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Chapter 791: World of the Demon Race

Su Zimo’s group separated with Night Spirit and the Golden Lion upon leaving Myriad Phenomenon City.

Su Zimo, monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and Little Fox began on their new journey.

There were eight demon regions and they were also ranked among the super factions of Tianhuang Mainland; that was the reason why there was the saying of the nine immortal sects and eight demon regions.

However, of the eight demon regions, three of them were not on land and were out in the oceans.

Tianhuang Mainland consisted of four regions, three oceans and one continent.

The four regions were the North, South, East and West regions.

The continent referred to the Middle Continent.

The three oceans surrounded Tianhuang Mainland from the East, South and North directions.

The oceanic world was vast and was multiple times larger than the surface area of the land. There were countless unheard of ancient living beings and primordial living beings even existed in the depths of the oceans!

They had yet to cultivate Essence Spirits at their current cultivation realm.

Even if they could enter the oceans, they wouldn’t be able to adapt.

The five of them were considered as living beings of the land. Even after they advanced to the Nascent Soul realm and cultivated their Essence Spirits, their combat strength would definitely be diminished significantly in the depths of the oceans.

Those three demon regions had to be eliminated for the time being.

Among the five of them, Su Zimo was probably the only one who wouldn’t be affected in the depths of the oceans!

Before they entered the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair, the group of them dove into the bottom of the lake and engaged in a massive battle there.

Su Zimo’s combat strength did not seem to be affected even in deep waters.

At that time, he was puzzled over the reason.

During his recent rest period in Myriad Phenomenon City, he recalled about these incidents and an extremely frightening guess gradually surfaced within Su Zimo’s mind!

His Illumination Eye was imparted to him at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley by the red-headed ghost.

However, when the God race leader saw the visual technique, he referred to it as the Illumination Dragon Eye and said that it was a secret skill of the Dragon race!

When he asked the red-headed ghost at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for the name of this visual technique, the latter had an odd expression and was ambiguous.

Su Zimo was more inclined to believe in the God race leader’s words.

However, that was the issue – how did he manage to cultivate a secret skill of the Dragon race?

There was also the issue of the Ancient Dragonification Art.

When he released it previously, there would merely be a life-like divine dragon conjured around him.

But this time round, his body underwent a terrifying change!

Back at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley when Su Zimo underwent his demonic cultivation, he had similar experiences – his skin would feel itchy as though something was about to burst forth from it.

However, upon closer inspection, he discovered nothing.

At that time, he paid no attention to it.

To think that dragon scales would appear on his body directly this time round!

Was it merely because of the half dragon egg that he consumed back in the Dragon Bone Valley?

Su Zimo did not believe that.

If the half dragon egg was the reason, why did he not have the same terrifying transformation when he released the Ancient Dragonification Art before he entered the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley?

If it was not because of the half dragon egg, what was the reason for it?

A series of images flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

He thought about the red-headed ghost.

He thought about the bowl of spirit water that the red-headed ghost offered him every month.

“That spirit water…”

Su Zimo’s eyes narrowed and his gaze shone.

Nobody was clearer than him about the tremendous power within the spirit water!

That bowl of spirit water every month was the reason why he could cultivate the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley and heal his Inner Core back to its original state!

Now that he thought about it carefully, that was probably not spirit water, but blood!

The blood of the Dragon race!

The only reason why his body underwent such a tremendous change such that he could transform partially into a Dragon was because he drank the blood of the Dragon race for 20 years!

The bloodline of the Dragon race was probably the reason why his smashed Inner Core could heal to its original state.

It was because he contained the bloodline of the Dragon race within him that he was able to cultivate a secret skill of the Dragon race, the Illumination Dragon Eye.

It was because of the bloodline of the Dragon race that his combat strength was not affected underwater.

Dragons were used to flying through clouds and water to begin with.

Even if they were in the depths of the oceans, they could create a stir, let alone the depths of a lake!

With that, the identity of the red-headed ghost became even more mysterious.

“Could the red-headed ghost be someone from the Dragon race?”

A bold thought crossed Su Zimo’s mind that even gave himself a shock.

What was the background of a chained Dragon in the backyard at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley?

Su Zimo could not help but recall the catastrophe from 10,000 years ago.

However, there were many things that would not make sense even if the red-headed ghost was the dragon of the catastrophe.

“What are you thinking about, young master?”

Little Fox closed in when she saw Su Zimo frowning in deep thoughts and could not help but ask.

“It’s nothing,”

Su Zimo shook his head and suppressed the thoughts momentarily.

Unless he asked the old monk and the red-headed ghost personally, any conclusion he came to would merely be a fragment of his imagination.

After the three oceanic demon regions were eliminated, the North Region was eliminated as well.

Apart from the threat of Glass Palace, Su Zimo was worried about the Dragon Bone Valley.

The Dragon Bone Valley was one of the nine forbidden grounds!

There was a chance that the existences within the Dragon Bone Valley might create trouble for him if he released the bloodline of the Dragon race from within his body.

There were not many choices left after the North Region was eliminated.

There were only the demon regions of the South, East and West regions as well as the Middle Continent.

“No matter which demon region we’re in, we should lay low the moment we arrive and not attract any trouble,”

In a rare expression of seriousness, the spirit tiger’s usual cheeky behavior was gone. “Beast and birds roam the demon regions and it is filled with danger. At our level, we’re among the lowest tiers among them.”

“We can only protect ourselves after we cultivate our Yin Spirit and advance to become low-level fiend demons.”

The low-level fiend demon that the spirit tiger referred to was the equivalent of a Nascent Soul in the cultivation world.

Even a low-level fiend demon could reign supreme in a place like the Cang Lang Mountain Range.

However, within the eight demon regions, they could only barely ensure their own survival!

“Are there any factions within the demon regions as well?”

Qing Qing asked.

Among the five of them, monkey and the spirit tiger were the only ones who had lived in the demon regions before and understood more about them.

The spirit tiger jolted at Qing Qing’s question and said hurriedly, “There are multiple factions within the demon regions and it’s survival of the fittest with a strict hierarchy of levels. If you can cultivate to become a mid-level fiend demon, you can gather some lesser demons and reign as a king.”

Monkey’s eyes lit up at the mention of ‘reign as a king’ and licked his lips.

He seemed to possess a fervent obsession towards being a king.

“Mid-level fiend demons possess a territory of their own and have many lesser and low-level fiend demons under their control. They are known as Territorial Lords.”

Mid-level fiend demons were equivalent to Void Reversions of the cultivation world.

The spirit tiger continued, “If you become a high-level fiend demon, you’ll be amazing. Every single high-level fiend demon within the demon regions are Overlords! All the Territorial Lords within their jurisdiction have to obey their orders unquestionably!”

High-level fiend demons were equivalent to the Dharma Characteristics of the cultivation world.

At that point, be it monkey or the spirit tiger, their eyes revealed hopeful looks.

How glorious would it be if they became Overlords within the demon regions and could command groups of demons?!

Su Zimo asked, “If the mid-level fiend demons are Territorial Lords and the high-level fiend demons are Overlords, what comes after that?”

“Grand Demons are above high-level fiend demons! They are equivalent to the Conjoint Bodies of the conjoint body. Although they don’t belong to any factions or possess any territories, all Grand Demons are completely unrestricted and can roam the demon regions freely!”

The spirit demon said enviously, “Even an Overlord has to bow in the face of a Grand Demon and listen to its orders obediently!”

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