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Chapter 828: Wyrm Bone Scissors


“What a violent melee combat technique!”

The mid-level fiend demons that originally surrounded Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were shocked and retreated by instinct, causing the attacks to pause.

Together with the two Territorial Lords, there were a total of 14 mid-level fiend demons.

However, in the blink of an eye, three were dead!

“Don’t panic! It’s just a low-level fiend demon! Everyone, let’s work together to kill him!”

The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave had a composed expression as he shouted.

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge gave a deep growl as well. “The nine of you, surround and kill that guy. Leave Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi to us!”

The demons gradually returned to their senses.

How strong could a low-level fiend demon be?

No matter how violent this person was in melee combat, he only had a pair of fists and legs – how could he win against nine fiend demons?

No matter how strong this person’s physique was, could he defend against their Dharmic weapons?


In midair, the demons shouted and struck at the same time. More than ten demonic Dharmic weapons tore through the air and rained down in the direction of Su Zimo’s body!

The demons of Howling Moon Mountain turned nervous instantly.

Nine fiend demons were joining forces to kill a low-level fiend demon – this was an unprecedented sight.

Even a mid-level fiend demon was most probably unable to defend against this.

Furthermore, the Territorial Lord of Ghastly River, Solitary Cloud, had already reverted to his true form at the side. The corners of his head protruded gloriously as he surged forward on his waterspout with a torrential might along with rain and clouds!

Solitary Cloud’s combat strength increased significantly now that he was in his true form!

A wyrm resembled a dragon without horns and a snake with two legs.

Solitary Cloud’s body was grayish-white and he was a few hundred feet long when completely spread out. Thin, small scales lined his body and he had two feet under his abdomen with sharp claws and fangs.

At his glabella between his eyes, there was a small bump that resembled a meat lump; it was almost impossible to see unless one focused their gaze.

In truth, this meat lump was the horn of wyrms!

Wyrms had no horns when they were born. Their ‘horns’ only appeared if they cultivated continuously to comprehend Heaven and Earth while devouring opportunities and stealing fortunes!

The deeper their cultivations were, the more obvious their horns would become!

Of course, most wyrms could barely cultivate a tender horn even if they cultivated for tens of thousands of years.

Legend has it that when the horn is completely formed, it would mean that the wyrm was about to become a True Dragon!

In the blink of an eye, more than ten demonic Dharmic weapons closed in!

Su Zimo’s expression did not change as he slapped his storage bag, withdrawing a black mountain peak that expanded with the wind.


The black mountain peak descended and hovered in midair.

At least half of the demonic Dharmic weapons that were initially flying towards Su Zimo changed their trajectories towards the black mountain peak, as though they were mysteriously drawn away.

Cling! Clang!

The demon Dharmic weapons clashed against the black mountain and sparks flew with clanging sounds.

Even more beguiling than that, the demonic Dharmic weapons were stuck on the black mountain motionlessly!

The few fiend demons were startled!

They lost their connection with their own Destiny Dharmic Weapons!

Although they could see their own Destiny Dharmic Weapons right before their eyes, they could no longer control them.

Although a few of the Dharmic weapons were unaffected, they no longer bore any threat to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s figure flashed a few times in succession and he avoided the Dharmic weapons with ease.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Solitary Cloud charged over with raging tides and a ferocious aura, as though he was about to devour the entire Howling Moon Mountain!


He narrowed his gaze and exclaimed softly.

It was clear that the black mountain was far from ordinary.

However, he could clearly sense that there was no aura of the Dragon race coming from the black mountain – it was not the same treasure from the Dragon race that he had conjectured.

“This mountain seems to be…”

Solitary Cloud’s eyes lit up and a possibility crossed his mind.

Other fiend demons might not have been able to recognize it, but he was someone from the Wyrm race. He had inherited vast memories from the ancient times and his knowledge naturally surpassed others.

If I’m not wrong, that should be Mystic Magnet Mountain, one of the seven Unique Treasures!

To think that this man would be in possession of a Unique Treasure!

Solitary Cloud’s heart skipped a beat.

This man’s fortune was sure terrifying to possess a Unique Treasure as well as a treasure of the Dragon race that has yet to make its appearance – it was no wonder why this man was able to replace Black Wolf as a Territorial Lord!

However, although a Unique Treasure was strong, it did not mean that it had no weaknesses.

Everything in the world had its counters.

The power of magnetism possessed a natural suction towards any metallic object in the world. However, it had no effect on many universal and rare spirit items.

For example, Aged Metal Ores, Heaven Silver and Green Bronze et cetera were materials that were unaffected by the Mystic Magnet Mountain.

The Mystic Magnet Mountain was even more useless against some of the weapons that were made from the flesh, hide or bones of demon beasts.

“Puny tricks. Watch my Dharmic weapon!”

Solitary Cloud sneered and opened his gigantic mouth, spitting out a ray of white light.

The ray of white light expanded rapidly in midair like a pair of gigantic scissors. It hovered in midair and was protected by a mist, shrouded by endless demonic qi!

This was Solitary Cloud’s Destiny Dharmic Weapon, the Wyrm Bone Scissors.

It was made from the spines of a male and female wyrms. The heads of the wyrms were made into its handle and the tails of the wyrms were made into its scissors blades. It was lined densely with thin spikes and was incomparably sharp!

No matter the demon beast or weapon, they would be cut into two by the Wyrm Bone Scissors!

Most importantly, the Mystic Magnet Mountain had no effect on the Wyrm Bone Scissors since it was made from the bones of wyrms!


The Wyrm Bone Scissors paused momentarily in midair as demonic qi surged. Two ferocious wyrms were created and they reared their heads and roared into the skies with a murderous intent before coiling towards Su Zimo!

Although the Wyrm Bone Scissors could not be considered as a connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon, it was not far from one.

Before the two wyrms descended, Su Zimo already felt a sharp pain around his waist as though he was about to be cut into two!


Su Zimo sneered and his glabella shone, sending forth a ray of green light.

The ray of green light expanded swiftly in midair, creating a Bronze Square Tripod that was more than a meter tall, ancient and heavy.

Although it was lined with cracks, its edges were defined as though it could break the firmaments and quake the earth!

Even the universe could not contain it!


Su Zimo hollered softly and controlled the Bronze Square Tripod with his consciousness, sending it to smash against the Wyrm Bone Scissors violently!

“Cut it!”

Solitary Cloud hollered as well.


The Wyrm Bone Scissors and Bronze Square Tripod collided violently with a tremendous bang.


Immediately after, the tragic cries of two wyrms echoed in midair as they reverted into two rays of white light that vanished as they retreated into the Wyrm Bone Scissors.

The glow of the Wyrm Bone Scissors dimmed significantly and it fell.

Solitary Cloud’s heart was broken as he glared at it with unimaginable pain.

His Wyrm Bone Scissors was injured with a single clash and it would take him dozens of years of refinement to return it to normal!

The Bronze Square Tripod was intact and returned to Su Zimo’s side once more.

Although the Bronze Square Tripod looked battered and was lined with cracks, it was indestructible.

The outcome of that head-on collision was not because Su Zimo was strong.

The Wyrm Bone Scissors was the one that injured itself by trying to destroy the Bronze Square Tripod.

“How dare you damage my precious scissors, fiend demon! Damn it!”

Solitary Cloud was enraged and howled deeply.

The river behind him surged and created torrential waves that gushed towards Su Zimo with an apocalyptic might like a massive army!

At the same time, the fiend demons that lost their demonic Dharmic weapons struck at the same time, releasing demonic arts one after another.

Instantly, the voids were filled with dense demonic qi and Dharmic powers rumbled!

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