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Chapter 756: Giving up Without a Fight

Little Fatty and the others were shaken by what they heard!

Instantly, the stories and legends of the Primordial Nine Races surged into their minds.

Legend has it that in the primordial era, there were ten thousand races that stood dominant. Among them, nine of them reigned supreme and they were later known as the Primordial Nine Races!

The nine races reigned above the ten thousand races and their status was unshakable. Bloodlines, legacy memories, secret skills and cultivation techniques that were passed down from the nine races were way too strong and could suppress the ten thousand races!

Unlike humans who were innately weak, the nine races were incomparably strong from birth!

Even without cultivating, they were strong enough to dominate the ten thousand races, let alone humans who were oppressed right at the bottom as slaves.

In the eyes of the Primordial Nine Races, humans were even cheaper than ants!

A legendary war broke out in the primordial era that exterminated countless races with bones laid everywhere and rivers of blood. Because of that, the Primordial Nine Races was severely injured as well. Otherwise, the human race would not have had any chance to rise!

In the ancient war thereafter, humans secured a tragic victory.

The Primordial Nine Races were severely injured and scattered all around Tianhuang Mainland to live ignobly.

Those were later on known as the nine forbidden grounds!

Be it seniors from immortal, Buddhist of fiend sects, they would always instruct their disciples to never ever step foot into the nine forbidden grounds.

Even during the golden era of the human race where multiple emperors rose and a legendary talent such as the Human Emperor was born, the Primordial Nine Races could not be wiped out entirely – that was enough to show the terror of their foundation!

For most cultivators, their knowledge of the Primordial Nine Races only came from some sparse descriptions in ancient books or from brief descriptions from seniors of their sects.

It was said that even the most ordinary existence in the bloodline of the Primordial Nine Races could easily kill anyone else from the other races of the same cultivation realm, humans included!

For the Primordial nine Races, the strongest among them with the purest bloodlines could even kill cultivators who were in major cultivation realms above them!

Those were originally merely legends.

But now, it has turned into a bloodied truth!

The most muscular Rakshasa was clearly one of those with strong bloodlines. Although he was at the Golden Core realm, his movement techniques were extremely swift such that even Nascent Souls could not react to him!

In midair, Perfected Lord Tian Ming, Perfected Lord Bei Dou and the others had grim expressions.

If they were in the position of Overlord Palace’s Perfected Lord, they would have died as well!

“Sigh, we did not manage to avoid this in the end,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun gave a long sigh and revealed a deep look of worry in his eyes.

The reason why the Phenomenon Ranking was pushed forward for more than a month this time round was because he had caught wind of news that clansmen from the Primordial Nine Races had entered the ancient battlefield!

After the ancient war, clansmen from the Primordial Nine Races rarely appeared in Tianhuang Mainland.

However, each time they did, there would be a bloodbath!

10,000 years ago, an earthshaking catastrophe was even created that resulted in the annihilation of two super sects and a great empire that lasted for 10,000 years!

This time round, Perfected Lord Yu Jun received news that one of the Primordial Nine Races, the God race, had appeared in the ancient battlefield.

The God race definitely had a motive for entering the ancient battlefield but he did not know exactly what it was.

However, in order to avoid any clashes with them, Perfected Lord Yu Jun chose to push the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking forward. To think that they could not avoid it eventually.

Furthermore, judging from the current situation, the circumstances were worse than he had imagined!

The Rakshasa race had already entered Myriad Phenomenon City before the God race appeared.

They waged a massacre the moment they attacked!

They were hostile!

The Rakshasa race was the most violent among the Primordial Nine Races. With meat wings behind their backs, they were extremely swift and ate people!

Furthermore, they loved to consume flesh and bones.

Among the Rakshasa race, the men were extremely hideous with dark skin, red hair, green eyes and faces with bared fangs – they looked absolutely terrifying.

However, the women were beautiful, charming and looked no different from humans.

The Rakshasa race also possessed the fastest speed among the Primordial Nine Races!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun glared at the tallest and most muscular Rakshasa leader before asking deeply, “Why has the Rakshasa race visited Myriad Phenomenon City that belongs to our human race?”

“We’re naturally here to eat some humans!”

The Rakshasa leader laughed sinisterly and revealed a pair of bloodied and sharp fangs!

“Ow, ow!”

The Rakshasa clansmen behind him became extremely excited and peeled off their black robes. Each of them spread their black meat wings and revealed their true appearances, smacking their lips as though they wanted to charge forward immediately!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s face flashed with rage before slowly calming down.

However, Perfected Lord Tian Ming, Perfected Lord Bei Dou and the others had shimmering gazes as they glanced out of Myriad Phenomenon City from time to time in deep thoughts.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun said coldly, “Everyone of the Rakshasa race, Myriad Phenomenon City is a sacred place for the human race and there are more than a hundred thousand human paragons gathered here right now. There’s only slightly more than a hundred of you. If we truly break out into a fight, how many of you can manage to scrape out alive?”

His tone was murderous and robust!

As the successor of Enigma Palace, no matter how cautious he was in his heart, he could not retreat!

Furthermore, there were many paragons of the human race in Myriad Phenomenon City. If they banded together, they would be a force to reckon with and the hundred-odd Rakshasa clansmen might not be able to win!

“Human paragons?”

The Rakshasa leader extended a grisly red tongue and smacked his lips before snickering. “I love to eat the flesh and drink the blood of paragons!”

The moment he said that, his figure vanished!

The expressions of Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the others changed starkly!

Immediately after, the Rakshasa leader’s voice sounded. It was erratic and his exact location could not be determined but his voice spread through the entire Myriad Phenomenon City.

“There’s so much fresh meat here. Kill them!”

More than a hundred Rakshasa clansmen soared into the air and transformed into streaks of dark light that bolted into the crowd for a massacre!

“How dare you!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was enraged and summoned his Destiny Flying Sword immediately. It hovered in front of his chest as he shouted, “Everyone, don’t panic. As long as we stick together…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by another voice.

“Cultivators of Zephyr Thunder Palace, heed my orders and swiftly follow me to leave Myriad Phenomenon City!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s voice sounded and lightning crackled around him as winds howled – he had released his sect’s secret skill, Zephyr Thunder Escape, to flee out of Myriad Phenomenon City!

“Cultivators of Heavenly Dipper Sect, heed my orders! All of you, get out of this place!”

Perfected Lord Bei Dou’s figure flashed as he fled out of Myriad Phenomenon City with a panicked expression without hesitation.

Immediately after, Monks Yuan Kong and Wei Fu pumped down similar orders!

There were more than a dozen Nascent Souls but in the blink of an eye, half of them chose to flee without fighting!

The many Golden Cores present were undecided in their flusters to begin with.

When they heard the voices, many cultivators fled away from Myriad Phenomenon City instinctively.

Instantly, the long street was in chaos.

There were screams and tragic cries.

“You guys!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s eyes were widened as chills ran down his body.

Initially, their only shot at survival was if they joined forces and let go of bygones to stand together against the Rakshasa race!

But now, Zephyr Thunder Palace, Heavenly Dipper Sect, Hollow Monastery and some other sects chose to escape without fighting – that was equivalent to them giving up their final opportunity!


Perfected Lord Luo Xue gave a bitter chuckle. “Who will be able to escape? Even Zephyr Thunder Palace’s unparalleled escape technique can’t compare to the speed of the Rakshasa race!”

“How foolish,”

Monk Yin Lu sighed helplessly.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun gazed at the chaotic long street and fleeing cultivators with a sense of turmoil as tears welled in his eyes.

All of those paragons were going to turn into the prey of the Rakshasa race and there would be no survivors left!

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