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Chapter 736: Untitled

That phenomenon was the legacy phenomenon of Fahua Monastery, a super sect that was destroyed 10,000 years ago!

It could only be comprehended by cultivating the number one secret classic of the Golden Core realm, the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra.

However, the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra was lost for a long time in that catastrophe 10,000 years ago.

In that catastrophe 10,000 years ago, Fahua and Daming Monasteries were destroyed and countless cultivation techniques and secret skills were lost. Even after all these years, there were still cultivators searching for those cultivation techniques and secret skills.

Nobody expected this unknown young monk to cultivate a Golden Core phenomenon that had been lost for 10,000 years!

There was a high probability that this young monk had a deep relationship with the destroyed Fahua Monastery!

Monk Yuan Kong, Monk Wei Fu and everyone else looked at Ming Zhen with a glint in their eyes, resembling hungry ferocious beasts that caught sight of a prey.

Monk Yin Lu frowned slightly with a worried expression.

A man’s wealth was his own ruin by causing another’s greed.

By releasing the World Cleansing Green Lotus, Ming Zhen was exposing himself to the greed of others!

As the eight people of the first group released their Golden Core phenomenons, the distance between them increased and gradually, there was a distinction between them!

Ren Tu of Asura Sect was right at the front!

He was already at the 105th stone step!

That was a rather formidable height!

In the previous Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking, Di Yin who was number one merely made it to the 99th stone step.

The fact that Ren Tu was able to reach that height meant that his strength was stronger than Di Yin a hundred years ago!


Di Yin suppressed his cultivation for a hundred years and continued comprehending the power of the Golden Core realm. The reason for his return was to become the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking once more and suppress all other paragons!


Ren Tu roared into the skies and his blood qi surged. Green veins appeared on his neck like spirit snakes and he had a menacing expression of indignance!

He wanted to ascend to the peak of the mountain!

He was indignant!

He did not wish to be inferior to others!

However, the pressure from the peak was way too terrifying.

Even climbing another stone step was almost impossible for him, let alone ascending to the peak!

Di Yin stood high and above with his hands behind his back. He gazed at the struggling Ren Tu with a faint ridicule in his eyes.

One of them was screaming from the depths of his heart.

The other was indifferent.

One stood below.

The other was at the peak of the mountain.

The difference was glaring!

It was the same below for Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace, Monk Jian Kong, Pang Yue and the others.

It was like an emperor looking down at the masses from the top; it did not matter how the masses struggled, none of them could take down his dominance!

A series of sighs came from the crowd.

It had to be said that for those paragons, it was a tragedy that they were born in the same generation as Di Yin.

Gradually, Ren Tu lowered his head.

He was already exhausted.

His limit was at the 105th stone step!

Although the difference between him and the peak was only three stone steps, the distance between them was almost equivalent to the gap between Heaven and Earth!

All of a sudden!

Exclamations sounded from the crowd beneath.

The stone step that Ren Tu stood on quaked heavily for a brief moment.


Ren Tu glanced sideways and the killing intent in his eyes surged!

Not far from him, Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace had managed to arrive at the 105th stone step as well using his Apocalyptic Five Thunders!

Xu Cheng panted heavily and was drenched in sweat.

A stir broke out amongst the crowd.

This meant that the two paragons would clash in the upcoming ranking battle.

Finally, there would be a showdown between the Corpse Mountain Blood Sea and Apocalyptic Five Thunders!


Ren Tu let out an unsettling laughter that sent shivers down one’s spine.

Xu Cheng merely smirked coldly against Ren Tu’s killing intent without any fear!

At their level, none of them would back off from a battle unless it was against an unstoppable opponent like Di Yin!

Ren Tu wanted to kill Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng wanted to furnish his reputation by suppressing Ren Tu!

Beneath Ren Tu and Xu Cheng was Monk Jian Kong of Hollow Monastery.

104th stone step.

That was Monk Jian Kong’s limits!

He gazed up at Ren Tu and Xu Cheng above him with a boundless indignance in his eyes.

Before he entered the ancient battlefield, he wanted to challenge Di Yin.

When Di Yin ascended the peak earlier on, he realized the difference between them.

However, he felt that he was definitely within the top three of the Phenomenon Ranking.

To think that he could only be satisfied with the fourth spot right now!

“Hurry, look! There’s going to be another massive battle!”

“Interesting, it’s going to be a fight between the Buddhist monasteries.”

A clamor broke out from the crowd again.

Monk Jian Kong turned over instinctively.

Another person had appeared on the 104th stone step.

It was the young monk called Ming Zhen!

A blossomed green lotus hovered behind Ming Zhen. It looked extremely ordinary but it gave off a frightening aura!

Monk Jian Kong’s pupils constricted.

He was not bothered about this young monk prior to this.

But now, it seemed like his fourth spot on the Phenomenon Ranking was not confirmed just yet!

Ming Zhen did not even glance at Monk Jian Kong, merely looking up at the 105th stone step with a calm expression. His foot lingered for a moment before he continued forward!

“What’s he doing? Is he trying to get to the next stone step?”

“There’s no wonder why that’s the number one mystic classic of the Golden Core realm!”

Many cultivators were dumbstruck when they noticed Ming Zhen’s actions.

However, Ming Zhen merely ascended half the distance to the next stone step when he swayed and grunted before landing back on the 104th stone step again!


Monk Jian Kong could not help but sneer, “You overestimate yourself!”

Ming Zhen clutched his chest and blood oozed out from the corner of his lips. He merely glanced at Monk Jian Kong but did not argue.

Monk Yin Lu sighed gently.


Perfected Lord Luo Xue glared at Monk Yuan Kong and said coldly, “If someone had not injured this young monk earlier on by abusing his seniority, he might have already ascended to the 105th stone step!”

Many cultivators had a sudden recollection.

Prior to the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking, Monk Yuan Kong used Sanskrit to injure Ming Zhen!

Ming Zhen had ascended the Myriad Phenomenon Peak with an injury!

Two people stood on the 103th stone step beneath Monk Jian Kong and Ming Zhen as well.

Hang Qiuyu of Sword Sect and Dugu Jian of the Dugu clan!

The two great sword cultivators were going to duke it out!

This fight for the Phenomenon Ranking was way more intense than anyone had imagined.

There were already three fights alone for the ranking battle of the top ten spots!

This was rare in previous Phenomenon Rankings.

After the two of them came Pang Yue of Overlord Palace on the 102nd step.

On the 101st stone step was Monk Jue Chen of Diamond Monastery!

All eight people of the first group had made it past the 100th stone step!

“The fight for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round sure is unusually intense. To think that there are so many paragons gathered.”

“Heh, it’s time to place your bets! There’s no doubt about who is at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking. Let’s guess who will be the second, fourth, and…”

Before that cultivator completed his sentence, his gaze swept and froze on the Myriad Phenomenon Peak while his mouth fell agape gradually.

“What’s wrong?” Some cultivators asked as they turned towards that person’s gaze.

“We seem to have forgotten about someone…”

That cultivator could not contain the shock in his eyes.

On the Myriad Phenomenon Peak, a figure was ascending rapidly, surging into the skies surpassing one figure after another!

90th stone step.

91st stone step.

98th stone step.

Even after the 100th stone step…

The figure’s speed did not show any signs of diminishing and was still advancing forward!

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