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Chapter 797: Seven Great Protectors

Shadows of trees swayed outside the cave, looking particularly sinister under the guise of the night.

All of a sudden!

A shuffling sound could be heard from the depths of the forest.

One after another, green pupils appeared from the darkness, shining with excitement and violence. They approached the cave and one after another, the figures of spirit demons turned clearer.

A hundred, two hundred…

The number of spirit demons was still increasing even after five hundred!

At the front of the group were more than thirty demon beasts that were mounted by human figures.

The figures looked no different from human cultivators and they wore various Dao robes as well; there were old men with long white hair; beautiful middle-aged women with revealing outfits; muscular, burly men…

There were naturally no human cultivators in this demon region.

There was only a single possibility for those human figures to look no different from human cultivators.

Fiend demons!

More than thirty fiend demons had appeared at the same time!

In front of the group of fiend demons, two figures possessed extremely powerful auras. Although they were also low-level fiend demons, it was clear that they were superior to the other fiend demons.

A Soaring Leopard and an Intermediate Tiger!

The Howling Moon Territorial Lord had seven great protectors under him and they were the seven strongest low-level fiend demons that slaughtered their way to the positions.

The Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger were among the seven protectors!

Although the goat and the other two from earlier were also fiend demons, they were way inferior to the seven protectors of Howling Moon Mountain in terms of strength or status.

Right now, the two protectors were here with more than 30 low-level fiend demons and many spirit demons – it was clear how important this matter was to them!

The Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger rode on demon beasts and looked down from above, frowning slightly as they swept their gaze across a stone wall not far away.

There were a few veins on the stone wall and it did not seem like a cave at all.

If the both of them had not received trustworthy information, they would not have seen anything wrong about this place even if they passed through it!

All of a sudden!

The stone wall shimmered with a series of ripples like a water screen.

A figure walked out from within.

The person wore green robes and had refined features. He swept his gaze at the army of demons with a calm expression without any fear or panic.

Immediately after, four more figures appeared.

It was Su Zimo’s group of five!

Now that the enemy had already located them and was about to corner them, Su Zimo had no intention of leaving things to luck. Rather than hiding and praying in the cave for them not to be found, he’d rather walk out directly.

There were only concealment and illusion formations at the cave entrance.

If there were sufficient spirit demons charging at it at the same time, the formation could be broken, let alone the power of the fiend demons!

“Very good.”

The Soaring Leopard clapped with a smile and nodded. “You are self-conscious and smart. As long as you cooperate, you can suffer less.”


Monkey pouted his lips and rolled his eyes as he gave a stifled laughter with a disdainful look on his face.

The smile on the Soaring Leopard’s face froze momentarily.

As one of the seven great protectors of Howling Moon Mountain, he was someone that could command almost everything in this territory – how would a demon beast dare to mock him?

A commotion broke out in the demon beast army around them as well.

Many spirit demons growled deeply with murderous auras.

The Soaring Leopard retracted his smile and his expression turned cold. “I won’t care about the others for now, but I’m going to take that monkey’s life!”

“Tsk, tsk!”

Monkey smirked indifferently. “We don’t know whose life is going to be taken just yet!”


The spirit tiger sneered as well, “I can brag as well. Who are you trying to scare?”

“Little tiger cub, how dare you behave so insolently before me!”

The Intermediate Tiger at the side roared all of a sudden and released the unique howl of the tiger race. The forest shook and evil winds gusted as a rampant might rippled everywhere!

The lineage of the Intermediate Tiger’s true form was an ancient remnant beast of the tiger race.

When he saw that the spirit tiger was only an ordinary tiger, he was filled with disdain and wanted to suppress the spirit tiger using his might of the tiger race and the aura of his bloodline!

However, there was no way he could know that the spirit tiger’s current bloodline was no longer something that he as an ancient remnant beast could deal with!

The spirit tiger had cultivated the Void Thunder Manual back in Ethereal Peak.

His bloodline possessed the power of thunder.

Back in the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair, the spirit tiger fused with four claws of the ancient tiger race and received a blood marrow cleansing with a complete transformation.

Even a pure-blooded ferocious beast of the tiger race such as the Lu Wu might not be able to suppress the spirit tiger, let alone an ancient remnant beast.

The spirit tiger squinted with a pout. “What is a worthless thing like you barking noisily here for?”

The Intermediate Tiger was enraged and grit his teeth with a fierce gaze. “Little cub, you’re nothing but a tiger that has turned sentient. I did not wish to take your life on account of how difficult it must have been for you to cultivate to this point. Yet, you don’t know what’s good for you? You truly have a death wish!”

“Little cub, listen up! I’m Howling Moon Mountain’s…”

The spirit tiger was annoyed with the term ‘little cub’ and interrupted before the Intermediate Tiger could finish speaking. “I don’t care who your grandmother is. Even if your grandfather is here, I’ll look down on him all the same!”

“I wasn’t even talking about my grandmother! I am…!”

The Intermediate Tiger was so furious that his mouth cramped and he almost spat out blood.

“What’s the point of wasting our breath on them? Let’s capture them first!”

The Soaring Leopard had a cold gaze and glared at monkey who was not far away before waving his hand.

The ground shook!

Spirit demons surged forward from all directions!

More than 30 fiend demons rushed forward as well and only the two protectors, the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger, stood where they were looking down at the five people not far away.

To them, Su Zimo’s group merely consisted of five spirit demons.

It was said that they only managed to kill the three low-level fiend demons earlier with surprise attacks.

There was no way the five people before them could defend against the charge of more than 30 low-level fiend demons and an army of spirit demons – they were bound to be defeated instantly!

“Stay behind me and we’ll kill our way out!”

Su Zimo gave a deep roar all of a sudden.

His Inner Core circulated and scarlet demonic qi surged out of his nose and mouth as crackling sounds could be heard from within his body.


Right in front of everyone, Su Zimo’s body expanded and transformed into the height of a hundred feet tall in the blink of an eye. His black hair danced and his eyes were frightening with a torrential ferocity!


“What is this?”

Many spirit demons saw a gigantic shadow rise from ground up and raised their heads instinctively. Instantly, chills ran down their spines and they felt their scalps prickle.

The aura that Su Zimo gave off after his demonificiation was way too frightening!

Even the group of low-level fiend demons were stricken, let alone the spirit demons present; they gasped and felt like insignificant ants against that massive body!

The body seemed like it was rinsed with molten steel and shone with a bronze luster. Its muscles bulged up and felt like they contained an explosive might!

This was practically an ancient Grand Demon that swept through the eight desolates and could devour Heaven and Earth!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Su Zimo’s body leaned forward with a stride and his gigantic feet created two deep ravines on the ground that seemed like they could split the heavens asunder!

The spirit demons before him could not defend against it at all; some were stomped into meat sludge and others were sent flying through countless ancient trees.

The two ravines were dyed red with fresh blood!

No demon beast could stand in the way of Su Zimo’s charge forward!

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