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Chapter 775: Mystic Magnet Mountain

The blood-colored butterfly was Die Yue’s phantom!

In the battle at the Great Qian Ruins previously, the appearance of this blood butterfly phantom was also the reason why Su Zimo was able to kill the number one Perfected Being of the North Region, Xi Wuya, domineeringly and rise to fame!

Initially, Su Zimo had no idea why the blood butterfly phantom would appear.

It was only earlier on that he finally realized – the blood butterfly phantom should be the ultimate phenomenon of his bloodline!

Right now, half of the blood butterfly was illusory and incorporeal.

Su Zimo had a hunch that the blood butterfly would only truly materialize and release its true strength after he had cultivated to the final step of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and conjured all 12 demon kings!

From high and above, the God race leader looked down at the blood butterfly behind Su Zimo with a shocked expression!

He could smell the scent of death with the arrival of the blood butterfly!

The blood butterfly merely flapped its wings gently and all the small pyramids in the God’s jurisdiction crumbled completely.

If the blood butterfly continued to spread its wings, even the pyramid he sat on would not be able to hold for much longer!

“Let’s see if your blood butterfly can defeat my God’s jurisdiction!”

The God race leader hollered and controlled the God’s jurisdiction to descend heavily with a single thought in Su Zimo’s direction!

The blood butterfly behind Su Zimo spread its wings and flew forward.

The scene resembled an ant trying to shake a tree; a praying mantis trying to stop a carriage.

However, as the two of them collided in midair, an incomparably shocking aura swept through the Nine Heavens and the entire world!

Space and time seemed to be frozen.

The next moment, a blinding light burst forth!

The power released by the collision of the two Bloodline phenomenons was way too terrifying!

Against the impact of that power, the God race leader fell from midair, unable to control himself.

Su Zimo could not stand firm either as his massive body was repelled, smashing into the ground with a billowing dust cloud.

The God race leader stood up from the dust with a grim expression.

His initially handsome face looked wretched and his clean robes were covered in dust.

On the surface, it seemed like both of them were evenly matched.

However, the God race leader knew in his heart that if Su Zimo was in peak condition, he would have been disadvantaged for this exchange in their fight!

However, that was merely an ‘if’.

Right now, he had five clansmen around him!

Furthermore, Su Zimo was not in peak condition.

He took a huge toll during that clash.

However, the toll on Su Zimo was even more immense!

Slowly, Su Zimo walked out from the ravine in the dust clouds.

His frighteningly massive body with a torrential aura had vanished.

Su Zimo had reverted to his original form.

He looked plain and scholarly. His bare upper body was filled with wounds, most of them created when he broke free of the spiked chains from the Rakshasa race earlier on.

His black hair scattered down over his face and his expression was pale.

It was as the God race leader had predicted – Su Zimo’s stamina was almost spent.

Su Zimo fought consecutively after his fight with Di Yin and he had not had any rest.

If not for his frightening physique due to his cultivation of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, he would have fallen a long time ago.

“Patron Su, hurry and escape while you still have the strength! Given your capabilities, even the God race leader won’t be able to stop you!”

Monk Yin Lu could see that Su Zimo was exhausted as well and sent a voice transmission.

In truth, nobody had expected the fight to reach this stage.

Everyone could tell that Su Zimo had already given it his all!

However, the circumstances were immensely dire and wasn’t something that he could salvage alone.

Su Zimo remained silent when he heard Monk Yin Lu’s advice and merely shook his head.

He could not leave.

Xiaoning, monkey, Little Fatty were here…

His kin, siblings and friends were here.

If he left, none of them would be spared!

He would not leave even if he had to die fighting in Myriad Phenomenon City!

Monk Yin Lu sighed internally when he sensed Su Zimo’s determination and conviction and did not offer further advice.


The God race leader laughed. “Your Inner Core isn’t able to sustain your previous body anymore. How long more can you hold out for?”

“Long enough to kill you!”

Su Zimo smiled faintly but his tone was murderous.

“Foolish dreams!”

The God race leader retracted his smile and sneered, “Let’s see what else you have left!”


The moment his voice sounded, the God race leader and the five clansmen split into different directions and attacked Su Zimo at the same time!

“Good timing!”

Su Zimo was unfazed and whipped out a blood-colored saber, yelling, “I’ll let my Blood Quencher have a taste of the God race’s blood!”

The five God race beings were barehanded but their speed did not slow down.

On the contrary, a look of ridicule flashed through the depths of the eyes of the five God race beings.


Su Zimo’s heart sank and he felt uneasy.

All of a sudden!

The God race leader swiped his storage bag and withdrew a grayish black mountain!

Although it was only the size of a palm, it gave off a mysterious aura.

Before Su Zimo’s saber technique was released, Blood Quencher burst towards the mountain uncontrollably!

Even with his strength, Su Zimo had difficulty holding Blood Quencher back!

Not only that, Blood Quencher even dragged him off the ground into the air towards the grayish black mountain in the God race leader’s palm!

“What’s going on?”

Su Zimo was alarmed.

Why would Blood Quencher break free from his control and fly towards the grayish black mountain uncontrollably?

At that moment, Su Zimo had already lost his balance.

If he allowed Blood Quencher to pull him along, he would be killed by the five God race beings before he even arrived before the God race leader!

Without hesitation, Su Zimo let go of his grip instantly.

Even then, he felt a powerful suction force.

It came from his left hand!

“The glove!”

A thought crossed Su Zimo’s mind.

He wore a connate spirit glove on his left hand that he had obtained after killing a Glass Palace paragon.

Although he did not know the reason why, that was the only possibility!

The five God race beings had closed in to him.

In a flash, Su Zimo removed his glove and allowed it to fly away. Suddenly, cracking sounds echoed from within his body.

His body that was initially seven foot long shrank into a meatball in the blink of an eye!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five God race beings punched into air!

Even so, Su Zimo could feel a powerful energy fluctuation circling around his body and his organs were shaken considerably!

That was close!

If he had reacted slightly slower, he might have been torn apart by the five God race beings and died on the spot!

“Mister, watch out!”

Suddenly, Nian Qi yelled, “The mountain is an ancient treasure, the Mystic Magnet Mountain and it possesses magnetic properties. Any weapon made of metal would be sucked to it!”

“No wonder.”

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed and he was enlightened.

“Ah, the Mystic Magnet Mountain!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s expression changed and he exclaimed.

The Mystic Magnet Mountain was famous.

Some treasures were not spirit or Dharmic weapons, but they possessed extraordinary and special capabilities.

If used appropriately, their true potential could even surpass Dharma treasures!

Those treasures were known as Unique Treasures.

The Mystic Magnet Mountain one was of the seven great Unique Treasures!

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