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Chapter 777: Futile Efforts

On the ground, a slender, long figure slithered towards the God race leader, creating dust clouds in its wake. It was like a swift anaconda that moved extremely fast!

The God race leader had just stabilized his body when he felt a suffocating, evil aura charge towards him!


A roar exploded in the ears of the God race leader.

Thunderclap Kill!

The divine blood of the God race leader surged and negated the attack of the sound attack almost instantly – he was unaffected!

The next moment, as a sand storm raged, a figure appeared faintly in a hunched manner. The eyes of the figure were deeply murderous as he pushed up towards the God race leader’s chin, as though he was offering an immortal fruit!

“Good timing!”

The God race leader hollered loudly, “I’ll let you have a taste of the strength of the God race!”

He did not avoid or retreat and took a half-step forward as he curled his arm with his elbows down like a gigantic spear. He aimed at Su Zimo’s incoming hands and thrust down fiercely!


The flesh and bones collided with a dull, forceful sound.

Su Zimo shuddered and grunted deeply; his clasped hands were almost separated from the God race leader’s attack!

That single exchange made him realize that the God race leader was strong!

Extremely strong!

Even if he was in peak condition, he might not be able to secure victory in melee combat!

The bloodline of the God race was indeed frightening!

Right now, Su Zimo was already exhausted and the power of his Inner Core and blood qi were greatly diminished – he could not withstand the blows from the God race leader.

Right then, after the God race leader thrust his elbows down, he took another half-step forward and flung his arm fiercely like an iron whip!


His arm smashed down towards Su Zimo’s head and the wind howled in its wake!

The two moves were perfectly executed with a fluid motion.

Given Su Zimo’s condition, there was no way he could defend against the attack.

Furthermore, he had already sensed that the four God race beings who were scattered not far away were already rushing over.

If he were to retreat at this moment, he would lose the opportunity to kill the God race leader completely!

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold as he narrowed his eyes. He raised his right hand and gripped his fist to defend against the attack.

The Divine Phoenix Bone was in his right hand!

No matter how strong the God race leader was, he could not destroy the Divine Phoenix Bone.

If he could release the power of the Divine Phoenix Bone, Su Zimo would be able to seize the opportunity to kill the God race leader.

If not, the God race leader would definitely take some damage as well!


The two fists collided.

The power of the Divine Phoenix Bone was not triggered.

Su Zimo gasped and frowned with a pained expression.

Although the Divine Phoenix Bone ensured that his palm would definitely be intact, he still endured the terrifying blow in his arm which caused unimaginable pain!

While the Divine Phoenix Bone was a mythical object, Su Zimo was not able to wield its power yet and it did not provide much of a boost to his combat strength.


The God race leader was not in the best state either as he exclaimed and retracted his arm.

His fist was bruised as blood clots converged.

Naturally, a small injury as such was nothing for the God race leader.

His golden divine blood surged and his arm had already recovered.

At that moment, Su Zimo endured the pain and leaped up. He withdrew the Great Qian Imperial Seal from his storage bag with his left hand and smashed it down the head of the God race leader!

He gripped his right fist and hurled it down like a gigantic hammer as well!


The God race leader did not retreat still as he extended both arms at lightning speed.

His fingers were outstretched and shone with golden glows as a terrifying power surged through them – it was clear that he was releasing a secret skill of the God race!


Almost at the same time.

The Great Qian Imperial Seal leader’s hands gripped the Great Qian Imperial Seal and Su Zimo’s fist!

Both parties were in a stalemate right in front of one another, contending against the other’s strength!

“You can’t win!”

The eyes of the God race leader flickered with golden spots.

“Not necessarily!”

Su Zimo sneered gently and suddenly, a blinding light burst forth from his right eye. It resembled a blazing sun that illuminated the entire world like daylight!

An incomparably dazzling light column shot towards the God race leader’s face!

Illumination Eye!

This was Su Zimo’s killing move!

Everything he had done earlier was for this burst attack!

The two of them were way too close and it was impossible to dodge!

“Visual technique! It’s a visual technique!”

“What a strong visual technique. It might even be comparable to Di Yin’s Eclipse Eye.”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

In the cultivation world, it was extremely rare to find secret skills for vocal or visual techniques.

Even if one possessed the cultivation technique, they might not be able to cultivate it successfully.

Throughout history, there had been countless people who blinded themselves while attempting to cultivate visual techniques.

Visual techniques were secret skills that could be released instantly and were extremely difficult to defend against.

Right now, the God race leader was faced with the attack of a visual technique!

The power of the light column could definitely destroy him!

He could smell the scent of death that had been waiting for a long time!

The God race leader wielded the Great Qian Imperial Seal with his left hand and Su Zimo’s fist with his right hand. Given their distance, it was too late if he wanted to release his grips to defend against the power of the visual technique.

Su Zimo had calculated everything!

There was nobody to save him.

Only he could save himself.

In a flash, a golden spot of light shone from the depths of the God race leader’s eyes and his eyes turned completely golden. They were cold, merciless and exuded a boundless might!

“God’s Eye!”

Accompanied with a holler, the God race leader’s eyes shone brightly golden and released two golden rays.

The two golden rays converged in midair to form an even thicker golden light column which collided fiercely against the blinding white ray!

God’s Eye – the visual technique of the God race!

It could only be cultivated with the bloodline of the God race!


The two light columns collided in midair and paused for a brief moment before letting out a screeching sound!

Both powers were eating one another!

Immediately after, the blinding white ray intensified and destroyed the golden light in front of it – it shot right into the left eye of the God race leader and vanished!


The God race leader howled miserably.

He burst in retreat and clutched his left eye. At the same time, he bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of essence blood to set up a series of golden light shields in front of his body.

Su Zimo was about to charge forward with his advantage but he was blocked by the golden light shields.

Thereafter, he was surrounded by golden, surging blood qi that attacked from all directions.

The four God race beings had already arrived!

“What a pity,”

Su Zimo sighed when he looked at the God race leader who was not far away.

In reality, if the God race leader had not cultivated God’s Eye, the power of Illumination Eye would definitely pierce his head and kill him on the spot!

However, with the obstruction of the God’s Eye’s power, that sure-kill move ended up merely blinding the God race leader’s left eye.

The God race leader’s reaction was even swifter and he was not flustered over the blow.

He bolted in retreat instantly while laying down his moves to prevent Su Zimo from chasing him.

If that wasn’t the case, Su Zimo would have been able to continue his chase and kill the God race leader!

He felt helpless… everything was futile.

Although the fight merely lasted for a brief moment, it expended Su Zimo’s final bit of stamina and mental energy.

Right now, the four God race beings had already encircled him.

It was almost impossible for him to attempt to kill the God race leader once more.

Or rather, it was already impossible for Su Zimo to even defend himself right now!

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