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Chapter 81: I’m Innocent

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At a towering ancient tree nearby, a burly man with a bare upper body stood hidden within the leaves, listening clearly to everything that Zhou Wei and the others said.

A cold glint flickered through the burly man’s eyes.

A gust of wind blew by, rustling the wind as the burly man leapt off from the tree swiftly and landed silently. Laying low to the ground, he trawled through the grass on both hands and legs, heading in the direction of Zhou Wei and the rest.

He was perfectly hidden within the grass which was around half the height of an average man.

If one were to look down, they would merely feel like the grass was moving in a straight line due to the wind – no one would be able to tell that it was a person!

“Senior Brother Zhou, should we split up and search?”

“Sounds like a plan. That Su Zimo’s only at Level 5 Qi Condensation. Any of us is enough to capture him.”

Zhou Wei nodded. “We’ll do that then. Everyone, split up and look!”

“What are you guys looking for?”

The moment Zhou Wei said that, a hoarse and chilling voice rang out behind him.

When Qi Refinement Warriors travel on their flying swords, they would not be too high up from the ground at around 3 meters max unless necessary.

That was because the higher they were, the more spirit qi they would expend.

Right then, a burly man with a bare upper body stood up behind Zhou Wei. He was a full two meters tall with rock-like muscles on his body, looking as though they could explode at any moment. He was just like a god that had suddenly descended with a ferocious expression!

Instantly, Zhou Wei was so scared he could feel his blood curdle.

He did not manage to sense someone approaching so closely to him!

Suddenly, the burly man reached out and pulled Zhou Wei by the feet, yanking him down and smashing him into the ground right in front of the other four Spirit Peak disciples!


There was a deafening sound.

A human shaped pit appeared in the ground.

In the hands of this burly man, a Level 9 Qi Condensation cultivator like Zhou Wei was rendered helpless like a baby!

Zhou Wei laid helplessly in the pit, foaming blood from his mouth with his eyes rolled back. Most of his bones were broken and his organs crushed as he fainted right then. His body was the only thing moving as it convulsed subconsciously.

After smashing Zhou Wei, the burly man moved and his gaze shifted to two Level 8 Qi Refinement Warriors.

The two of them felt the blood drain from their face and without hesitation, tried to soar into the skies.

However, the burly man was faster than them and with a lightning leap, he yanked the both of them down from midair!

Bang! Bang!

It was the exact same situation.

Both of the Spirit Peak disciples fainted on the spot after being smashed by the burly man.


The remaining two Spirit Peak disciples were pale as a sheet as they summoned a flying sword before pointing their fingers at the burly man. Instantly, the flying swords turned into streams of light that shot out.

One of them was aimed at the burly man’s glabella while the other targeted his chest – those were both fatal areas!

Giving off a malicious grin, the burly man did not try to dodge as he dashed towards them.

When the two Spirit Peak disciples saw that, they heaved a sigh of relief.

That mysterious man was an idiot with brute strength after all. This was someone that did not know how strong cultivators were such that he didn’t even know to dodge against flying swords.

Clang! Clang!

A clanging sound rang off when they met with the burly man’s glabella and chest!

The flying swords were sent flying instead!

Without the slightest bit of damage, the burly man continued rushing towards the two men.


One of the Spirit Peak disciples yelled out in a quivering tone. His face was totally pale – he was so scared he forgot he had to run away anymore.

The other disciple controlled the flying sword beneath his feet and ran as far as he could.

With a casual punch, the burly man knocked the frozen disciple away. He then continued running on all fours, leaving nothing but shadows as he chased after the escaped disciple.

With a rapid leap, he hopped around a couple of towering ancient trees to close the height distance.

“Come on down!”

Laughing, the burly man gripped the disciple’s calf and yanked him down from midair.


That single grip by the burly man snapped the disciple’s calf on the spot.

“Ah!” Ah! “Ah!”

Sweating pouring down his forehead, the disciple howled in pain.

Whisking that disciple, the burly man returned to their original place and grabbed the other four who had passed out. Carrying three on one hand and two on the other, he sped outside in huge steps.

“W-Who are you?”

“We are disciples of Ethereal Sect! How dare you attack us! Our sect will definitely not let you off if they know about it!”

Guo Chong, who was the only disciple awake, yelled at the burly man.

The burly man remained silent as he dashed through the forest.

Guo Chong found himself getting more fearful by the moment as he said in trembles, “W-Where are you taking us to?”

“Sir, please let us go.”

“Sir, I know I’m in the wrong now.”

Suddenly, the burly man halted in his tracks and looked down at Guo Chong icily, asking coolly, “What did you do wrong?”

“I-I… I…!”

Guo Chong was stumped by the question.

He had only mentioned it out of nervousness previously but he did not know what he had done wrong!

Guo Chong cursed internally as he did not know where this burly man had spouted out from! Without saying anything, the latter started striking at them and this person was unreasonably strong!

None of their cultivation methods had worked on this burly man at all!

After the burly man stopped in his tracks, he tossed all five of them on the ground and turned to leave without saying anything more.

A look of disbelief spread past Guo Chong’s face.

They were alive?

The burly man did not kill them!

Guo Chong looked around. They were outside the Great Rock Forest right now and he did not know why the burly man had brought them out and left them here before leaving himself.

“Sir, may I know your name and the sect you’re from?” Guo Chong shouted out indignantly.

Suddenly, the burly man stopped in his tracks and turned around before walking towards him once more.

Guo Chong broke into a shudder, wishing that he could slap himself on the mouth as he hurriedly said, “Sir! I really know where I’ve gone wrong this time round! I should not have asked for your name…!”

Arriving before the five of them, the burly man grabbed their storage bags and took away all their spirit stones and elixirs before keeping them in his own storage bag.

Looking at his robbed empty storage bag, Guo Chong wanted to break out in tears.

Snickering, the burly man turned towards Great Rock Forest and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Guo Chong opened his storage bag with shaking hands and dug out a paper crane, writing on it with spirit qi. “We’ve been attacked at Great Rock Forest. The opponent is unknown and extremely strong. Please send reinforcements from the sect!”

Injecting spirit qi to it, the spirit crane spread its wings and transformed into a beam of light, disappearing into the skies.

Guo Chong was injured as well and was unable to carry the other four back, merely able to wait there for the sect’s reinforcements.

Looking at his fellow fainted disciples, he felt despair swallowing him from within.

The thought of his savings for the past few years being robbed completely by some unknown mysterious burly man had him howling out in sadness, “I’m innocent!”

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