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Chapter 738: Ranking Battle

Su Zimo merely scoffed coldly against Di Yin’s provocations.

Things between the two of them were irreconcilable and one of them was bound to die soon – it was needless to speak further!

Unlike the bottom of the mountain, Su Zimo no longer experienced any pressure from the Myriad Phenomenon Peak the moment he ascended its peak.

It was as though they had obtained the recognition of this ancient mountain.

Su Zimo turned around and surveyed his surroundings.

It was spacious at the peak of the mountain with nothing in sight except for a tall stele that was erected in the middle – there were hundreds of names etched densely on it.

As he stood before the stele, Su Zimo remained silent and his feelings were complicated.

There was joy, pride and sorrow…

Countless years have passed since the ancient times and the Phenomenon Ranking was held consistently once every hundred years. However, only these few hundred cultivators managed to ascend to the peak!

From today on, his name would also be etched on that stele and be passed down through history no matter how much time passed through rain or shine!

He ought to feel proud and elated.

The sorrow came from the fact that he could not share this joy with someone.

Without that person, he would not have had the chance to even cultivate, let alone leave his name on this Ancient Phenomenon Stele!

“It seems like I’ve gotten closer to you again,”

Su Zimo lowered his head before the stele and murmured with a faint smile.

Although he was still very far away from that ethereal world, he believed that he would definitely arrive there sooner or later and catch up with her footsteps!

“The two of you can condense your spirit energies and leave your names on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele.”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s voice sounded.

Su Zimo and Di Yin obeyed and left their names on the stele.

The style of the handwriting on the stele differed from person to person.

Some were pointy, some were restrained, some were coarse and firm, some were elegant with long strokes, some were sturdy and antiquated while others were wild and casual.

The bearings of their predecessors could be seen through their handwriting!

All the cultivators beneath the peak of the mountain let out envious looks.

The Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking was conducted once every hundred years.

However, the Ancient Phenomenon Stele was there for all eternity!

“Any cultivator that made it into Myriad Phenomenon City are all worthy of the term paragon!”

Right then, Perfected Lord Yu Jun said slowly, “Today’s accomplishments does not translate to future glory. Everyone, you have to work hard and not slack off.”

A name left behind on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele might not be proof of one’s future accomplishments.

Among the several hundred cultivators, many of them died as well.

The heavens are often jealous of those who are talented.

They were bound to endure unimaginable hardship and dangers!

At the same time, there were also cultivators that became emperors without leaving their names on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele.

Nothing in the world was absolute.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun continued, “The new Phenomenon Ranking is now out with the end of the elimination battle. After a slight rest, the cultivators on the list will undergo a final ranking battle!”

The ranking battle was held at a raised platform at the foot of the mountain.

The platform was a hundred feet tall and extremely spacious with enough room for ten thousand people to stand on it at the same time.

There were a total of 18 ranking battles this time round!

Of course, what everyone was waiting for was the fight between the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking.

The final match would be between Su Zimo and Di Yin for the top of the ranking!

After the elimination battle, cultivators on the Phenomenon Ranking had to take a short rest to recover their stamina.

In Su Zimo’s group, apart from Ji Chengtian, the others – Little Fatty, Demoness Ji and Ming Zhen – had to partake in a fight against another paragon for the final ranking battle!

Little Fatty was up against Qin Li of Illusion Fiend Cult from the fiend sects.

Demoness Ji was up against Duan Qingping of Clear Wind Temple from the immortal sects.

Ming Zhen was up against Monk Jian Kong of Hollow Monastery from the Buddhist monasteries!

For cultivators to arrive on the same stone step, it was proof that the difference between the power of their phenomenons was not too great. However, power was not the only determining factor in a fight between cultivators.

It was a face-off between their techniques, spirit arts, secret skills and even experience in battle!

“Young monk, have this elixir,”

Xiaoning arrived beside Ming Zhen and handed the latter an elixir.

Ming Zhen was wounded by Monk Yuan Kong previously and ascended the Myriad Phenomenon Peak with his injuries. Xiaoning could tell that his injuries had worsened and hence the gesture.

“Take it and heal up quickly so that you can fight with your full strength.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Although he had quite a number of elixirs in his storage bag, the quality and effectiveness of elixirs from Elixir Yang Sect was the best!

Ming Zhen’s cultivation technique came from the Buddhist monasteries.

His recovery speed was shocking.

With that elixir and some rest, he could recover almost entirely before his battle.

“Thank you, benefactor.”

Ming Zhen received the elixir and swallowed it.

The ranking battle began the moment afternoon came!

In order to prevent paragons from dying in the ranking battle, as long as any cultivator could not win and left the radius of the stone platform in time, it would be considered as a defeat.

The battle would come to an immediate end!

The first battle was for the 98th spot of the Phenomenon Ranking.

The two paragons that fought came from the upper sects.

Although it was near the end of the Phenomenon Ranking, the battle was also unusually intense. Both paragons took turns to release countless spirit arts and secret skills.

Their variations in both melee and ranged combat was endless.

Eventually, both paragons released their Golden Core phenomenons and fought till they were completely exhausted before one of them took the win with a slight lead.

All the cultivators watching below were amazed.

They were also able to benefit immensely from the fight between the paragons.

12 battles were over as time passed and evening approached.

The next match was for the 20th spot of the Phenomenon Ranking.

The two paragons were Demoness Ji and Duan Qingping!

On the stone platform, Demoness Ji bowed forward politely with her hands in front of her. She gave Duan Qingping a gentle smile as she said tenderly with watery clear eyes, “Big Brother Duan, please.”


Duan Qingping froze momentarily with a lost look in his eyes.

Immediately after, he frowned and could not help but shudder with a conflicted expression on his face!

“What’s wrong with Duan Qingping?”

“I didn’t see Demoness Ji attack?”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

Su Zimo nodded silently.

Demoness Ji had gotten even better and more frightening with her bewitchment technique!

Apart from the Buddhist monasteries paragons who were clear of worldly desires, any other cultivator could be charmed by Demoness Ji if they were distracted for a moment!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

Duan Qingping widened his eyes and glared around, howling at the top of his lungs.

“Black Wind Catastrophe!”

Pitch-black cyclones that howled furiously appeared and swarmed around Duan Qingping in a shuddering manner!

The cyclones were so powerful that any cultivator that made contact with them would be ripped apart instantly!

Duan Qingping realized that something was amiss and released his Golden Core phenomenon right away.

Unfortunately, he had already lost the first move and was bewitched.

It was difficult for him to regain his sanctity even with the release of his Golden Core phenomenon.

Demoness Ji stood at the side and glared coldly without making a move.

Like an insane, headless fly, Duan Qingping howled furiously on the stone platform as though he could not see Demoness Ji at all – he had already lost his mind completely!


The Perfected Lord of Clear Wind Temple had a terrible expression when he saw that.

Given the current situation, it won’t be long before Duan Qingping spent his spirit energy and exhausted himself completely without Demoness Ji even making a move!

Victory was decided.

It was an effortless victory!

Demoness Ji did not even have to release her Golden Core phenomenon!

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