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Chapter 776: Opportunity!

“Oh no!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue had a grim expression. “The Mystic Magnet Mountain is one of the seven great ancient Unique Treasures! Even if the God race leader is not able to unleash its full strength, it’s more than enough to suppress everything!

“More than half of the seven ancient Unique Treasures were lost in the ancient war. How did it end up in the hands of the God race leader?” Perfected Lord Yu Jun frowned.

At that moment, on another side of the battlefield, the Rakshasa leader who was fighting against Night Spirit noticed the commotion on this side as well. He smiled coldly and said in an odd manner, “Seems like the God race has indeed beaten us to it!”

“It’s just luck,”

The God race leader chuckled smugly. He shook his palm and Blood Quencher and the glove that was sucked onto it fell off.

“Good saber!”

The God race leader raised Blood Quencher and examined it on purpose in front of Su Zimo before putting it away into his storage bag.

“I’ve got it,”

Right then, Perfected Lord Yu Jun said deeply, “The Mystic Magnet Mountain is probably the true motive why the Rakshasa and God race entered the ancient battlefield!”

“That’s right,”

The God race leader did not bother to hide when he heard Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s words. “We obtained clues to the Mystic Magnet Mountain and entered the ancient battlefield for this Unique Treasure!”

“However, we also heard that the human paragons are gathered in Myriad Phenomenon City, so we dropped by out of convenience. Indeed, it is as we expected. You’re all nothing but a bunch of worthless scums!”

Although many paragons were furious, they could not refute him.

Su Zimo remained silent and merely glared at the Mystic Magnet Mountain in the palm of the God race leader, trying to think up a solution.

His disadvantage was even greater after that Unique Treasure was brought out!

Notwithstanding the fact that two of his connate spirit weapons were confiscated, even weapons such as his Illumination Sword Formation and Coiling Dragon Seal could not be used.

The only thing he could use was the Great Qian Imperial Seal that he had just obtained from Di Yin.

However, the Great Qian Imperial Seal was a connate spirit weapon and would most probably not be able to go against the Mystic Magnet Mountain.

The situation was turning extremely dire!


The God race leader did not give Su Zimo any breathing space. In a flash, he closed in swiftly and his blood qi surged, as though a golden ocean with a fearsome aura was created around him!

The five God race beings in the vicinity struck at the same time.

The coordination between the six of them was flawless and perfect!

The six god race beings had waited for a long time and were thoroughly invigorated.

However, Su Zimo had been in successive fights and was completely exhausted.

Furthermore, two of his connate spirit weapons were taken away and he was now fighting barehanded.

It was obvious who would win.

Even so, many cultivators watched the battlefield intently with a hint of hope deep in their eyes.

Nobody dared blink as they watched with bated breaths.

A single second was the difference between life and death in a melee combat fight!

When the six God race beings closed in, Su Zimo displayed his formidable melee combat prowess in a flash. He judged and controlled the situation with precision!

Su Zimo’s expression was cold as he bolted in retreat, leaning back against a God race being behind him like a clumsy rock bear.


A dull sound of defeat echoed from their collision.

Although Su Zimo smashed against the God race being’s fist with his back, the God race being’s expression changed – he gave a dull thud and staggered in retreat!

That was a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

If it was any other race or cultivator, that single move would have snapped their tendons and bones, killing them!

With the retreat of the God race being him, Su Zimo’s initially cramped maneuvering room became much more spacious.

He continued to burst backwards with the momentum and avoided two God race beings that lunged from the side. With a sudden spin, his speed exploded once more as he bolted towards the retreating God race being with a ferocious gaze.


Su Zimo shouted like the explosion of a deafening thunderbolt!

The God race being was alarmed and shuddered.

That momentary pause was all it took for Su Zimo to close in. He reached out with both hands and gripped the God race being’s shoulders before raising his knee to ram forward!

From the point of view of many cultivators, Su Zimo seemed to have vanished from sight.

What replaced him was an incomparably divine steed!

That single smash released a tragic aura!


The chest of the God race being caved in with a huge dent.

His snapped bones stabbed into his lungs and organs.

That single attack was enough to kill him!

However, the bloodline of the God race was strong and their lifeforce was rich.

Even with that blow, the God race being did not die on the spot. He coughed with golden blood in his mouth while he tried to retaliate and kill Su Zimo!

There was no way Su Zimo would accord him that chance.

As he rammed with his knee, his arms exerted strength on the God race being’s shoulders and he yanked to both sides!


The arms of the God race being were ripped off by Su Zimo!

Fresh blood that shone with a faint golden glow splashed onto the ground.

The God race being fell far away and his gaze dimmed. Gradually, his breathing stopped.

The crowd burst into an uproar upon the sight of that!

This was the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking!

Even against the encirclement of six God race beings, he was so overwhelming and killed one of them instead!

“Lowlife, you deserve to die!”

The other God race beings roared and closed in as well.

The God race leader twisted his palm and gripped the ancient Unique Treasure, the Mystic Magnet Mountain, to smash down viciously onto Su Zimo’s head – he was ruthless!

“I’ve got to get rid of the Mystic Magnet Mountain first.”

A thought crossed Su Zimo’s mind.

There was something in his possession that, although metallic, had a mysterious origin and might be able to take on the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

With that thought, Su Zimo no longer hesitated and slapped his storage bag to withdraw a gigantic bronze square tripod!

The bronze square tripod was filled with rust and cracks, looking as though it could crack at any moment.

However, it gave off an antiquated aura.

The aura seemed to date even further back than the Ancient Phenomenon Stele!

Su Zimo swung the bronze square tripod and smashed it violently towards the Mystic Magnet Mountain!


The Mystic Magnet Mountain and bronze square tripod collided.

A screeching sound of metal clashing echoed and almost pierced everyone’s eardrums!

Many cultivators that were watching squatted down and clutched their ears with pained expressions.

The two people in the center of the battlefield even shuddered.

Both their palms were split apart by the tremendous recoil and their flesh exploded, rendering them incapable of gripping their weapons.

Both the Mystic Magnet Mountain and bronze square tripod were sent flying!

Su Zimo smashed heavily onto the ground.

The God race leader rolled a few times in midair before falling as well.

The remaining four God race beings had just charged forward when they were sent flying from the shock wave released from the clash of the two weapons. Their faces turned pale and their minds buzzed, causing them momentary deafness.

Su Zimo slammed onto the ground in pain all over and almost fainted over.

However, he struggled and stood up at the first moment. Within the dust, his eyes shone coldly as he glared at the God race leader not far away with a murderous intent!

An opportunity!

This was the only opportunity for him to kill the God race leader!

If he could kill the God race leader before the other four God race beings regrouped, there might be a chance to turn the tides!

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