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Chapter 824: Battle Commencement

It was the Territorial Lord of Ghastly River, Solitary Cloud!

That was a name he gave himself.

Most of the time, he was alone. At the same time, he was the only mid-level fiend demon in Ghastly River and there was no Deputy Territorial Lord, hence the word ‘Solitary’.

Clouds obeyed dragons while winds obeyed tigers. The ‘Cloud’ word symbolized his ambitions!

One day, he was going to transform into a True Dragon. He was going to head to the dwelling of the Dragon race and join them as a true member!

The appearance of Solitary Cloud meant that the three territories — Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River — were all gathered here!

The three Territorial Lords stood in different directions and exuded a mighty aura. Their pressure was suffocating as their presence overwhelmed the place!

The hearts of Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi sank a little more.

Solitary Cloud stood on a waterspout with his hands behind his back. He looked down at the demon beasts of Howling Moon Mountain indifferently and said in a slow manner,

“Black Sand Ridge is here to take revenge for your young master so the four low-level fiend demons are who you want. Cyclone Cave is here to take revenge for your underlings so Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi are who you want. Since that’s the case, the territory of Howling Moon Mountain shall belong to Ghastly River!”


The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge harrumphed coldly. “Solitary Cloud, Howling Moon Mountain has a vast territory. Do you think you can take it all?!”

“Solitary Cloud, aren’t you way too greedy?” The expression of the Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave darkened as well as he frowned deeply.

Although the two Territorial Lords were displeased, they did not dare to get too harsh with their statements.

While there was only one mid-level fiend demon in Ghastly River, his true form was a wyrm. This was a top-tier existence among pure-blooded ferocious beasts with a frightening bloodline!

Even if they joined forces, they might not be Solitary Cloud’s match!

“Do I sense objections from the two of you?”

Solitary Cloud’s gaze shifted slowly towards the Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave; there was a chilling killing intent in his tone.

Although Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were expressionless when they saw that, they were secretly delighted.

The best outcome right now would be for Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River to fight it out. That way, there would be a chance for Howling Moon Mountain to survive!

The two Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave looked grim against the threat of Solitary Cloud.

They were Territorial Lords after all and naturally felt disrespected when they were threatened right in front of so many eyes.

However, both of them exchanged glances and had a tacit understanding – given the situation, none of them rebutted Solitary Cloud!

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge grit his teeth and swallowed his pride to declare, “Solitary Cloud, we’ll discuss how to divide the territory later on. Right now, the most important thing is to destroy Howling Moon Mountain as soon as possible!”

“That’s right, we must not fight amongst ourselves or Howling Moon Mountain will be the one that stands to gain,” The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave nodded as well.

“I’m fine with that,”

Solitary Cloud replied nonchalantly.

All of them were Territorial Lords and some of them had even cultivated for several thousand years. All of them were sharp and would naturally not let Howling Moon Mountain gain by sitting out!


Suddenly, a stifled laughter burst forth from the mountaintop. It was extremely provoking to hear.

All the demons turned over and saw a monkey with a golden, shiny rod on his shoulder. He stood akimbo with one arm and smirked coldly in the direction of the three Territorial Lords.

“This is Howling Moon Mountain, it’s my bloody territory!”

Monkey pouted and patted Imminent before saying lazily, “You guys will have to ask him if you wish to divide Howling Moon Mountain!”

The demons of Howling Moon Mountain were astounded!


The three Territorial Lords frowned at the same time.

Given the current situation, Howling Moon Mountain could topple at any moment against the gigantic demon army of the three territories. None of the demons present would dare to guarantee that they could get out alive.

The three Territorial Lords had a dominating presence.

Even mid-level fiend demons like Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi were wary in their speech and actions given the circumstances, let alone low-level fiend demons.

Who would have imagined that a low-level fiend demon would dare to stand forth and provoke the three Territorial Lords!

A low-level fiend demon of Black Sand Ridge could not help but hop out as he pointed to monkey and shouted, “Wild monkey, there’s no room for you to speak here!”

Monkey glanced askance at the demon and sneered, “Your daddy here is the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain. Who do you think you are to dare to speak to me?”

The fiend demon was enraged and leaped into midair, yelling, “How dare a low-level fiend demon try to be a Territorial Lord. What a joke! I’ll see what you’ve got. Wild monkey, prepare to die!”

Monkey grinned and stood on the ground firmly. With a boom, he soared into the air and arrived before the fiend demon instantly.

“Have a taste of your daddy’s rod!”

Monkey yelled and swung Imminent with both hands, creating a beautiful arc in midair as he smashed down fiercely towards the demon’s head!

The force of his attack was way too ferocious!

The fiend demon was initially wielding a gigantic spear that was thrust upright, aimed at monkey’s chest.

However, he was shocked by the force of monkey’s attack. Frightful, he did not dare to continue with his thrust and retracted his spear hurriedly.

The moment the demon lifted his spear above his head, he felt an intense vibration from his spear!

His palm split apart instantly and fresh blood gushed.

Immediately after, a deafening sound echoed beside his ears!

The demon’s mouth was agape and his eyes were filled with shock!


His Dharmic weapon was snapped by the rod!

The next moment, a golden light blinded him and he felt a sharp pain on his pain, losing consciousness thereafter.

Right in front of the others, the low-level fiend demon of Black Sand Ridge had his head split open after his weapon was snapped by monkey’s attack!

Brain juice splattered everywhere and his Essence Spirit was destroyed on the spot!

He was killed by a single strike!

A commotion broke out everywhere in Howling Moon Mountain.

Although Howling Moon Mountain had a change of Territorial Lords, the demons did not understand why and none of them had witnessed monkey and the others in action.

Today was the first time.

It was forceful!

It was domineering!

It was shocking!

Although monkey’s cultivation realm was low, he had indeed regained some pride for the demons of Howling Moon Mountain with that attack. All of them felt invigorated as an unexplainable joy surged through them!


Monkey reared his head in laughter after killing a fiend demon of Black Sand Ridge. In a wild manner, he looked down at the demon beasts of the three territories and declared loudly, “All of you nobodies, don’t keep sending yourselves to die. Even I feel embarrassed for you guys!”

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge had a cold expression and grit his teeth so hard that they gave off creaking sounds.

“Wild monkey, don’t get cocky now!”

A burly man behind the Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge charged forward in a flash with a gigantic hammer in his hand. He lunged towards monkey in huge strides!

It was a mid-level fiend demon!

Black Wolf recognized that this burly man should be one of the Deputy Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge, the mid-level fiend demon, Duan Yong!

“Don’t freeze there, save him!”

Black Wolf shouted.

He had seen monkey in action.

In his opinion, although monkey was strong in combat, he was not at the level where he could take on mid-level fiend demons.

Right now, Territorial Lord Mo was not out of seclusion yet. As Deputy Territorial Lords, they could not sit idly by the sidelines and watch monkey and the others sink into danger.

The moment Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi made a move, the Territorial Lords of Black Sand Ridge and Cyclone Cave moved as well. They struck right away and held back Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi!

The Territorial Lord of Black Sand Ridge laughed sinisterly. “Fufu, Black Wolf, your opponent is me!”

“Beauty Chan, even the scent of your blood is sweet!”

The Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave sniffed deeply and revealed an intoxicated expression. He was agile and possessed shocking speed, circling around Chan Ruyi so quickly that only afterimages could be seen.


The attack of a mid-level fiend demon created a chain reaction. When the Territorial Lords made their move, the demons below rallied at the same time.

The battle of the demons had broken out completely!

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