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Chapter 827: Slaughter!

Solitary Cloud pointed to Su Zimo and looked at everyone from Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave proudly, saying in a slow manner, “You guys can carry on. Leave this man to me.”

His intentions were simple.

Even if the treasure of the Dragon race was exposed, if he was the one that killed this man personally, it would definitely belong to him and nobody would be able to take it away from him!

The Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave exchanged glances and nodded.

Originally, the two of them thought that the intruder was an impressive expert. By the look of things now, he was nothing more than a low-level fiend demon.

Although he was capable, it meant nothing that he was not going to change the eventual outcome.

Furthermore, this man was doomed now that Solitary Cloud decided to step in and deal with things personally!


The two Territorial Lords raised their hands and led the remaining ten mid-level fiend demons to launch another flurry of attacks towards Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi!

Instantly, Dharmic power surged everywhere!

Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi had just caught a breather. To think that they would be encircled with impending danger in the blink of an eye!

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold. He moved swiftly and charged in the direction of the Territorial Lords of Cyclone Cave and Black Sand Ridge.

“Fufu, I’m your opponent,”

Solitary Cloud had no intention of reverting to his true form. He advanced with his waterspout and blocked Su Zimo’s path, smiling idly. “It’s your honor to be able to die in my hands!”


Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he thrust his knees forward, extending his arms to grab Solitary Cloud’s shoulders at the same time!

That was a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

Su Zimo had used these techniques in the past. Although they were strong, they were merely in form.

After he became a fiend demon, this technique was no longer merely in form, there was even a divine might in it!

This was the true definition of a mental and physical harmonization!

This was a level that could only be achieved after an Essence Spirit was formed!

Solitary Cloud’s expression changed!

In his eyes, it was as though Su Zimo’s figure had vanished. Instead, there was a divine steed that was charging over with a torrential might!

A tragic aura surged towards him and rattled his mind!

“Ah! He’s a horse demon!”

A thought crossed Solitary Cloud’s mind.

Instantly, he felt prideful.

His true form was a wyrm, a pure-blooded ferocious beast. In terms of bloodline, he could be considered as a distant relative of the Dragon race – how could he be shocked by a horse demon?!

“Get the hell back!”

Solitary Cloud hollered and extended his arms at the same time, entangling them with Su Zimo’s hands. He kicked out with one foot and stomped onto Su Zimo’s knees violently!


Solitary Cloud’s feet collided fiercely against Su Zimo’s knee.

Solitary Cloud shuddered!


A terrifying power surged into his body through his feet in an almost unstoppable manner!

That single head-on collision caused his feet to go numb!


Right then, Solitary Cloud suddenly felt his arms turn cold.

Immediately after, there was a sharp pain!

He lowered his head.

Nails that were sharp as daggers protruded from Su Zimo’s fingers. Although they did not pierce his flesh, they ripped his clothes apart and left bloodied scars across his arms!


Solitary Cloud was enraged and could not help but roar.

As a pure-blooded ferocious beast, his body was extremely tough and even ordinary Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons could barely hurt him.

To think that his body would be injured by the nails of this low-level fiend demon before him!

“How dare you injure…”

Solitary Cloud’s eyes widened. Before he could finish his sentence, his vision blurred and Su Zimo charged forward once more!


Su Zimo’s fist curved in an arc in midair like a gigantic seal and smashed down onto his face with a terrifying might!


Solitary Cloud’s eyes were filled with rage and surprise.

In his eyes, Su Zimo was like a divine ape that was enraged at the moment; he thumped his chest wildly with a shocking wrath!

Could this person’s true form be an ape? If that’s the case, what was with the divine steed earlier on?

Solitary Cloud had no time to ponder deeply as he crossed and propped his arms forward hurriedly.


There was a dull sound of defeat when flesh and bones collided!

Solitary Cloud’s body shuddered and he lost his balance – he was sent flying by Su Zimo!

He had lost in two consecutive head-on clashes!

Furthermore, after both rounds, Solitary Cloud found himself even more bewildered and surprised.

He could no longer figure out what Su Zimo’s true form was.

In less than three breaths, Su Zimo sent Solitary Cloud flying.


Su Zimo burst into laughter and glanced askance at Solitary Cloud who was not far away, declaring loudly, “You are indeed rather capable to even survive despite taking two attacks from me!”

His statement was a reply to Solitary Cloud’s initial taunt.

However, he had said it in an even more brazen manner!

Solitary Cloud was so furious that his lungs almost exploded!

As a wyrm, he had been in countless battles up till this point of his cultivation. Although he had been on the brink of death multiple times, he had never endured such humiliation!

His body shivered in rage as the blood qi in his body surged and his bones started transforming.

He was prepared to revert to his true form and kill Su Zimo!

“I don’t care if you’re a horse or ape demon. I’ll make sure you endure my wrath for humiliating me!”

“I’ve decided, I’m not going to kill you today. Instead, I’m going to subdue you and turn you into my mount!”

Solitary Cloud ranted as he transformed.

Immediately after, he caught sight of another scene and shrieked, so shocked that his eyeballs nearly popped out, “Holy sh*t! What the hell is that?”

After he was knocked back by Su Zimo, the latter did not bother about him and instead sprinted across the battlefield to rescue Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi.

Su Zimo’s figure slithered in midair like an anaconda and arrived behind a mid-level fiend demon of Cyclone Cave with a single slide!

Solitary Cloud was utterly confused.

Initially, he thought that Su Zimo was a horse or ape demon, or even some mighty steed ape of the legends…

However, this man transformed into an anaconda right before him!

Although he was in human form, his actions and mannerisms resembled the Anaconda race completely!

The mid-level fiend demon of Cyclone Cave had not imagined that Su Zimo would be able to break free from the Territorial Lord of Ghastly River and rush over.

Before he could react, Su Zimo was behind him!


He heard a strange sound.

Even without turning back, the image of an anaconda spitting its forked tongue appeared in his mind!

Chills ran down his spine and his scalp prickled!

Before he could react, he found his arms and legs bound tightly such that he was unable to escape!

The feeling of asphyxiation surged into his mind and he could no longer use any Dharmic powers or weapons.

The next moment, Su Zimo reared his head and took in a deep breath, as though he had transformed into a gigantic anaconda that was about to devour the sun and moon!

The flesh on his body expanded instantly!

The terrifying restriction power had descended upon this person!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Right in front of everyone, the body of the fiend demon from Cyclone Cave caved in and the sound of bones snapping echoed continuously!

Given that distance, not many people would be able to defend against Su Zimo’s killing move, even if they were mid-level fiend demons!

An Essence Spirit broke out from the body. Before it could escape, Su Zimo gripped and squashed it, destroying it on the spot!

A mid-level fiend demon was minced to death just like that!

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