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Chapter 793: Three Fiend Demons

Monkey, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing turned towards Su Zimo for a decision.

Su Zimo asked without any emotions, “You’re only a spirit demon, how do you have a territory?”

“Of course, the territory isn’t mine,”

The rat explained hurriedly, “The territory I belong to is the Howling Moon Mountain and the Territorial Lord is a wolf king who is extremely gracious. Given your capabilities, I’m sure you’ll be highly regarded if you join our Howling Moon Mountain!”

Su Zimo remained silent.

The rat was unnerved and its eyeballs fluttered around, stealing glances at this refined green-robed man.

After following them for a few days, it could naturally tell that the green-robed man was the leader of the group.

Although the monkey and tiger were ferocious, the rat felt that this green-robed man was even more frightening and unfathomable!

The rat’s combat strength was ordinary but it was capable.

Otherwise, it would not have been sent into the ancient battlefield.

Its greatest capability was moving in stealth!

As long as it was careful in the Thousand Demon Valley, even low-level fiend demons would be hard-pressed to detect its presence!

However, this green-robed man discovered him instantly and he had nowhere to hide!

What was even more frightening was that even after a few days of observation, the rat discovered that it could not read this man at all!

Or rather, it did not know whether this was a human or a demon!


Just as the rat was about to sweat, Su Zimo nodded slowly and agreed to it.

If they wanted to leave the ancient battlefield and head to a demon region, they had to locate its corresponding teleportation point.

Without help from anyone, the search for the teleportation points would be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack for the five of them.

There was no guarantee that they could locate the right one.

The five of them had yet to settle on the demon region they wanted to head to. Right now, this was an opportunity – they could save quite a bit of trouble if they followed this rat to the Thousand Demon Valley.

The Thousand Demon Valley was located in the Middle Continent.

The Middle Continent could be considered as the most flourished region of the cultivation civilization. Most of the super sects, Elixir Yang Sect, Thousand Crane Sect and Tomb Sect included, were located in the Middle Continent.

If Su Zimo wanted to leave the demon region and visit Xiaoning, Little Fatty and other old friends in the future, it would be more convenient as well.

It did not matter whether or not they were going to join the Howling Moon Mountain.

The most important thing for the five of them was to head to a secluded and quiet place for them to break through from the Core Formation realm upon reaching the demon region!

The deadline of the year was almost up.

A few figures darted past a secluded cave.

Right at the front was a gigantic rat.

Behind it were five figures.

“Your teleportation point is way too secretive,”

The voice of the spirit tiger sounded.

Su Zimo and the other four followed the rat into the cave through twists and turns like a maze. Finally, they arrived at the end after a full hour.

A vortex filled with demonic qi shone darkly in the voids at the front.

“Brothers, follow me!”

The rat gestured with his hand and leaped in, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

Little Fox was a little nervous.

They were about to head into an extremely foreign environment – she would have been flustered long ago if Su Zimo was not by her side.

“Don’t be afraid,”

Su Zimo held Little Fox’s wrist gently and exchanged glances with monkey and the rest before leaping into the vortex.

When their figures vanished, the vortex paused for a brief moment before dispersing, returning the voids to its usual quietness.

The world spun.

The group of them felt as though they were traveling through a dark tunnel. They could not control their bodies and there was no sense of direction or flow of time; it was an extremely terrible sensation and their chests felt stuffy.

Little Fox could not see anything around her but she could feel a warm hand gripping her wrist tightly without relenting!

Gradually, she calmed down.

An unknown period of time passed.

The suffocating sensation vanished and the small of fresh flora surged into their noses. A figure fell rapidly amidst a forest of trees.


It was a tragic cry.

A large pit appeared on the ground.

The rat was sprawled on the ground and its bones and tendons felt like snapping after the massive fall.


A series of mocking laughter sounded.

“Dumb as a pig! If you’re not dead, get the hell up!”

A voice sounded and chided.

The rat shuddered at the sound of that voice. Although it cursed internally, it forced out a slight smile and struggled to stand up, turning towards the voice.

Immediately after, a few figures fell rapidly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were a few loud explosions.

Grass and mud splashed everywhere as Su Zimo, monkey and the others rose calmly.

The few of them were able to stabilize themselves before reaching the ground with their mighty physiques and frightening combat talent.

Su Zimo shifted his gaze without any emotions.

He was already scanning his environment before he landed!

This was an extremely ancient forest that was dark and sinister. The ancient trees at the side towered into the clouds and were even thicker than the ancient trees back in Cang Lang Mountain Range.

Green vines the thickness of one’s arms snaked around their trunks like pythons in a frightening manner!

There were at least a hundred demon beasts in this forest!

Most of them were spirit demons at the Golden Core realm.

However, among them, three demon beasts had an extremely frightening aura that went beyond a spirit demon’s!

There should be three fiend demons in the vicinity!


Three mighty figures walked over from the front. All of them were dozens of feet tall and had frightening auras.

The figures on the left and right were gigantic and muscular.

The figure on the left had a bared chest that was filled with black hair. With a humanoid figure and the head of a bear, it was a black bear that cultivated into a demon.

The figure on the right was hairless but it had rough skin and bulging muscles that resembled rocks. There was even a gigantic horn on its head!

It was a bull that had cultivated into a demon.

The figure in the middle was slightly skinnier with hands behind its back. It had a humanoid figure with the head of a goat and a pair of slightly curved goat horns. With a frown and a dark gaze, there was a small goatee on its chin.

It was a goat spirit that cultivated the Dao and became a fiend demon!

The three of them advanced and exclaimed softly when they caught sight of Su Zimo’s group.

“Ah, I’m being received personally by the three great leaders under the Howling Moon Territorial Lord! This is an honor of a lifetime for me!”

The rat rolled and stood up before scurrying to the three fiend demons with a pandering expression.


The three of them nodded.

The goat demon glared at Su Zimo’s group with slightly raised brows and asked coldly, “Who are they?”

He was already displeased when he saw Su Zimo and the other four standing with their chests puffed with calm expressions instead of heading over to greet him.

The hierarchy of the demon race was strict.

Spirit demons had to bow down in the face of fiend demons!

The rat was already alarmed when he sensed the displeasure from the goat demon and the other two. However, he could not voice it out directly so he winked hurriedly towards Su Zimo and the others.

When he heard the words of the goat demon, the rat’s heart skipped a beat and he replied hurriedly, “Sir, I came across them when I was in the ancient battlefield and decided to invite them back to join the Howling Moon Mountain because they are rather capable.”

“They should be feeling nervous because they’ve just arrived. The reason why they haven’t greeted the three of you must be because they are stricken by how awesome you are.”

The rat added hurriedly before casting glances towards Su Zimo and the others.

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