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Chapter 737: Peak!

“That person sure is terrifying. He did not release his Golden Core phenomenon for the first 100 steps and charged through them merely relying on his physique!”

“It’s said that his physique is comparable to a pure-blooded ferocious beast. Indeed, nothing was exaggerated at all!”

“That’s nothing much, Di Yin only released his Golden Core phenomenon after the 100th stone step as well.”

At that moment, countless gazes were fixed on that green figure on the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

As everyone discussed, Su Zimo had already stepped foot on the 100th stone step!


The moment he landed on that stone step, Su Zimo’s eyes shone brightly as he gave a slight frown.

The pressure that came from above had increased significantly after the 100th stone step!

Even with his physique, he was feeling the strain.

Of course, that was because he did not use the power of his Inner Core.

Su Zimo estimated that if he used the power of his Inner Core and burst forth with the full strength of his blood qi, he could reach the peak of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak even without releasing his Golden Core phenomenon!

Of course, that was impractical.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun warned him that using the power of his Inner Core on the Myriad Phenomenon Peak would be courting death.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The skies above Su Zimo’s head tore repeatedly and lightning flashed. A heavy downpour rained down, turning into a torrential flood with endless meteors.

It was as though the apocalypse had descended!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four gigantic heavenly-piercing stone pillars stood in the floods. At the top of the stone pillars was a shell that covered the skies, etched with mysterious patterns that seemed like they contained endless secrets of the universe.

The four limbs suppressed the raging tides and the shell supported the broken skies!

The Primordial Divine Turtle had descended, rearing its head into a wild howl and a bright gaze!

This was the first time that most of the cultivators present witnessed that phenomenon personally. Their expressions changed and endless shock filled their eyes.

That primordial phenomenon had been lost for a long time.

Even the 17 Nascent Souls present had not witnessed it personally before.

“There’s no wonder why it’s a primordial divine being that protected the masses. To think that it would possess such a might!” Monk Yin Lu lamented.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue said deeply, “The human race will definitely prosper with the resurgence of these lost primordial phenomenons!”

Perfected Lord Hun Yi and Monk Yuan Kong merely smirked coldly with nonchalance.

Although Perfected Lord Yu Jun was expressionless, there was a hint of worry in his eyes.

While the appearance of a primordial phenomenon represented the arrival of a golden era, it could also imply that an unimaginable catastrophe was approaching!

If the human race could tide through it, they would prosper.

If they could not, there was a high chance they would be annihilated!

In the ancient era, multiple emperors rose and a supreme peerless existence that was feared throughout history such as the Human Emperor surfaced – those were the reasons that built the current state of Tianhuang Mainland.

But now that the emperors have passed on and the Human Emperor left Tianhuang Mainland a long time alone, who was going to save the human race if a catastrophe truly arrived?

“I might be worrying for nothing,”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun shook his head and smiled deprecatingly.

The pressure on Su Zimo diminished significantly after he released the Primordial Divine Turtle. He arrived at the 101st stone step and surpassed Monk Jue Chen without pausing to continue ahead!

102nd step…

103rd step!

Monk Jue Chen, Pang Yue and Hang Qiuyu could only watch as Su Zimo passed them by.

The three of them had conflicted expressions.

In the battle beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace 20 years ago, the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects were left dead and injured. Most of them were despondent from the setback and relegated to be a part of the masses.

The three of them were the only ones that overcame their inner demons and stood up again. They advanced honorably and regained their spots as the number one disciples of their sects in the Golden Core realm!

A large part of the reason for their return was to erase the shame from their past.

They wanted to fight Su Zimo again!

However, Su Zimo did not give them that chance at all.

He surpassed them with ease on the Myriad Phenomenon Peak!

Everyone knew that Su Zimo had a double phenomenon.

Now that he was already here with a single phenomenon, where could he advance with two of them?

Could he truly match Di Yin?!

Gradually, silence filled the vicinity of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

All the cultivators wanted to know where Su Zimo could reach!

Di Yin stood at the top and glared down at Su Zimo expressionlessly.


Su Zimo had ascended to the 105th stone step!

Xu Cheng was emotional as he glared at Su Zimo sternly with widened eyes!

Dozens of days ago, he fought against Su Zimo.

At that time, Su Zimo released a double phenomenon and fused them together to crush his Apocalyptic Five Thunders!

And now, he was already at this level with just a single Golden Core phenomenon!

This meant that the power of Su Zimo’s Golden Core phenomenon had grown to yet another level within these dozens of days!

Xu Cheng’s guess was both correct and incorrect.

It was true that the power of Su Zimo’s Golden Core phenomenon had grown.

However, it was not during these dozens of days, but on his journey of ascending the Myriad Phenomenon Peak earlier on!

He comprehended the marks and auras left behind by ancient experts on the Myriad Phenomenon Peak and gained insight into the Daos of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects from the Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realm.

His Golden Core phenomenon had evolved completely!

While outsiders might not be able to sense it, Su Zimo understood that change the greatest.

He stood on the 105th stone step and lingered for a moment with closed eyes.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo opened his eyes and roared into the skies. His Golden Core swiveled and a scorching heatwave was released!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The mountains toppled and volcanoes spewed.

Scarlet lava blanketed the floor and flames blazed for thousands of kilometers. A gigantic anaconda tunneled out from underground and soared into the skies, flapping its wings that were burned scarlet and almost transparent as it reared its head into a roar!

The Primordial Soaring Serpent!

Two primordial phenomenons had descended!

Su Zimo’s aura exploded and he stomped on the ground heavily, soaring into the skies like an arrow as he crossed the 106th, 107th steps…


In one go!

Su Zimo ascended to the peak of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak in one go relying on his double phenomenon!


After a momentary silence, the crowd broke into exclamations.

Everything happened too quickly that many cultivators had yet to react to it.

In the blink of an eye, there was another person at the peak of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

The mountain was 108,000 feet tall and clouds floated around it.

Two figures stood among them, faintly visible and resembling peerless emperors that looked down on the mortal realm!

Many cultivators looked extremely excited.

Two people on the mountain peak implied that there was going to be an earthshaking fight between them in the ranking battle!


Perfected Lord Yu Jun sighed.

This was the outcome he was most reluctant to witness as a cultivator of Enigma Palace hosting the Phenomenon Ranking.

The loss of either of these two peerless paragons would not benefit the human race.

At the peak.

Di Yin gazed at Su Zimo who was beside him and smirked with a fake smile.

“Take a good look at this picturesque scenery, this wonderful world and the beautiful skies. Enjoy the look of reverence from the other cultivators. This might be the last things you can ever enjoy.”

“Is that so?”

Su Zimo replied with an indifferent expression.

“Su Zimo, you are truly ignorant.”

“Do you know what this peak of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak means for you?”

Di Yin pointed below his feet and gave an unsettling smile. “This is your death’s gate! By ascending this peak, you’ve crossed the gates of death! Since you have a death wish, all I can do is fulfill that for you!”

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