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Chapter 815: Danger in Howling Moon Mountain

Although the Essence Spirit could roam the world upon leaving the body and travel at a thousand kilometers in an instant, if it was severely injured, it would result in the death of the body – there was no return!

In the blink of an eye, two mid-level fiend demons had perished here!

The three mid-level fiend demons must not have expected the two Territorial Lords of Howling Moon Mountain to discover their presence.

Less than that, they did not expect the two Territorial Lords to be this ruthless and cultivated Essence Spirit secret skills. A single attack from both of them killed off two Essence Spirits!

Su Zimo was secretly alarmed when he witnessed everything.

Thankfully, he came to check things out and understood the situation.

Otherwise, he might have taken a huge loss if he took on the two Territorial Lords!

Although they were all mid-level fiend demons, the strength of the two Territorial Lords of Howling Moon Mountain were far superior to the young master of Black Sand Ridge.

The massive battle ended instantly.

As though they no longer had any mood to cultivate, Black Wolf and Chan Ruyi exchanged glances in silence; there was a hint of worry on their faces.

Su Zimo was puzzled.

Although it was a clear victory, why did it seem like they had lost?

When he recalled the statement left by the mid-level fiend demon, he realized that things might not be as simple as they seemed.

Black Wolf said with a grim expression, “Cyclone Cave can’t hold it back any longer. To think that they sent three mid-level fiend demons to spy on us. Thankfully, I noticed their presence or the two of us might be killed if they took the first move!”

“Actually, the Territorial Lord of Cyclone Cave is still cautious of us. Otherwise, he would not have sent people to come and spy on us first,” Chan Ruyi deduced.

Black Wolf shook his head. “We can still fight if it’s only Cyclone Cave. However, that’s not the only threat to Howling Moon Mountain!”

“There’s also Black Sand Ridge and Ghastly River,” Chan Ruyi continued.

“That’s right.”

Black Wolf sighed. “Those three territories have their sights on us. I’m afraid Howling Moon Mountain won’t be able to get through this ordeal. What I’m most afraid of is if they form an alliance!”

Chan Ruyi remained silent with a heavy heart.

At that point, Su Zimo had already obtained quite a bit of useful information.

When he saw the Territorial Lords in an uneasy mood, he knew that it was a rare opportunity and left carefully and silently, exiting the region soon after.

Not long after Su Zimo left, Black Wolf suddenly frowned and said in a deep voice, “Earlier on, apart from the three of them from Cyclone Cave, there seemed to be someone else was spying on us.”


Chan Ruyi froze for a moment.

Black Wolf continued, “It was an intermittent feeling and I’m not entirely sure either.”

“Was it from Black Sand Ridge?” Chan Ruyi asked.

“Not likely,”

Black Wolf shook his head. “In this period of time, the fiend demons of Black Sand Ridge are searching for a group of mysterious strangers. There’s no reason for them to head here,”

“I heard about that incident as well. The young master of Black Sand Ridge’s physical body was ruined and he almost died,”

Chan Ruyi chuckled. “However, if they’re not from Black Sand Ridge, who were they? Could it be…?”

Suddenly, Chan Ruyi froze and looked at Black Wolf instinctively.

Their gazes met in midair and Chan Ruyi’s heart skipped a beat. “That person from Ghastly River?”

“It should be,”

Black Wolf nodded. “He’s most likely the only one that can sneak beside us stealthily and leave without a trace.”

“That’s going to be troublesome,”

Chan Ruyi sighed.

Su Zimo was already gone and naturally did not know that the two Territorial Lords of Howling Moon Mountain thought of him as somebody else.

At that moment, Su Zimo was in the skies soaring through the clouds as he looked down on the territory of Howling Moon Mountain to survey its terrain and listen in to the surroundings.

All of a sudden!

He froze and slanted his head in midair to listen carefully for a brief moment. Thereafter, his lips curled with a fake smile and a strange look flashed through his eyes.

If he extended his spirit consciousness through the ground beneath him, he could clearly detect that it was not fully solid.

It was interconnected with multiple tunnels to form caves one after another. Demonic qi was rich and everything eventually converged towards a massive palace.

The palace was made of gold and shone brightly with an earthly aura.

There were countless rats scurrying around the palace in a joyful manner.

Some of the rats huffed as they carried wine.

Some of the rats were off killing chicken and cows.

For ordinary wild beasts such as chicken and cow, they were naturally helpless against rat demons with sentience.

It was even more lively in the palace. Some of the rats turned into women that shuttled through the feast to set up fruits and delicacies.

At the front of the palace, a rotund man sat high and above with a sparkling, golden crown on his head.

Although he did not exude any demonic qi, he had shifty eyes and looked extremely sleazy.

Two cute women were on both sides of the rat and they were thumping his back and kneading his thighs – he was thoroughly enjoying life!

“Congratulations, Your Majesty!”

A rat demon at the bottom raised a glass for a toast.

The rat demon was in human form and could stand with both legs. Although he wore human attire as well, there was a long tail behind him.

It was a Golden Core realm spirit demon.

This rat demon said loudly, “Your Majesty, you are the first to cultivate to become a fiend demon among the rat race of Howling Moon Mountain. Our race will definitely flourish in the future!”

“That’s right, Your Majesty has an exceptional talent and managed to cultivate into a fiend demon in less than a month upon returning from the ancient battlefield. Amazing!”

Some other rat demons chimed in at the sides.


The rat at the front of the palace beamed widely such that his eyes could barely be seen. He raised his glass heartily and declared, “Everyone, drink up! Drink to your heart’s fill!”

“Pfft, pfft! Rat king, you sure are amazing.”

Suddenly, he heard a mocking voice echo within his ears.

Its tone was neither heavy nor light and the fatty with ratty eyes was the only one that heard the voice in the noisy palace.

“Mmm? Who’s there?”

The fatty with ratty eyes was shocked.

Somebody managed to close in to him without him realizing it?

The fatty with ratty eyes was expressionless and his glabella shone as he released his spirit consciousness to survey the direction of the voice.

His spirit consciousness surged over and he discovered a figure the size of a thumb in a corner behind him. It had shoulder-length scarlet hair, was lined with scales throughout its body and its appearance could not be seen clearly.


The Rat King gasped and was shocked. Instantly, he broke out in cold sweat and his wrist trembled so badly that he spilled more than half of the wine in his cup!

Although he did not know who this intruder was, he knew that only a mid-level fiend demon could send an Essence Spirit out of their body!

“Follow me, don’t make a fuss,”

The scarlet-haired Essence Spirit’s voice was cold and emotionless. In a flash, it vanished into the darkness.

The fatty with ratty eyes grumbled internally.

In Howling Moon Mountain, only the two Territorial Lords could roam with their Essence Spirits.

However, he knew that the Essence Spirits of the two Territorial Lords did not look like this.

In other words, this mid-level fiend demon was not someone from Howling Moon Mountain!

He would most likely die if he followed this man.

However, if he did not, this Essence Spirit was enough to kill him as well!

If he implicated his entire race here because of this, they would die for nothing.

At that thought, the fatty with ratty eyes squeezed out a faint, bitter smile. He pushed away the two women beside him and said with a tragic courage, “Everyone, please continue. I-I’m too drunk to carry on so I’ll make a move first!”

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