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Chapter 735: World Cleansing Green Lotus

What was the point of cultivating?

It was to remove the facade of things and revert to the origin of nature!

That was also the reason why cultivators of the Golden Core realm were referred to as Perfected Beings[1].

However, throughout history, there have been too few cultivators who were able to understand that level of wisdom!

It was a process of comprehension to obtain the truth and break free from the restraints of Heaven and Earth. By removing the facades and reverting to the true self, one is free from the struggles of life and death. Anybody that could comprehend that possessed supreme wisdom!

At that moment, Su Zimo was passing through an ancient path along the marks left behind by his predecessors. Eventually, he allowed the distinct auras of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos in his heart to harmonize with his Golden Core perfectly and arrived at the realm of reverting to nature!

“It seems like a golden era has truly arrived in Tianhuang Mainland,”

Monk Yin Lu lamented emotionally, “It’s extremely rare for a monster incarnate that has such immense fortune and wisdom to appear. To think that two of them would be born consecutively in this era. Seems like Di Yin has a match.”


Perfected Lord Hun Yi chuckled proudly with disdain in his eyes as he shook his head. “Indeed, that lad has great wisdom and fortune. However, he’s far from comparable to Di Yin!”

“We’ll talk about that when he can catch up to Di Yin’s footsteps. Right now, he isn’t qualified to be compared with Di Yin!”

Monk Yin Lu did not reply.

That was because… Di Yin was already at the peak at that moment!

On the peak, Di Yin stood with his hands behind his back. His figure was faintly visible through the clouds and he emanated an unparalleled dominance as he looked down on all other cultivators!

Di Yin was going to leave his name on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele – he was the true number one Perfected Being!

He was also the first to do so in a thousand years!

Although the 17 Nascent Souls present were once top cultivators that dominated in their time, none of them were able to accomplish this feat.

Di Yin shifted his gaze. When he saw Su Zimo who was advancing from the back, he could not help but snort coldly.

Clang! Clang!

Finally, someone in the first group could not withstand the pressure and released a Golden Core phenomenon!

The sound of swords buzzing reverberated relentlessly through the world.

A series of chilling sword lights appeared behind Dugu Jian. They blanketed the skies densely and tore through air!

Heavenly Encompassing Swords!

It was a Golden Core phenomenon of the Dao of the sword and was created by a Mighty Figure of the ancient era.

It was ranked 41 on the previous Phenomenon Ranking.

To think that it would possess such might when it was released by Dugu Jian!

Most sword cultivators revealed ferocity externally.

Given the situation, a cold glint flashed through Hang Qiuyu’s eyes as he released a Golden Core phenomenon as well.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Sword qi streaked through the air at an extremely fast speed, leaving sword scars through the void in its wake; the void seemed to be sliced into tiny blocks!

It was the legacy phenomenon of Sword Sect, Startling Sword Qi!

Both phenomenons of the sword Dao were extremely sharp and sliced the surrounding spirit energy into tiny pieces.

Without the two of them controlling things intentionally, the two sword phenomenons showed signs of competing against one another!

Sword cultivators specialized in cultivating their ferocities.

When two sword cultivators clashed, a victor must be decided!

Hang Qiuyu and Dugu Jian supported their Golden Core phenomenons and dashed towards the 100th stone step.

Immediately after, Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace released his Golden Core phenomenon as well.

One after another, streaks of lightning surged above his head and formed a bedazzling sea of lightning behind him!

Five divine thunderbolts shrouded around his head and protected him.

Apocalyptic Five Thunders!

“Corpse Mountain!”

Ren Tu of Asura Sect pointed forward with a cold gaze.

Before him, a series of corpses with a foul stench appeared endlessly. They stacked onto one another messily and created a massive mountain!

Ren Tu stepped on the corpse mountain emotionlessly and continued ascending!

“I heard that the corpse mountain of that Golden Core phenomenon is made from people that died in the hands of Ren Tu!”


A cultivator exclaimed and chills ran down his body as he said with a trembling voice, “There’s got to be millions of people there, right?”

Ren Tu’s voice sounded again before he could finish.

“Blood Sea!”


The blood that seeped out from beneath the corpse mountain grew and transformed into a boundless sea in the blink of an eye!

The sea was blood-colored and gave off a cruel aura of despair and death!

The corpse mountain floated in the sea of blood. Ren Tu stood on top of the corpse mountain with a torrential ferocity as he crossed the 100th step directly and continued ahead!

“It’s the Corpse Mountain Blood Sea!”

“To think that Ren Tu would fuse them together!”

“I recall that the previous person who cultivated it to such a frightening level was an expert from Asura Sect a thousand years ago and he’s this generation’s Asura!”

In reality, Corpse Mountain and Blood Sea were two ancient phenomenons that were ranked extremely high in the Phenomenon Ranking.

Their might became even more frightening when they were combined as one!

A thousand years ago, the Asura, Yan Beichen, ascended to the top of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak with his Corpse Mountain Blood Sea and took the number one position.

“All eight of them are rare peerless paragons,”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue sighed gently. “Any one of them could easily take the top spot in previous Golden Core Phenomenon Rankings. To think that all of them would be gathered together in this generation!”

“Furthermore, there’s an almost invincible monster incarnate above all of them… Di Yin!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Monk Jue Chen, Pang Yue and Monk Jian Kong released their Golden Core phenomenons one after another as well.

A golden light descended.

Monk Jue Chen seemed to be veiled by a golden shade and shone brightly.

A Seven Floor Pagoda descended with a blinding brilliance and hovered above Monk Jian Kong. It poured down with a divine light like a waterfall that protected him.

The legacy phenomenon of Hollow Monastery, Seven Floor Pagoda!

The Golden Core phenomenons were turning increasingly frightening!

Compared to Long River Sunset and Galaxy Vortex from earlier, they were at a whole different level in strength!

Countless gazes were fixed on Ming Zhen.

He was the only one who had not released his Golden Core phenomenon among the eight people.


Monk Yuan Kong sneered, “It’s probably because he’s got some worthless Golden Core phenomenon that’s useless even if he releases it. That’s why he’s choosing to force himself through everything.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ming Zhen conjured a hand seal with both hands and released an extremely terrifying aura!

Immediately after, a green lotus appeared behind him and hovered in midair before swiveling slowly.

Each petal was etched with obscure and complicated patterns. Slowly, the petals opened up and the green lotus blossomed!

One after another, mysterious lights spread and shone.

A fragrance wafted out from the center of the lotus platform.

The green lotus blossomed as though it could purify all the evil in this world!

The moment the green lotus blossomed, be it the Corpse Mountain Blood Sea or the Seven Floor Pagoda, the Golden Core phenomenons of the other seven people shuddered for a brief moment as though they were impacted significantly.

“What is that phenomenon?”

“That phenomenon looks a little familiar, I seem to have heard of it somewhere…”


Suddenly, a few exclamations sounded one after another above the clouds.

The few Perfected Lords of the Buddhist monasteries bolted upright in shock as they glared at the green lotus behind Ming Zhen with disbelief in their eyes!

“World Cleansing Green Lotus!”

Slowly, Monk Yuan Kong uttered four words!

The crowd was in an uproar!

World Cleansing Green Lotus, the legacy phenomenon of Fahua Monastery, was a top-tier Golden Core phenomenon of the Buddhist monasteries. When cultivated to its peak, its might was even above the Seven Floor Pagoda!

[1] Literal translation is True Beings

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