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Chapter 783: Evil of Men

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s heart was burning.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Right now, all the cultivators in Myriad Phenomenon City were either exhausted or seriously injured – nobody could stop him.

Initially, he was wary about that black-robed man named Night Spirit.

But Night Spirit had already left Myriad Phenomenon City in pursuit of the remaining Rakshasas!

Although there were not many Rakshasas left, they fled in all directions – it was impossible for Night Spirit to hunt them down within a short period of time!

As long as he could get his hands on Su Zimo’s storage bag as soon as possible and flee far away to hide, nobody would be able to find him in this vast ancient battlefield!

Although it was quite a dishonorable act, he had his way of explaining things upon his return to Tianhuang Mainland.

After all, nobody could blame him if he did it to retrieve Zephyr Thunder Palace’s secret skill!

“Tian Ming, don’t forget that there are more than 50,000 paragons here as well!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun said deeply, “You’ve got to get through them before you can get your hands on Su Zimo’s storage bag! Even if we’re severely injured, do you think you can defend against 50,000 cultivators singlehandedly?”

“That’s right,”

Pang Yue of Overlord Palace stood out. Although his face was pale, he patted his chest and declared loudly, “It’s all thanks to Fellow Daoist Su that we’re alive today. If you want to lay your hands on him, I’ll be the first to stand out!”

“You’ll have to get through my sword to get to him!”

Dugu Jian remarked coldly.

Within the crowd, cultivators stood out one after another.

Some of them were familiar while others were foreign.

There were both opponents and friends of the past.

Of course, most of the cultivators remained silent.

Some of them wanted to speak but stopped; some of them looked on with hesitant expressions while others watched by the sidelines.

Instantly, the different types of characters were revealed completely.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s lips curled when he noticed that. He composed himself further and shouted, “Everyone, don’t be foolish. Su Zimo is still someone of a foreign race. The reason why he stood in was to rescue his friends! He doesn’t care about whether you guys live or die!”

“Heh, there are many among you who once encircled and attacked his friends. Who knows, he might even want to get even with you guys after his injuries are healed!”

A stir broke out amongst the crowd.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s words resonated with some of the cultivators.

He laughed even brighter when he saw that.

“Nobody knows if he’ll want to try and kill you tomorrow even if you protect him today!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s beguiling voice continued on, “Don’t forget, he’s from a foreign race. Who can guarantee that he won’t treat you the same way as the Rakshasa and God race did? Don’t forget the old saying, those that are not of our race are our enemies!”

“The Perfected Lord isn’t… entirely wrong.”

“That’s right, he did not fight against the Rakshasa and God race for our sake! There’s no need for us to protect him!”

“This man even took on the Dragon race’s form earlier. The Dragon race is one of the Primordial Nine Races and they aren’t much better than the Rakshasa and God race!”

Discussions broke out among the crowd.

However, they were soft and were not overwhelming.

Demoness Ji gave an ironic laugh at the sight of that. “Today, I finally know what it means to beget kindness with evil. This is nothing more than the evil of men’s nature.”

“That is human nature indeed,”

Lin Xuanji sighed. “Mortals assume that all cultivators are righteous without any desires. However, they don’t know that cultivators actually possess the deepest desires!”

“The cultivation world is no paradise and is much crueler than the secular world! There’s schemes and plots to kill others for their treasures everywhere! Some cultivators can resort to any means for the sake of longevity and strength, what difference does it make if they beget kindness with evil?”

“All of you, listen up!”

Suddenly, Perfected Lord Yu Jun bellowed. Although his arm injury split open immediately and blood gushed out, he was indifferent towards it.

“It doesn’t matter if Su Zimo is a demon or a dragon. In this world, anyone can attack him, but not all of you!”

He pointed to the vast crowd of more than 50,000 cultivators with a stern expression as he said word by word, “That’s because all of you here owe him your lives!”

The clamor within the crowd quietened down gradually once again.

Monk Yin Lu clasped his palms today and uttered a Buddhist proclamation softly before saying, “I don’t know about sayings regarding other races and the rights or wrongs of the world. However, I know one thing. He saved all of us here and almost killed himself in the process.”

“All of us would be dead right now if it wasn’t for him! We would be spirits in the hands of the God race and food in the hands of the Rakshasa race! While I don’t know what is right or wrong, I know what is gratitude and loyalty!”

His impassioned words were firm and deafening!

Some people lowered their heads while others had guilty expressions.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s expression was dark. When he saw that the situation was shifting away from his favor, he could not help but declare coldly, “Monk Yin Lu, don’t try to confuse everyone with your falsehoods!”

At that moment, Perfected Lord Tian Ming was already prepared to attack.

He could not let things drag on anymore!

The longer things dragged on, the worse the situation would be for him!

Once Night Spirit returned, it would be too late even if he wanted to escape!

Right now, the remaining 50,000 cultivators had different interests and were not united – he could succeed as long as not many people stood on Su Zimo’s side!

“Disciples of Zephyr Thunder Palace, heed my orders! Kill anyone who dares to stand in my way!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s killing intent blaze and his glabella glowed brightly. A series of erratic thunderbolts appeared within his palm with a terrifying aura!

“Protect the young master!”

“Protect Brother Su!”

Nian Qi, Lin Xuanji and the others circled around Su Zimo instantly to form a human wall.

“Fufu, why do you have to go through the trouble?”

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed softly. “I’ll give you my storage bag if you want it.”

Su Zimo patted Little Fatty who was standing in front of him on the shoulder and gestured for the latter to make way.


Little Fatty asked softly with an inquiring look in his eyes.

“It’s fine, move away.”

Su Zimo nodded calmly with a smile.

Everyone exchanged glances and, although hesitant, made a path.

Slowly, Su Zimo walked out and removed the storage bag on his waist. He looked at Perfected Lord Tian Ming who was not far away and held it up in the air as he said indifferently, “The storage bag is right here. Come and take it if you want it.”


Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s pupils constricted slightly.

His spirit consciousness had long scanned Su Zimo’s body multiple times and he could confirm that this lad’s blood qi was weak and his spirit energy was depleted – there was definitely no way he could fight any longer.

However, what was this lad trying to do?

Although Su Zimo looked exhausted, there was no hint of panic on his face and he looked calm.


Perfected Lord Tian Ming remembered something and sneered, “You sure are scheming, lad. You’re trying to lure me in so that you can release your killing move, right? You’re way too naive, there’s no way you can hide your intentions from me!”

In reality, even if he were to close in, he would not be in much danger given Su Zimo’s current condition.

However, it did not hurt to be careful!

“I’m handing my storage bag over to you and yet you don’t even dare to collect it yourself…”

Su Zimo retracted his smile and hung his storage bag on his waist again before saying coldly, “How can you even dream of taking my life given your cowardice?!”

“Tian Ming, let me tell you one thing. Even if I’m completely exhausted, I can still kill you!”

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