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Chapter 740: One Has No Competitors if He Does Not Compete!

All Swords United was a supreme and invincible phenomenon of the Dao of the sword!

It could suppress any other phenomenon of the Dao of the sword without fail!

In the past, the Sword Emperor of Tianhuang Mainland cultivated All Swords United and controlled all the swords in the world – every single sword in his path was subdued completely!

Throughout history, even for cultivators of Sword Sect, only ten people managed to cultivate All Swords United.

All ten of them ended up as top-tier experts that ruled with dominance!

On the stone platform, the power of phenomenon that belonged to Dugu Jian was initially about to disperse. However, in the blink of an eye, an even mightier power descended.

Thousands of Startling Sword Qi danced and swiveled in midair, streaking wildly with blinding streams of light in their wake. Although they were extremely sharp, they could not injure Dugu Jian at all!

In fact, just as the sword qis were about to strike Dugu Jian, they changed directions agilely and wrapped around him.

As he stood within the dense streaks of sword qi, Dugu Jian’s edge shone brighter and despite the hollowness in his eyes, they resembled two sharp swords!

Hang Qiuyu’s pupils constricted as he sensed danger.

“Not good!”

He was alarmed internally and released the sword escape technique of his sect without hesitation to speed out of the stone platform.


A bedazzling sword beam flashed instantly.

Hang Qiuyu’s figure vanished from the stone platform.

The speed of his movement technique was truly startling.

Some of the super sects in the cultivation world would possess secret escape techniques.

Previously, Xu Cheng released the escape technique of Zephyr Thunder Palace, Zephyr Thunder Escape, to flee from Su Zimo’s grasp.

Some of the top-tier secret escape techniques could match and even surpass the speed of Nascent Souls during the short burst!

Blood Escape which Su Zimo had cultivated was one of them as well.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Under Dugu Jian’s control, thousands of Startling Sword Qi streaked through the air and pierced the location where Hang Qiuyu stood, leaving sword scars on the ground.

Victory was already decided the moment Hang Qiuyu exited the stone platform.

For paragons of that level, it was almost impossible to kill them if they were bent on escaping.

Dugu Jian leaped down from the stone platform in silence.

The Perfected Lord of Sword Sect frowned slightly and gazed at Dugu Jian’s back in deep thought.

It was down to the final three ranking battles!

Next up was Monk Jian Kong and Ming Zhen.

Monk Yuan Kong looked down at Ming Zhen from above and asked all of a sudden, “Ming Zhen, where did you obtain the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra?”

Ming Zhen frowned and did not reply immediately.

Although he wasn’t experienced in worldly affairs, he was no fool.

Monk Wei Fu of Diamond Monastery at the side looked down with a burning gaze. He channeled a Sanskrit sound technique of the Buddhist monasteries and asked loudly, like a bell, “Ming Zhen, let me ask you, what are the five precepts of Buddhism?”

Ming Zhen said deeply with a stern expression, “No killing, no stealing, no adultery, no lies and no intoxication.”


Monk Wei Fu nodded. “Since you understand that you should not lie, you know that you aren’t allowed to tell falsehoods and rubbish! Let me ask you, where did you obtain the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra and who taught it to you?!”

Monk Yin Lu frowned.

It was obvious that Monks Wei Fu and Yuan Kong harbored designs on the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra.

However, Monk Wei Fu was shrewd and brought out the five precepts of Buddhism to push Ming Zhen to a dead end before coercing the latter to reveal the secret behind the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra!

Monk Wei Fu was in fact warning Ming Zhen that a monk should not lie!

Ming Zhen replied deeply with a calm expression, “Regarding the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra…”

At that point, he paused suddenly.

Notwithstanding Monks Yuan Kong and Wei Fu, even the other Nascent Souls perked their ears in secret and awaited Ming Zhen’s answer eagerly.

If they could obtain any useful hint or clue within his words, they might be able to find the countless cultivation techniques and secret skills left behind by Fahua Monastery!

“Hurry and speak!”

Monk Yuan Kong urged, “Where is the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra?”

Ming Zhen clasped his palms and replied earnestly, “Monks should not engage in falsehoods. Regarding the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra, I don’t wish to talk about it.”

Silence overwhelmed their surroundings.

“You… ”

The faces of Monks Yuan Kong and Wei Fu froze instantly.

What did he mean that he did not wish to talk about it?

No matter how much the two of them schemed, they had not expected that reply from Ming Zhen!

Little Fox could not help but let out a stifled chuckle.

Indeed, Ming Zhen did not lie – it was just because he did not wish to speak about it.

His simple reply resolved the troubling question posed by the two Perfected Lords of the Buddhist monasteries!

“What a glib tongue indeed!”

Monk Yuan Kong said with a blackened expression, “Jian Kong, teach this young monk a lesson and show him the true capabilities of the Buddhist monasteries!”

Monk Jian Kong nodded and his gaze towards Ming Zhen turned colder.

“Young monk, defeat him!”

Ji Chengtian, Little Fatty and the others were cheering for Ming Zhen.

Su Zimo said nothing.

He was not worried about that battle.

Ming Zhen inherited the legacy of two super sects, Fahua and Daming Monasteries. At the very least, nobody on the same level could compare to him in terms of their understanding of Buddhism and their capabilities from the Buddhist monasteries!

On the stone platform.

Monk Jian Kong did not hesitate and released his Golden Core phenomenon right away.


In midair, a gigantic Buddhist pagoda descended slowly with a terrifying might. It gave off a bright brilliance as though it could suppress all evil!

There were a total of seven floors to the pagoda and each of them was etched with dizzying Sanskrit words.

The Seven Floor Pagoda!

A pagoda was a Buddhist tower.

In the Buddhist monasteries, the Seven Floor Pagoda was utmost!

There were three levels to this legacy phenomenon of Hollow Monastery, the Three Floor, Five Floor and the strongest Seven Floor Pagoda!

Throughout history, only monks that possessed great wisdom in Buddhism could cultivate the Seven Floor Pagoda!

Monk Jian Kong assumed a lotus position and his hands shifted repeatedly to form seals. Streams of Buddha light made with spirit energy shot out from his fingertips and surged into the Seven Floor Pagoda.

The Seven Floor Pagoda shone brightly!


As the Seven Floor Pagoda descended, Buddhist proclamations sounded from within. It stirred one’s mind such that they would want to prostrate and pay respects unconsciously!

If that was the case for the cultivators watching in the vicinity, the pressure on Ming Zhen was imaginable.


Ming Zhen had a calm expression and lowered his head slightly. He clasped his palms together before exclaiming a Buddhist proclamation softly!

Behind him, a green lotus surfaced and blossomed softly with a bright Buddha light that seemed as though it could cleanse the world of all evil.

The green lotus rose slowly and stopped the descent of the Seven Floor Pagoda!

Creak! Creak!

While there was no earthshaking explosion from the collision of the two great phenomenons of Buddhism, the entire stone platform creaked!

While the Seven Floor Pagoda was strong, it could not do anything to that pure and flawless green lotus.

Monk Jian Kong’s eyes widened and his features began to contort as he continued imbuing with spirit energy!

Ming Zhen’s palms were clasped together as he chanted Buddhist sutras softly with a lowered head.

It looked as though he was undergoing a normal day of cultivation at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Su Zimo said softly, “Jian Kong lost.”

Jian Kong desired the win too badly.

Because of that, his mental state became disadvantaged instead.

However, Ming Zhen maintained his normal composure.

To compete or not to compete.

One has no competitors if he does not compete!

The difference between them was clear!


There was a deafening sound.

The Seven Floor Pagoda had already fallen but the green lotus was still there.

Monk Jian Kong collapsed onto the stone platform with a pale expression.

Ming Zhen rose and merely raised his head slightly to express a humble thanks before making his leave calmly.

[1] Onomatopoeia of a Buddhist proclamation

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