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Chapter 825: Not Necessarily!

Although the river demons of Ghastly River had already charged into the battlefield, Solitary Cloud did not make a move.

To be precise, he was not bothered to do so.

In his opinion, the outcome of this battle was already decided the moment it began.

What he wanted to do was to obtain as much territory of Howling Moon Mountain as possible and locate the treasure with the aura of the Dragon race!

The battlefield was split before long.

The spirit demons fought against one another.

The low-level fiend demons did the same.

Howling Moon Mountain had significantly less spirit demons than the combined forces of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave.

However, thankfully, they were in Howling Moon Mountain and their defense was stronger with the terrain advantage.

As for the fight between the low-level fiend demons, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and Little Fox led everyone and even had a slight advantage!

However, neither of those battlefields were sufficient to determine the outcome of the battlefield.

The truly decisive battle was between the mid-level fiend demons and Howling Moon Mountain was completely disadvantaged for that!

The mid-level fiend demons of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave had already made their move.

Black Wolf was surrounded by a total of five mid-level fiend demons led by the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge.

As for Chan Ruyi’s side, she was attacked by eight mid-level fiend demons of Cyclone Cave at the same time!

Both Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi faced torrential, suffocating attacks right at the start of the battle. They struggled to defend and almost died in the process!

Their strength was comparable to the Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave at the most.

However, Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave had more than ten helpers in total and neither Black Wolf or Chan Ruyi could deal with that. They could barely guarantee their own safety, let alone rescue monkey.

On the other side, the Deputy Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge, Duan Yong, had already begun fighting monkey.

As a mid-level fiend demon, Duan Yong naturally looked down on his fight against a fiend demon that was a major cultivation realm beneath him.

That was the reason why he did not even revert to his true form at the start of the fight.

“Prepare to die, wild monkey!”

Duan Yong had a menacing gaze as he charged forward. He wielded a gigantic hammer and smashed down towards monkey’s head!

Monkey’s blood qi surged and he had already transformed from his human form. Thick, long golden fur lined his body at a visible speed and his body expanded with a torrential demonic aura!

Monkey did not dodge or avoid the incoming hammer. With a fierce expression, he gripped Imminent with both hands and the muscles on his arms bulged like molten steel.


Monkey roared and swung Imminent, smashing it fiercely towards the gigantic hammer!


When the gigantic hammer smashed against Imminent, sparks flew everywhere and a deafening explosion could be heard!

A gigantic heatwave surged forward instantly.

Duan Yong grunted dully and felt his arms go sore as he staggered in retreat continuously; he nearly lost his grip on his gigantic hammer!

What tremendous strength!

A look of shock flashed through Duan Yong’s eyes.

Even without his true form, his combat strength could definitely match a low-level fiend demon.

However, this monkey before him was able to knock him back with a single rod smash!


Solitary Cloud was standing idly by the sidelines when he saw this and his eyes lit up!

“Wild monkey, I’m going to tear you into pieces!”

Duan Yong cracked his neck both ways and his bones transformed, causing his body to expand. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a gigantic bull.

Duan Yong’s combat strength increased significantly when he reverted to his true form!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

He sprinted forward in midair with a barbaric might.

With his spirit consciousness, he controlled the gigantic hammer to smash it towards monkey.

At the same time, Duan Yong’s massive body charged in monkey’s direction and he thrust his thick, sharp horns violently at the latter’s chest!

“So, it’s a bull demon. I’m going to send you down to meet Hades!”

Monkey was not flustered at all and the scarlet glint in his eyes intensified so much that they almost spewed out!


He had just become a low-level fiend demon and was not at the stage where he was able to take mid-level fiend demons head-on.

However, if he triggered the berserk power within his bloodline, monkey’s strength would reach an explosive level!

Back in Myriad Phenomenon City, monkey could even take on the Primordial Nine Races in his berserk state!

In his berserk state, monkey could only see this bull in his bloodshot eyes. The mysterious energy in his bloodline grew and cruised through his body rampantly.

Monkey’s entire body was shivering slightly!


Wielding Imminent, he sent the gigantic hammer above Duan Yong’s head flying with a single swing.

Immediately after, monkey dodged Duan Yong’s charge with a leap and instead rode on the latter’s head. He swung down his fists and smashed down onto Duan Yong’s head!


Duan Yong’s body trembled violently from that punch.

An explosion reverberated through his mind and his head felt like it was about to split. His vision was blurry as he swayed and nearly fainted!

Luckily, monkey’s right arm was slightly numb after he smashed the gigantic hammer with Imminent and could not exert his full strength.

Otherwise, Duan Yong’s head would have been smashed into a pulp if the strike was done with Imminent instead!

Even so, monkey’s fist was not something that Duan Yong’s head could take head-on.


Duan Yong spat out a mouthful of blood and tried his best to shake monkey off his body.

However, monkey gripped Duan Yong’s waist tightly with his legs like iron hoops. He did not budge at all as he rode on Duan Yong while raining punches down with his fist!

“I’ll beat you to death! I’ll beat you to death!”

Monkey ranted with bloodshot eyes.

Blood scars surfaced on Duan Yong’s head as the punches rained down in succession. He coughed with blood endlessly and his gaze went dim.


Solitary Cloud curled his lips and nodded.

The bloodline of this monkey was definitely extraordinary if it could take an enemy a major cultivation realm above it head-on!

However, this monkey would still lose if those were its only capabilities!

“Go to hell!”

Duan Yong’s glabella shone and he released a sudden roar!

A powerful spirit consciousness fluctuation surged forward and descended upon monkey instantly!

It was an attack of the spirit consciousness!

Although Duan Yong did not know any Essence Spirit secret skill, he was a mid-level fiend demon and could release a spirit consciousness attack!

It was an attack targeted at one’s Essence Spirit and was almost instantaneous!


Monkey howled in pain and hugged his head with a single hand. He felt sharp pains piercing through his mind as though there were endless needles poking him as he swayed and almost fell from midair.

“Brother Duan, don’t worry. I’m here to help you!”

A mid-level fiend demon from Cyclone Cave rushed over. Its true form was a blood-colored bat and it was extremely hideous. Its glabella shone and released waves of spirit consciousness attacks!

Monkey could not withstand the spirit consciousness attacks from two mid-level fiend demons.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

He hugged his head with both hands and howled in unendurable pain, hopping wildly in midair.

He could not even care when Imminent fell from his hands.

Solitary Cloud shook his head.

“What a pity.”

Indeed, there was an uncrossable gap between low and mid-level fiend demons.

Even back when he was a low-level fiend demon, he could not take on mid-level fiend demons that were a major cultivation realm above him.

On the other side, Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were injured from head to toe and were at the end of the road.

With the help of more than ten mid-level fiend demons, Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave had complete control over the situation and nearly nobody was injured.

“Black Wolf, Chan Ruyi. It’s no use even if you use your Essence Spirit secret skills,”

The Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave exchanged glances and smiled smugly, as though they could read the minds of Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi. “After all, we know the same Essence Spirit secret skills. Not even deities can save Howling Moon Mountain today. The two of you are bound to die!”

“Not necessarily!”

Right then, a voice sounded within Howling Moon Mountain. It was robust and filled with a steely killing intent, as though there was a powerful army behind it!

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