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Chapter 779: Dragonification!

The single eye of the God race leader surged with boundless hatred and he emanated a torrential killing intent.

Although he did a great deed by locating one of the seven great ancient Unique Treasures, the Mystic Magnet Mountain, in this trip to the ancient battlefield, the loss he suffered was way too great!

His blinded eye was a loss that could not be reversed or salvaged!

He could tell that Su Zimo hid a lot of secrets within his body.

If he could get his hands on Su Zimo’s secrets, he might be able to minimize his losses today!

“Are you still going to struggle?”

The God race leader walked slowly towards Su Zimo with an oppressive aura as he said coldly, “Given your current condition, you won’t even be able to defend a single finger of mine!”

Blood was the only thing that could quench the God race leader’s fury right now!

The distance between the two of them decreased.

A destructive power could descend at any moment!

It wasn’t just Su Zimo – which of the cultivators present could be lucky enough to survive?

Su Zimo looked at the God race leader with a cold gaze.

However, there was a restless power within his body that felt like it was going to explode at any moment!

The distance between the two of them decreased.

When Night Spirit noticed the situation on this side, the killing intent in his eyes intensified as he let out a deep growl. A powerful roar erupted from the depths of his throat!

Immediately after, Night Spirit’s bones began to transform!

Crackling sounds echoed wildly and in the blink of an eye, an incomparably menacing beast head appeared. It resembled both a wolf and a dog with sharp fangs and purple scales lined its entire surface!

Night Spirit did not revert to his true form entirely and merely his head was in his demon form.

Even so, he emanated a shuddering aura!

The Rakshasa leader felt his scalp prickle at the sight of Night Spirit – he was unnerved and his hairs stood on end!

Thereafter, as though he recalled something, his pupils constricted violently as he murmured instinctively, “You are…”

Before he finished his sentence, he was interrupted by Night Spirit’s roar.

Immediately after, Night Spirit’s speed exploded and he burst towards the Rakshasa leader.

The Rakshasa leader was stricken with fear and fled in the reverse direction without hesitation – he did not turn back at all!


A dark shadow tore through the air at an extremely fast speed!

Its speed surpassed the speed of the Rakshasa leader and it arrived instantly!


A flash of blood appeared.

One of the Rakshasa leader’s meat wings was pierced by the black shadow!

The black shadow was Night Spirit’s tail. His tail was extremely sharp and shone with a cold glint as it swayed in midair like an agile snake.

The next moment, Night Spirit grabbed the Rakshasa leader’s shoulders with both hands.

He lunged forward and chomped down directly on the Rakshasa leader’s neck!


That single bite almost snapped the Rakshasa leader’s neck!


The Rakshasa leader’s windpipe was crushed and his body convulsed. He had a terrified expression and seemed like he wanted to say something but could not complete the sentence.

Night Spirit did not accord him the chance as he bit down on the Rakshasa leader’s and twisted viciously!


A massive head was ripped off by Night Spirit!

The Rakshasa leader was dead!

From the moment Night Spirit started his attack to the death of the Rakshasa leader, everything happened in less than a single breath!

Although the scene was shocking, not many people noticed it.

That was because almost everyone was drawn towards a sound!

“Ancient Dragonification Art!”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

“That’s a secret skill of the Human Emperor!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun exclaimed.

Nobody expected that Su Zimo would persevere given the circumstances!

His spirit energy was depleted and he was unable to release the Ancient Dragonification Art.

However, earlier on, a single thought crossed his mind unfathomably!

He could use the power of his Inner Core to activate the Ancient Dragonification Art!

Su Zimo gathered the remnant demonic power within his body and demonic qi rumbled. With the power of his Inner Core, he activated the Ancient Dragonification Art and suddenly summoned a frightening power that laid dormant within the depths of his body for a long time!

His blood qi had long deteriorated after the consecutive battles.

However, at that moment, his bloodline was ignited with a tremendous wave of lifeforce!

Like a cyclone and a tsunami, it surged into every single corner of his corner and cruised through his limbs, washing through his organs!

It was painful!

Immensely painful!

The pain was omnipresent!

Su Zimo felt as though his body was about to explode!


He jerked his head upwards violently and howled into the skies.

It was bright, loud and penetrated metal and rocks with the aura of an ancient might. The roar seemed as though it was from the primordial era and could shatter stars!

In that instant, the entire world shook and the weather changed!

The howl released from Su Zimo’s mouth did not belong to a human!

“D… Dragon Roar?!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s eyes were widened and his voice quivered.

The crowd was shocked!

The next moment, right in front of countless gazes, an even more shocking scene unfolded.

The broken bone of his right arm began to regenerate.

His terrifying bloodline washed through his wounds continuously!

His arm was forming once again!

Although it could not recover completely within a short period of time, the scene was shocking enough!

Su Zimo’s tendons and bones echoed together and his body transformed rapidly. His bones twisted and his flesh expanded, joining his muscles together like the roots of a tree and resembled molten steel!

Even more frightening than that, green scales appeared on Su Zimo’s arms, legs, chest and back. They shone with cold glints and extended rapidly to swiftly line his entire body!

His snapped right arm did not change much as it was still recovering.

However, his left arm became unusually muscular with green veins all over it. Lined with green scales, it was forceful and possessed a malevolent aura!

A green glow flickered from Su Zimo’s palms as the scales lined even more densely without any gaps at all.

The scales were like blades and a deep green finger joint protruded with an explosive force!

That was no longer a palm… it was a claw!

The claw was cold and sharp as it gave off a shuddering aura and was not weaker than any weapon.


Instinctively, Su Zimo moved his fingers such that the sharp claws made contact. Instantly, a jarring sound of metal colliding echoed!

Su Zimo was stunned when he looked at that strange, gruesome palm of his.

The Ancient Dragonification Art had gone out of his control completely!

He had truly transformed into a dragon!

Although it was not the same shape as someone from the Dragon race, his body no longer looked like a human.

Even Perfected Lord Yu Jun was shocked, let alone the cultivators present.

As the successor of Enigma Palace, he had naturally heard about the Ancient Dragonification Art.

However, was this the effect of releasing the Ancient Dragonification Art?

Could it really transform a cultivator as such?

Su Zimo was puzzled as well.

Even if he had activated the Ancient Dragonification Art using his Inner Core, it would definitely not result in this transformation.

There must be another reason for this!

Su Zimo did not have time to think about it.

Right now, he had something more pressing on hand.

He had to get rid of the God race!

After his dragonification, Su Zimo was still unable to use his right arm. However, he could sense that his body became even more terrifying and frightening – it possessed boundless strength!

The expression of the God race leader turned extremely grim.

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