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Chapter 798: Battle in The Forest

Two low-level fiend demons at the front were momentarily stunned and could not dodge in time. They were stomped by Su Zimo and their bodies exploded into meat sludge!

The demons were shocked!

The protectors, the Soaring Leopard and the Intermediate Tiger, were stunned as well. They no longer underestimated their opponent and carried grim looks on their faces.

What was the true form of that person?

Even the two of them felt shudders in the face of that sort of power!

Su Zimo led the charge at the front and defended most of the attacks.

Monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and Little Fox followed close behind and fought against many spirit demons that swarmed towards them.

There was almost nobody among the spirit demons that could threaten monkey and the other three.

Not even the pure-blooded ferocious beasts!


A cold voice sounded beside Qing Qing’s ears.

A vulture swooped down at an extremely fast speed and almost descended upon Qing Qing instantly. It reached out with a pair of shimmering talons towards Qing Qing’s head!

Qing Qing was alarmed.

From the aura of the vulture, it was clear that it was a low-level fiend demon!

Qing Qing already felt her scalp prickle before the talons of the vulture descended.

She did not dare to take it head-on and circulated her Inner Core with the full burst of her cultivation. She made a sharp turn with her body in midair and dodged the vulture’s lethal attack by a hair’s breadth.

Even so, a tuft of feathers from Qing Qing’s body were ripped off and a few drops of fresh blood splattered.


The spirit tiger was furious when he saw that and let out an angry roar. With a leap, he lunged into the air and wanted to drag the vulture down.

The vulture flapped its wings with a condescending look and vanished from the spot.

At the same time, another low-level fiend demon had already closed in and fought the spirit tiger head-on!

The spirit tiger let out a tragic cry and fell from midair, gritting his teeth in pain.

Monkey was held back by a fiend demon as well and could not break free immediately. He let out deep growls and his eyes became increasingly bloodshot.

The four of them could dominate anybody of the spirit demon level.

However, it was difficult for them to secure victory against fiend demons.

Even for monkey who had the strongest combat strength among them, it was difficult for him to gain the advantage in a fight against fiend demons without entering the berserk state.


A low-level fiend demon glared at the spirit tiger and frowned.

Although the spirit tiger fell onto the ground in a wretched manner, he managed to struggle and stand up after a few miserable cries!

The fiend demon was unable to kill the spirit tiger on the spot even with its strength!

The spirit tiger grit his teeth and gasped; he was secretly alarmed and felt pain all over his body as though his bones and tendons were about to snap.

If he had not fused with that four unknown tiger claws back in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair, he would have been severely injured or even dead from that single attack!

Little Fox used her bewitchment techniques of the Fox race and charmed the spirit demons. However, they did not have much of an effect for fiend demons who had cultivated Essence Spirits.

Qing Qing was in an increasingly dangerous situation.

The pressure on the four of them was mounting in the chaotic battle!

All of a sudden!

A gigantic palm appeared from midair and blanketed the skies with a terrifying aura as it crushed down!

The vulture looked at Qing Qing who was not far away with mocking eyes. Right when it was about to strike again, its vision blackened.

An evil gust of wind howled!

A gigantic palm descended and it was too late for the vulture to dodge!


A blood mist spewed out!

The vulture was caught in the palm and squeezed to death!

Su Zimo threw away the remaining bloodstains on his palm with a cold expression. He opened his mouth and released an earthshaking roar to the front!


A massive air current surged out.

Green veins popped out on Su Zimo’s neck like slithering snakes in a frightening manner!

The ancient trees in the vicinity shook!

Smaller branches were shattered immediately from that howl!

Leaves scattered and turned into dust before they even reached the ground!

The spirit demons closest to Su Zimo were rooted on the spot with blank expressions. Blood oozed from their noses and mouth as they fell one after another.

The eyes of the spirit demons were dim – all of them were dead!

Given Su Zimo’s current cultivation, physique and bloodline, the burst from his voice technique was something that those spirit demons could not withstand!

Even the fiend demons that were present shuddered violently.

The two fiend demons that were fighting monkey and the spirit tiger felt their minds go blank and their expressions froze – they were stunned on the spot!

There was no way monkey would let that opportunity slip. He rose and reached out to wring the head of the fiend demon before him off!

The spirit tiger bit off the throat of the fiend demon opposite him and was invigorated.

“Don’t fall in love with fighting! Focus on fighting our way out!”

Su Zimo let out a deep growl and continued to lead monkey and the other three to charge outside.

They would only be put in a tighter spot if they were entangled here.

“Trying to run?”


The Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger’s voices sounded – both of them had already attacked!

A cold light flashed!

A gigantic flying disk tore through the air and almost sliced the voids into two. It arrived before Su Zimo instantly with a frightening aura!


Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

He could sense Dharmic power coming from the flying disk!

It was a fiend demon Dharmic weapon!

Although his body was strong and could even break spirit weapons, he could not defend against the edge of a Dharmic weapon!

Dharmic weapons were extremely precious in the world of demons.

That was because demons did not know how to refine weapons.

The Dharmic weapons they used were either obtained from killing human cultivators or the body parts, bones, fangs or claws from the body of some powerful Grand Demon.

The flying disk was a scale from a high-level fiend demon!

The Intermediate Tiger obtained it by chance and used it as a tribute to create his own Destiny Dharmic Weapon.

This was a Dharmic weapon that was unusually tough with sharp edges and could be used defensively or offensively; it could block damage or be thrown out to deal lethal damage!


The sound of a sharp blade tearing through the air echoed.

The Soaring Leopard struck and another cold flash of light appeared!

Su Zimo could see clearly that the cold light was a dagger that had intricate patterns etched on it. There were three patterns and it was clear that this was a weapon created by a human Weapon Refinement Master!

It was a superior-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon.

It was unknown how the Soaring Leopard got his hands on the Dharmic weapon but it was something extremely rare for him!

Needless to say, the two of them were definitely strong and experienced in combat given the fact that they were able to obtain the positions of protectors.

Both of them could tell that Su Zimo’s physique was terrifying, bloodline was unusual and was extremely strong in melee combat – they might not be able to win him even if they joined forces.

The two of them merely exchanged a single glance before summoning their Destiny Dharmic Weapons at the same time to release a furious wave of attacks!

The remaining fiend demons gradually snapped out of their stupor from Su Zimo’s vocal technique and resumed their charge forward.

The two Dharmic weapons arrived instantly.

Su Zimo stood on the spot motionlessly, as though he had given up after he knew that he could not dodge it.

The Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger gripped their fists and their eyes lit up!

Immediately after, the excitement in their eyes gradually vanished when they caught sight of what happened.

Instead, their eyes were filled with doubt, shock and disbelief!

The demonic qi that surrounded Su Zimo became thicker by the moment.

As the demonic qi rumbled around him, gigantic, life-like demons were swiftly summoned one after another and slowly materialized!

The demons emanated an ancient aura, as though they came from the wilderness of the ancient era!

Instantly, the weather changed and the world quaked!

The entire forest went silent.

All the demon beasts present, be it spirit demons or fiend demons, kept silent in fear when they were watched by the seven ancient demons – they did not even dare to breathe heavily!

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