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Chapter 760: Protection Dharmic Weapon

Perfected Lord Tian Ming sprinted the entire way and was drenched in sweat.

Part of the reason was because he had exerted his Dharmic powers to their limits.

Another part of the reason was because he broke out in cold sweat due to the excessive shock he received.

Myriad Phenomenon City was already far behind him.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun, Monk Yin Lu and Perfected Lord Luo Xue stepped in and rescued him from the Rakshasa leader. Coupled with the arrival of the God race, he managed to take advantage of the chaos to escape from the city.

Even then, he did not dare to stop or turn back as he fled far away, afraid that the Rakshasa leader would catch up to him!

Perfected Lord Tian Ming sprinted a little more and the only sounds he could hear was the howling winds and his own panting. It was only then that he gradually came to a stop and turned back with a sense of trepidation.

At the end of his vision was Myriad Phenomenon City which was now a black spot the size of a palm.

However, he could clearly see blood qi surging into the skies around the black spot, disrupting the firmaments!

The arrival of the Rakshasa and God race in Myriad Phenomenon City was an extreme catastrophe and probably less than a tenth of the cultivators would be able to escape.

At the very least, the strength of Tianhuang Mainland’s cultivation world would be immensely crippled for the next hundred years!

“Su Zimo sure is lucky that he managed to leave earlier by coincidence, allowing him to avoid this catastrophe,”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming remarked spitefully, “If he was in Myriad Phenomenon City, I could have killed him with the help of the Rakshasa and God race and that will be a huge problem resolved!”

He stood in midair with an indeterminate expression in deep thought.

A moment later, Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s eyes flashed with a firm look, as though he had decided on something. In a flash, he vanished from the spot.

Di Yin had a dark expression!

He fled the entire time after leaving Myriad Phenomenon City but Su Zimo was like a shadow hot on his tails.

No matter how many cultivation techniques and secret skills he released, he could not shrug the latter off.

The distance between them closed up instead!

Di Yin’s spirit energy was almost depleted.

He could not sustain his immense expenditure although he was consuming elixirs continuously!

He believed that Su Zimo was definitely not in a great state either.

Even so, the lunatic behind him did not have any intention of stopping and a chilling intent could be sensed piercing his back!

“What a lunatic!”

Di Yin cursed internally.

His legs were almost completely numb and he felt a giddy sensation in his head.

If he continued running, he would die of fatigue before Su Zimo caught up to him!

As a peerless monster incarnate, Di Yin was prideful and would naturally not beg for mercy.

Furthermore, he knew that the situation between them was irreconcilable!

If their positions were exchanged, he would not let Su Zimo off either.

He once declared that not only was he going to kill Su Zimo, he was going to kill everyone close to him down to the very last person!

In truth, that was also the exact reason why Su Zimo was bent on killing Di Yin!


When he realized that he could not escape, Di Yin spun around and brought out the Great Qian Imperial Seal, smashing it down fiercely onto Su Zimo’s face!

In fact, his spirit energy was depleted so badly that he could not activate the spirit patterns on the imperial seal.

Even so, the Great Qian Imperial Seal was indestructible and would be able to smash Su Zimo into sludge as long as sufficient strength was exerted!


Although Su Zimo was hot in pursuit, his spirit perception warned him the moment Di Yin made a sudden move. As such, he was prepared.

“The futile struggle of a trapped beast!”

Su Zimo wielded the Coiling Dragon Seal and demonic qi shrouded him as he yelled, “Di Yin, your spirit energy has been depleted and you have no more techniques left! However, I can still kill you even without spirit energy!”


The sound of metal clashing was released the moment the Great Qian Imperial Seal and Coiling Dragon Seal clashed. It was extremely sharp and sparks flew everywhere!


Di Yin grunted dully and his palm split apart. He could no longer maintain his grip on the Great Qian Imperial Seal and it flew from his hands.

10 years ago, Di Yin and Su Zimo were evenly matched in the fight at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

10 years later, Di Yin was no longer a match for Su Zimo!

Di Yin could not win even with the legacy of the Human Emperor!

How did this man manage to cultivate his blood qi and body to such a frightening degree?

Di Yin’s palms quivered as he tapped on the ground and burst in retreat.


Su Zimo landed on the ground and burst forward like a divine steed, releasing a tragic aura.

He wielded the Coiling Dragon Seal with his right hand like an ancient demon with a torrential ferocity while his left hand scooped through the air to grab the falling Great Qian Imperial Seal.


He arrived before Di Yin almost in the blink of an eye.

The two gigantic seals covered the skies like two massive mountains that possessed a boundless might as they crashed down onto Di Yin’s head!

Di Yin would be ruptured to death if that attack landed even if had a connate defensive spirit weapon!

When he realized that it was too late to dodge, Di Yin yanked down a jade pendant that hung on his waist and crushed it without hesitation!


A resplendent glow was released and condensed into a light barrier around Di Yin, protecting the latter inside.


The two gigantic seals smashed heavily against the light barrier at the same time.

Di Yin was sent flying right away and only stopped after rolling on the ground for more than a hundred feet.

“That’s a Protection Dharmic Weapon?”

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

A Protection Dharmic Weapon such as a jade pendant was exceptionally rare in the cultivation world because it could be carried around easily. These were items that were prepared by super sects or Mighty Figure Dao Lords for the people closest to them.

Di Yin was the number one Perfected Being of Tianhuang Mainland and was a monster incarnate that dominated through everyone of the same cultivation realm – it was no surprise that he would carry a Protection Dharmic Weapon as such.

He struggled to stand from the ground and his pupils constricted violently when he glanced at the light barrier around him!

The glow of the light barrier had dimmed significantly.

However, what truly shocked him was that a crack appeared on the light barrier!

Although it was thin, he could see it clearly!

The Protection Dharmic Weapon could even defend against the full-powered attack of a top-tier Nascent Soul!

In other words, the presence of the Protection Dharmic Weapon along with his frightening combat strength meant that he would not be in any danger at all within the ancient battlefield!

To think that a single attack from Su Zimo would cause a crack in the light barrier!

“Even the Protection Dharmic Weapon won’t be able to protect you!”

Su Zimo had a cold gaze and charged towards Di Yin in huge strides.

“Do the heavens truly want me to die?”

Di Yin glared at the incoming Su Zimo with a snarling expression and his eyes were filled with indignance.

All of a sudden!

A mocking voice sounded in midair.

“Fufu, these two ants are sure in a rather intense fight.”

The voice was erratic and sounded distant yet close at the same time – there was no way to determine its origin!


Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and shifted his gaze. Electricity crackled through his eyes as he spotted a dark light that shuttled through the air not far away.

The dark light stopped and revealed its true appearance.

The intruder was tall and bulky with a dark complexion. He had red hair, green eyes and a green face that was hideous while a gigantic pair of meat wings flapped gently behind his back.

“Those two gigantic seals are decent. I want them both,”

The intruder looked down with an arrogant expression and stared at Su Zimo and Di Yin as though he was looking at two dead men.

“This seems to be…”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Di Yin glared at the intruder and frowned deeply. Suddenly, his expression changed as though he recalled something as he yelled, “Rakshasa race!”


Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold.

In the ancient books at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he had read partial descriptions of the Primordial Nine Races. Di Yin’s remark further verified his guess!

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