiend demons.

Solitary Cloud was the only one without a demon charging towards him.

However, right as Solitary Cloud was looking at Su Zimo, the latter turned and met his gaze.

Immediately after, Solitary Cloud caught sight of something that shocked him!

Su Zimo had a cold gaze. Behind him, there was a long, slender figure of a demon beast. It was faintly visible and coiled around his neck as it spiraled upwards.

It was the eighth demon!

The figure of the Demon King was formed and it resembled both a wyrm and an anaconda. However, its appearance was blurry and it could not be seen extremely clearly!

‘Could that demon be a wyrm?’

Before Solitary Cloud’s thought was finished, he looked beneath the abdomen of the eighth demon and his gaze gradually froze.

There were four claws beneath the abdomen of the demon.

Wyrms were born with two feet.

True Dragons had four feet!

Immediately after, Solitary Cloud’s pupils constricted.

Sinisterly, scales appeared one after another on the surface of that person and covered his body instantly!


Solitary Cloud gasped with a stricken expression as a frightening possibility crossed his mind.

There was no treasure from the Dragon race.

There was only a True Dragon!

The aura of the Dragon race was emanated from the True Dragon before him!

It was no wonder why this person was so strong in combat and possessed such a terrifying bloodline.

It was no wonder why this person had brazenly declared that a wyrm like him was not qualified to witness the person’s true form.

The lifelong dream of wyrms was to turn into dragons.

And now, he had witnessed a True Dragon!


Solitary Cloud was so frightened that he knelt onto the ground with a thud.

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