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Chapter 808: Duels

The gaze of the black-robed young man shifted as he looked at monkey not far away, slightly roused.

Among the protectors of Black Sand Ridge, Protector Cha’s strength was only in the mid-tier. However, his Wild Bull Charge was not something that many protectors could confront head-on.

He did not believe that this monkey that had just become a fiend demon could take on Protector Cha’s charge!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The sound of the hooves were like thunder!

Protector Cha sprinted the entire way and his force was at its limits when he closed in to monkey!


He let out a maddened roar and thrust forward!

“Good timing!”

Finally, monkey moved. He patted the tail-end of Imminent and the entire rod suddenly bounced.

Monkey gripped Imminent with both hands and swung his arms to smash down violently on the incoming bull head at the front!

Imminent streaked through midair and created a series of afterimages!


The two demon beasts clashed against one another!

Immediately after, the jarring sound of bones cracking echoed!

Right in front of everyone, Protector Cha’s head was smashed into the ground by monkey’s rod and brain juices and blood splattered everywhere!

Even his Essence Spirit was destroyed by monkey’s rod smash and he died on the spot!

All the demons were in an uproar!

None of them expected two protectors of Black Sand Ridge to die the instant they exchanged blows.

Many demon beasts that were charging forward staggered in their tracks.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cracks appeared one after another on Imminent and golden rays of light spilled out.

The black-robed young man squinted his eyes and lamented to himself as he took a clear look, ‘This should be the item that caused the momentary gold flash earlier on!’

Initially, only a single piece of rust fell off from monkey’s Imminent.

But now, after the terrifying head-on confrontation with Protector Cha, more rust pieces fell off Imminent one after another and revealed the bedazzling golden rod beneath!

Given the way it looked, anyone could tell that it was a rare treasure.

“Monkey demon, don’t get cocky now! The two of us will take care of you!”

Before the sentence was finished, two fiend demons charged over. Their bodies were massive but they were extremely agile.

One of them was pitch-black and the other was snow-white – they were both bear demons!

Both of them whipped out sabers that slashed down from the skies as they charged forward!

The two bear demons had chemistry and moved in unison – it was clear that they were specialized in their combo attacks.

The two sabers were not ordinary either with two Dharmic patterns respectively – they were two middle-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons!

“I don’t care if you are bears or heroes, scram!”

Monkey whirled Imminent and smacked the two sabers left and right.

Clang! Clang!

Sparks flew and the clanging sounds from the two sabers echoed!

Even middle-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons could not withstand the power of Imminent!

Monkey’s bloodshot eyes swept across Imminent. When he found that there were no scratches, he could not help but rear his head in laughter, delighted.

“Hahaha! Great, great! What a great treasure! Follow me from now on and I promise you’ll never be covered in dust ever again!”

The two bears were shocked upon losing their Dharmic weapons. The moment they charged forward, they wanted to retreat.

There was no way monkey would accord them that chance.

Along with two tragic cries, two gigantic, swollen bodies were sent flying by monkey’s rod. They were half-dead with their bones and tendons snapped by the time they landed on the ground.

On the other side, the snake woman had already arrived beside Little Fox.

Her eyes were flirtatious and she reached out to Little Fox’s cheeks with her slender fingers as she said in a coquettish manner, “Young lass, your skin sure is smooth. Gosh, I’m envious. Come over and let me have a touch.”

The snake woman’s charming smile was laced with a lethal killing intent!

However, few people could notice it.

In Black Sand Ridge, she was a renowned viper and many fiend demons died in her hands.

She was far superior to Little Fox in terms of cultivation realm.

However, her bewitchment techniques truly did not amount to much compared to Little Fox.

Little Fox retreated half a step back with a calm expression and avoided the snake woman’s incoming finger by a hair’s breadth.

A faint stench wafted over.

There was a sinisterly green, thin needle between the fingers of the snake woman!

If Little Fox allowed the snake woman to touch her on the cheeks earlier on, her face would have been ruined even if she did not die.

The snake woman’s viciousness was chilling!

A furious look flashed through Little Fox’s eyes as well as she thrust the pitch-black umbrella in her hands forward like a spear – it was extremely fast and instantaneous!

After a year of training in the ancient battlefield, Little Fox had grown rapidly and was no longer cowardly or weak.

“Fufu, the lass is angry, huh?”

The snake woman jeered and floated in retreat, raising her palm gently.

A green fluid splashed in Little Fox’s direction!

The expressions of many fiend demons changed when they caught sight of the green fluid. All of them retreated with wary looks on their faces, afraid that they might be implicated.

The green fluid was the most toxic poison the snake woman possessed!

A single touch would rot one’s flesh into pus!

The poison fluid was extremely powerful and could even destroy some Dharmic weapons with a single drop!

Little Fox did not panic or fluster. She opened the pitch-black umbrella in her hands and it shielded her like the firmaments.

The poison of the snake woman splashed onto the umbrella completely!

There was no reaction!

The frightening poison did not create even a single ripple when it splashed onto the umbrella.

It vanished completely like a gigantic rock that fell into the ocean, as though the pitch-black umbrella had consumed it!

The snake woman was secretly alarmed when she caught sight of the pitch-black umbrella not far away.

The pitch-black umbrella resembled an endless abyss and she felt as though her soul was about to be drawn in with a prolonged glance.

The snake woman had a feeling that even she would be devoured whole if she fell into the pitch-black umbrella, let alone her poison.

At the same time, Qing Qing had already begun fighting with a few fiend demons!

She reverted to her true form and her crane cried endlessly. She flapped her wings and shuttled through five fiend demons with her movement technique; it seemed as though she was trying to defend herself desperately.

After all, she had only just become a low-level fiend demon and had not adapted to the power of a fiend demon completely.

Qing Qing’s maneuvering space decreased continuously against the combined attacks of the five fiend demons!

“Demoness, surrender! Our young master will definitely take good care of you!”

A fiend demon said lustfully.

All the demons roared into laughter.

Qing Qing’s expression was cold and she spat out an intricate-looking feather fan with a single thought. It expanded along with the wind and swelled in midair.

The fan was azure green and seemed like there were thin flames burning on it; the surrounding space was even contorting from the heat!


The expressions of the demons changed.

The azure green fan seemed extraordinary and gave off a scorching heat!


Qing Qing’s glabella shone and she injected the power of her Essence Spirit into the azure green fan before fanning it in the direction of the five fiend demons!


A green ball of flames blazed up and engulfed the five fiend demons!

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

No matter how they struggled, the five fiend demons could not extinguish the flames on their bodies.

In the blink of an eye, all five of them were burned into ashes and the remaining white bones fell piece by piece from midair, fuming with green smoke.


The group of demons gasped.

What was that feather fan – how was it so strong?!

In the blink of an eye, a few fiend demons on the side of Black Sand Ridge were dead and they had suffered immense losses!

Black Sand Ridge was losing in the duels of Dharmic powers after the fight broke out!

The expression of the black-robed young man turned grimmer and he finally sat up on his carriage, as though he was prepared to make a move.

All of a sudden!

The black-robed young man sensed something.

Not far away, two gazes were fixed on him in a threatening manner, resembling two sharp swords that were warning him!

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