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Chapter 754: Change in Myriad Phenomenon City

“Commander, hurry, look over there!”

A black-robed cultivator pointed to the east of Myriad Phenomenon City where two figures were sprinting away from Myriad Phenomenon City, one after the other.

They arrived from the south so they did not encounter the two figures.

The black-robed cultivator said deeply, “The man at the back has a pair of wings. That seems like a secret skill that was created by imitating our bloodline!”

“Commander, please permit me to kill the two of them!”

Another black-robed cultivator said murderously, “They are sullying our bloodline by trying to imitate it. They deserve to die!”

The black-robed man that led them turned his head slightly and two cold glints flashed from the depths of his dark hood. “Go and return quickly. The rest of you, follow me into Myriad Phenomenon City!”

“The paragons of the human race are all gathered here. They must have a lot of treasures with them and we can defeat them all at the same time! I heard that the god race has entered the ancient battlefield this time round as well. We can’t let them get ahead of us.”


The black-robed cultivator bowed and was about to chase after the two figures in the east.

The black-robed man mulled and said, “Be careful. Judging from their speed, those two should be top-tier paragons of the human race. Don’t underestimate them and end up dying.”

“Don’t worry, commander,”

The black-robed cultivator smirked. “Humans have a weak innate bloodline. No matter how much effort they spend cultivating, they are no match for us.”

“Alright, go on,”

The black-robed man nodded.

The black-robed cultivator transformed into a dark streak of light in a flash and disappeared from the spot – his speed was frightening!

Myriad Phenomenon City.

Although Su Zimo and Di Yin had already left, Perfected Lord Hun Yi’s death caused the chaotic battle to spiral out of control completely!

Under Nie Hao’s lead, Chaos Essence Sect, along with Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace and Monk Jian Kong of Hollow Monastery released a bombardment of ferocious attacks against Little Fatty, Shi Jian, Ji Chengtian, Night Spirit, monkey and the others!

There were many paragons from the immortal and Buddhist sects and they surrounded Little Fatty and the others right in the middle.

It was lucky that Thousand Crane Sect and Elixir Yang Sect were on their side because of Leng Rou, Ji Chengtian and Xiaoning. Otherwise, they would have been drowned by the thousands of paragons on the opposing end.

Talismans filled the skies and flying swords streaked everywhere!

Among them, the six demon beasts, monkey, the spirit, Qing Qing, Night Spirit, Little Fox and the Golden Lion went on a massacre and burst forth with terrifying combat strength!

Monkey, the spirit tiger and the Golden Lion rammed through the crowd and not many cultivators could stand in their way – some of them merely suffered light injuries such as snapped tendons and broken bones but others died on the spot!

Qing Qing reverted to her true form and flapped her gigantic wings, spiraling in midair with sharp fangs and claws.

Little Fox released her fox charming techniques and gazed at weak-willed cultivators, bewitching them instantly to create chaos in the crowd.

Night Spirit was the most frightening among them!

Like a phantom, he shuttled through the crowd. His feet barely touched the ground and there was barely anyone who could even touch his clothes.

Everywhere his shadow passed by, paragons died!

The true uproar happened when Xu Cheng, who was number four on the Phenomenon Ranking, found his head separated from his body in less than 10 moves against Night Spirit!

His Golden Core phenomenon, the Apocalyptic Five Thunders, was shattered by three punches from Night Spirit!

The battle turned increasingly tragic and bloody as it dragged on.

There were cultivators from both factions injured or dead.

It was difficult to end a massive battle as such the moment it started!

In midair.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming, Perfected Lord Bei Dou and the others tried to stop Night Spirit countless times when they saw cultivators from their factions dying to him. However, Perfected Lord Yu Jun, Perfected Lord Luo Xue and Monk Yin Lu managed to hold them back.

“Yu Jun!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming narrowed his gaze and shouted murderously, “Perfected Lord Tian Ming died from an ambush of the demon race and cultivators from the immortal and Buddhist sects are being murdered by those beasts as well. Yet, you’re trying to stop us from stepping in to kill them?”

“Perfected Lord Hun Yi deserved to die!”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue sneered, “As someone from an immortal sect and a Nascent Soul, he ambushed a Golden Core. He deserved to die a hundred times over!”


Monk Yin Lu frowned as well as he said deeply, “This battle started from your end. Do you expect them to surrender obediently and die in your hands without a fight?”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun declared loudly, “Tian Ming, Bei Dou, lay down the orders to stop and leave everything else for me to settle! Do you guys really wish to see Myriad Phenomenon City turn into rivers of blood and have mountains of corpses built in front of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak?!”


Perfected Lord Tian Ming laughed menacingly. “We’ll talk about stopping after the group of them and their beasts pay with their lives!”


The Perfected Lord of Overlord Palace who was watching by the sidelines clapped and said gloatingly, “Fight, fight! All of you from the immortal and Buddhist sects love to preach about your self-righteousness. Yet, you guys look nothing more than disgusting and pathetic right now.”

Perfected Lord Chu Yu of Asura Sect was watching coldly by the sidelines with crossed arms as well. However, he frowned slightly.


Right then, a sinister laughter sounded and it actually overwhelmed the chaotic noises of the massive battle and echoed in every single corner of Myriad Phenomenon City!

“Puny ants indeed!”

The voice was erratic and sounded as though it came from everywhere – its origin could not be determined!

Even the Perfected Lord of Overlord Palace knitted his brows tightly with an indeterminate expression. His glabella shone as he spread his spirit consciousness all around in a continuous search.


Perfected Lord Chu Yu of Asura Sect seemed to have detected something as he spun around and gazed to the south.

On the long street in the south, a group of black-robed cultivators approached. There were around a hundred of them and they were all unusually bulky and tall – they were even taller than ten feet!

Although they wore black robes and their appearances could not be seen, it was clear from their figures that they were not humans.

Chu Yu shuddered when his spirit consciousness made contact with the group of them and he retracted it immediately.

What a strong malevolent qi!

His spirit consciousness was almost tainted by the malevolent qi the moment it made contact with the group of cultivators and his Essence Spirit was almost injured!

The Perfected Lord of Overlord Palace had a slightly grim look. Clearly, he had also noticed the strangeness of the group of black-robed cultivators.

The Nascent Souls that were fighting in the air had no intention of stopping.

All of them merely glanced over casually without paying much attention.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was the only one who seemed to recall something as his pupils constricted!

“That’s the thing about humans, you love to fight among yourselves!”

The black-robed man in the lead approached and stopped in his tracks. “In my opinion, humans will cause themselves to go extinct sooner or later even without any catastrophes or calamities!”

“Who is there?!”

The Perfected Lord of Overlord Palace questioned loudly.


The black-robed man sneered, “Do you think you’re worthy to know?”



“Who is this coward who is hiding his face?!”

The cultivators of Overlord Palace did not partake in the chaotic battle. One of them could not hold himself back and arrived before the black-robed cultivator in a flash. He brought out a spear and thrust forward instantly!

The spear streaked through the air and buzzed.

It was clear how powerful the attack was!

The black-robed man in the lead did not move at all.

Behind him, a black-robed cultivator flickered and bolted forward in a flash. His black robes covered everything as he dragged the cultivator along with the spear into them instantly.

In the blink of an eye, the black-robed cultivator reappeared on where he was!

It was as though he had never moved!

However, the cultivator of Overlord Palace was gone!

Before everyone could recover from their surprise, a series of weird sounds came from beneath the cultivator’s black robes.

Crack! Crack!

Rip! Rip!

It was as though someone was biting off the flesh and chewing on the bones!


Many cultivators had goosebumps all over their bodies!

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