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Chapter 739: All Swords United

The next battle was for the 14th spot of the Phenomenon Ranking.

Little Fatty was up against Qin Li of Illusion Fiend Cult!

“The cultivation techniques of Illusion Fiend Cult lean on affecting one’s mental state. Be careful,”

Demoness Ji reminded Little Fatty out of goodwill on her way down.

Little Fatty, Demoness Ji and even Ji Chengtian, Shi Jian and the others were from different sects. In fact, they were opposing factions of immortals between fiends and had no interactions at all.

However, the group of them now had a degree of connection with Su Zimo at the core.

“Thank you,”

Little Fatty expressed his thanks.

Little Fatty’s Yellow Springs phenomenon would not have been able to reach this spot before he entered the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair.

It would have been difficult for him to be on the top 50 spot of the Phenomenon Ranking, let alone the top 20!

But now, Little Fatty was acknowledged by the Yellow Springs Diagram.

Although he had not cultivated an Essence Spirit and was still unable to make use of that Dharmic weapon from the ancient era, his Yellow Springs phenomenon underwent a complete transformation and was a far cry from before!

Two people stood on the stone platform.

Qin Li’s eyes were bright and suddenly, a series of horrifying images appeared behind him.

Countless living beings were tied onto scorching iron poles and smoke steamed from their sizzling, burning flesh as they struggled and howled endlessly.

On the other side, a gigantic stone mill appeared in the void.

Millions of living beings were pulled in by the stone mill as it swiveled and crushed slowly, grounding their flesh and bones as grisly blood spilled onto the ground!

Although the blood and flesh of the living beings were crushed, their consciousness was still present.

In the blink of an eye, the splattered blood and flesh was reanimated and drawn into the stone mill to repeat the same process again, causing them to endure the same pain endlessly.

They underwent a continuous reincarnation to repeat the same cycle over and over again!

Many cultivators felt chills and mental scars when they witnessed that image!

The ancient phenomenon, Limitless Hell!

A series of images from Hell surfaced behind Qin Li in a sinister manner!

“Yellow Springs!”

Little Fatty pointed forward with a grim expression.

A surging yellow river appeared behind him with corpses and souls that floated and struggled within it.

The Yellow Springs gushed and drowned the Limitless Hell behind Qin Li directly!

Many of the living beings in the Limitless Hell obtained true relief when they entered the Yellow Springs, no longer subjected to the endless torment and suffering.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The Limitless Hell creaked and was on the verge of collapsing.

Qin Li’s expression turned frightfully pale as he bolted in retreat and managed to get out of the stone platform in time.

“Thank you for giving in!”

Little Fatty let out a deep breath and closed off his Golden Core phenomenon before grinning brightly with cupped fists.

There were only four ranking battles left after his.

The next battle was between the sword cultivators!

As the number one disciple of the Golden Core realm in Sword Sect, Hang Qiuyu naturally had to defend the glory of his sect!

The reputation of Sword Sect would definitely be affected if he was ranked below a sword cultivator of another sect or faction.

This was a battle that he could not lose!

Hang Qiuyu believed that he would not lose either!

There was no way the ancient phenomenon of Sword Sect, Startling Sword Qi, would lose to this person’s Heavenly Encompassing Swords!

The two of them stood on the stone platform. Before the fight even began, the Perfected Lord of Sword Sect spoke, “Are you willing to join Sword Sect?”

Many cultivators in the vicinity let out envious looks.

Dugu Jian was already acknowledged by Sword Sect, one of the immortal sects, before he even fought Hang Qiuyu!

Sword Sect was a place of pilgrimage for all sword cultivators in the world.

Countless cultivation techniques and secret skills of the Dao of the sword in the cultivation world has been amassed by the sect throughout history – it had a wealth of knowledge.

Sword Sect was the place where every single sword cultivator dreamed of reaching.

On the stone platform, Dugu Jian was expressionless as usual even after Sword Sect’s invitation and merely shook his head gently.

A stir broke out amongst the crowd.

They were rejected!

Dugu Jian rejected without hesitation towards an invitation of Sword Sect!

“Young man, let me remind you that you will only be able to comprehend the true Dao of the sword in Sword Sect!”

The Perfected Lord of Sword Sect frowned slightly and pondered for a moment before continuing, “It isn’t easy for you to reach your current attainments. Since you have quite a decent potential in the Dao of the sword, I can offer you another chance.”

Dugu Jian gazed at the sword in his hand and merely shook his head again.

It was as though there was nothing else in the world apart from the sword in his hand.

He did not believe in any sect or his gentry clan.

The only thing he trusted was the sword in his hand!

Dugu Jian’s aura did not fit in with anyone in the vicinity and he exuded an indescribable loneliness.

He was the sort of sword cultivator that was truly frightening!

His thoughts were concise and he was not distracted by anything!

The Perfected Lord of Sword Sect was expressionless and did not say anything more.

The battle commenced.

Buzz! Buzz!

Almost at the same time.

Dugu Jian and Hang Qiuyu struck at almost the same time as two unparalleled sword lights flashed through the air! They disappeared instantly at an extremely fast speed!

Immediately after, two flashes of blood flickered.

Both of them were injured at the same time!

It was too fast!

Many cultivators could not even react in time.

The two sword beams deflected the moment they made contact and both parties were already injured.

Hang Qiuyu was struck in the right leg and Dugu Jian was struck on the left arm.

Both their wounds were extremely deep and their robes were stained red instantly!

Their injuries even possessed an extremely strong sword qi.

As such, their wounds could only recover after the sword qi was purged completely.

However, neither of them had the chance in such an intense fight where they could not afford to be distracted!

Sword cultivators had the most frightening killing power.

A single moment of distraction could result in death!

Both of them attacked once again at almost the same time.

Clang! Clang!

Their swords collided repeatedly in midair and let out the sounds of metal clashing as sparks flew everywhere.

Their figures interweaved and only separated again after three seconds.

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

Dozens of injuries had appeared on both their bodies!

Some were deep while others were superficial.

In fact, some of them revealed the white bones beneath the flesh – those bones were almost cut!

Dugu Jian could not defend against Hang Qiuyu’s sword.

However, Hang Qiuyu could not defend against Dugu Jian’s ferocity as well!

Both of them were drenched and their blood qi deteriorated.

If the stalemate continued, there was a chance that victory could be determined within a split second!

“Startling Sword Qi!”

Hang Qiuyu released the legacy phenomenon of Sword Sect and a patch of sword qi gathered densely behind him. It was extremely sharp and bolted in the direction of Dugu Jian!

At the same time, Hang Qiuyu bit his tongue gently and spat out a stream of essence blood that splashed onto the streaks of sword qi.

The power of his phenomenon surged intensely!

Instantly, Hang Qiuyu’s expression turned extremely pale.

That was a secret skill of Sword Sect and the stream of essence blood took a huge toll on one’s essence qi – that was a move that he would not have used unless it was absolutely necessary.

The entire void was sliced apart by the streaks of Startling Sword Qi!

Dugu Jian barely released his Heavenly Encompassing Swords when it was riddled with holes by the Startling Sword Qi and shattered immediately!

“He’s still not leaving?”

Many cultivators frowned.

Dugu Jian no longer had any means to fight with the dispersion of his Golden Core phenomenon.

If he continued to linger on the stone platform, he would definitely be minced mercilessly by the Startling Sword Qi!

There was no hint of fear or intention of retreating in Dugu Jian’s eyes as he faced the incoming sword qi. He seemed to have comprehended something at that moment of life and death and the aura around him began to transform!

The Startling Sword Qi that was pushing towards Dugu Jian started turning sluggish.

Hang Qiuyu’s eyes widened in alarm and fury.

His Golden Core phenomenon was no longer in his control!

Right in front of countless gazes, the streaks of sword qi fell in front of Dugu Jian, as though they were subdued by him!

The Perfected Lord of Sword Sect yelled in shock, “All Swords United!”

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