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Chapter 807: Massive Battle

There were many Overlords in Thousand Demon Valley and even more Territorial Lords of varying strength.

Naturally, there were many territories such as Howling Moon Mountain and Black Sand Ridge as well.

Protector Shi was dumb and was merely a pig demon of Black Sand Ridge – it was only logical if he had not heard of some of the territories.

In his confusion, monkey smirked and laughed. “I’m the young master of Black Ape Ridge. Haven’t you heard of me before?”

‘Another one?!’

Protector Shi’s heart skipped a beat.

Qing Qing snickered. “I’m the young mistress of Black Crane Ridge.”

“I’m from Black Fox Ridge…”

Little Fox mustered her courage and wanted to join in the fun.

However, she was truly way too embarrassed to carry on and did not continue. She merely stuck her tongue out and acted cute.

Su Zimo smiled.

No matter how retarded Protector Shi was, he should be able to tell that monkey and the others were mocking him.

A series of laughter broke out from the crowd of demons around them.

The black-robed young man was expressionless and remained silent.

“How dare you make fun of me? You must have a death wish!”

Protector Shi’s face turned purplish and he was enraged. His flesh expanded and his entire figure swelled significantly.

Although he was still in human form, a terrifying pig’s head grew on his neck; it had sharp fangs and a torrential demonic aura!

The eyes of the other demon beasts shone with violence and fervor as well – all of them were ready to rip the group of people into shreds with a single command from the black-robed young man!

Suddenly, the black-robed young man said, “I don’t care which territory you are from, but I can tell you that this is the Black Sand Ridge! You have to obey the rules of Black Sand Ridge here!”


Monkey smirked and revealed two rows of pearly whites. “I don’t care what kind of nonsensical rules you have. I was born to break rules!”

“Apart from those two women, the rest of them…”

The black-robed young man paused briefly before uttering coldly, “Kill them!”


Protector Shi brought out a gigantic iron rake and his rotund, massive body soared into the air. He glared at the spirit tiger furiously and descended with a maddened roar.

He hated the tiger for embarrassing him thoroughly and charged at the latter right away.


Protector Cha hollered and reverted to his true form – he was a gigantic bull demon!

He raised a pair of sharp horns and panted with steam out of his nostrils. His eyes were locked onto monkey not far away as his hooves duge the ground, creating dust clouds.

“Leave that foxy chick to me!”

The woman beside the black-robed young man and looked at Little Fox with evil intentions. Jealousy could be seen in her eyes as she licked her lips.

The woman’s tongue was extremely long and was forked.

It was a snake woman!

“Don’t harm her,”

The black-robed young man glared at the snake woman and warned, as though he could see through her intentions.

Although the snake woman was indignant, she replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, young master. I’ll discipline this lass properly for you!”

A few fiend demons wanted to fight for credit and charged towards Qing Qing and Su Zimo at the same time.

The black-robed young man laid back on his carriage with an idle expression; it was clear he had no intention of making a move.

Su Zimo followed suit and did not make a move either.

Monkey and the others had just become fiend demons and were raring to fight – this was the best opportunity for them to get used to their newfound strengths as fiend demons.

Su Zimo only had a single target – the black-robed young man!

He could tell that although the black-robed young man did not look old, he was far from simple – there was a high chance that he was a mid-level fiend demon!

On the other side, a huge battle had broken out.

Protector Shi swung his rake heavily and created an arc in midair before smashing down towards the spirit tiger!

The spirit tiger reverted to his true form and moved swiftly in a flash.

Before the rake even landed, the spirit tiger was already in front of Protector Shi’s chest. He reached out with his tiger claws and thrust forward!

Protector Shi was alarmed.

He had not expected the spirit tiger’s counterattack to be this vicious!

If his attack landed, he could smash the spirit tiger’s head, but there was a chance that his life would be in danger as well!

They would have to trade lives!

‘It wasn’t easy for me to get to the status of a protector. Why should I trade my life with yours?’

At that thought, Protector Shi released a tremendous amount of force and pulled back the momentum of his rake to switch tactics at the last moment. He swept the rake horizontally instead towards the spirit tiger with massive strength!


Sparks flew everywhere when the spirit tiger’s claws clashed against the rake.

All of a sudden!

Electric currents surged through the spirit tiger’s body and cruised through the point of contact between the tiger claws and the rake and entered Protector Shi’s body.


Protector Shi released a tragic cry and the pig hair on his body stood upright. He was fuming with black smoke and his flesh was charred!


The spirit tiger made use of the momentum to lunge forward and thrust ten claws viciously into Protector Shi’s chest!


Blood flashed!

The ten claws dug deep into Protector Shi’s chest.

Under normal circumstances, this would definitely be a severe injury for any demon beast.

However, the spirit tiger felt his heart sink the moment his claws dug into Protector Shi’s chest.

The flesh of this pig demon was way too thick!

Pig demons might not be strong in many things, but they had coarse skin and thick flesh.

The spirit tiger’s claws could not even reach the pig demon’s organs after piercing in, let alone the latter’s vitals!

“Go to hell!”

Protector Shi gave a menacing laugh and suddenly grabbed the spirit tiger’s head with both arms.

At the same time, he raised his head and a pair of sharp fangs on his lower jaw protruded upwards and pierced towards the spirit tiger’s throat!

The fights between demons were almost all melee combat fights that were the most dangerous and susceptible to instantaneous changes.

A moment ago, the spirit tiger had the upper hand. In the blink of an eye, he was the one in danger!

Before he could withdraw his claws that were dug into the enemy’s chest, his body was locked and he had nowhere to escape from the incoming fangs!

All of a sudden!

The spirit tiger’s heart skipped a beat and a searing pain tore through the bloodline between the gap in his knuckles!


The sound of a sharp weapon tearing through flesh could be heard.

Protector Shi’s fangs were inches away from the spirit tiger’s throat but they froze on the spot motionlessly.

The spirit tiger broke free of Protector Shi’s grip and retreated backwards.

Apart from five sharp claws on his palms, two more sharp daggers protruded from the gaps between his knuckles and they were filled with blood!

These four tiger claws were extended earlier on and pierced into Protector Shi’s chest!

Protector Shi’s eyes were widened as he lowered his head slowly to look at the blood oozing out of his chest; the lifeforce within his body was draining rapidly as well.

With a thud, he fell onto the ground and no longer breathed.

The spirit tiger’s heart raced after his close brush with death. However, there was no fear within his eyes; instead, they became even more fervent!


He reared his head in laughter. “I don’t care if you’re a protector, you’ll still be slain by me all the same!”

On the other side, Protector Cha’s hooves dug furiously as he raised his bull horns with a slumped head. Dust clouds flew everywhere his muscular, mighty body charged past!

Even the ground quaked!

This was one of the demonic arts of the Bull race, the Wild Bull Charge. At its full power and speed, it could even smash mountains!

There was no low-level fiend demon that would dare to take it head-on!

Monkey carried the iron rod on his shoulders and was indifferent towards the incoming bull demon. However, the scarlet glint in his eyes intensified!

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