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Chapter 714: How Bitter, This Sucks!

The Inner Core in monkey’s chest circulated fanatically and his blood qi surged. Instantly, he reverted to his true form with an expanded body and a torrential ferocity.


Monkey glared with his bloodshot eyes and let out a deafening scream!


Many cultivators watching in the vicinity exclaimed and their expressions changed.

Some of the cultivators had it even worse and even retreated a few steps by instinct against the mighty of the demonic qi!

Monkey grabbed the Hook Snake’s tail with both arms and dug into its flesh with ten forceful fingers. When he exerted strength in his arms, his muscles bulged and looked like defined rocks!


The Hook Snake hissed into the air in turmoil.

With a godly might, monkey lifted the gigantic snake from its tail and swung it through the air with a massive arc before smashing it onto the ground violently!

There were shouts and the crowd had already dispersed.

The cultivators in the city were extremely alert and had retreated the moment they sensed that something was amiss.


Accompanied by a deafening explosion, the Hook Snake’s body smashed heavily onto the ground and created a fissure that was a thousand feet long. Sand and gravel flew everywhere along with flesh and blood!

All the cultivators who were watching in the vicinity winced with immense shock in their eyes.

It was too ruthless!

If they were in the Hook Snake’s position, they would have been smashed into sludge by that attack!

The Hook Snake convulsed on the ground as she let out a stuttering, tragic sound with injuries all over her body.

Although she was a pure-blooded ferocious beast, she could not withstand monkey’s frightening attack!

She had truly not expected monkey to turn even more fearsome and produce such a shocking power after he was struck by her poison.

Monkey panted slightly.

In truth, the poison of the Hook Snake was rather lethal and had already entered his body.

However, the poison triggered the mysterious power in his bloodline and the two different powers ate at one another.

Neither side could overwhelm the other within a short period of time and that stalemate was the reason why he had not fallen.

Even the conniving Duan Qingping could no longer smile.

Wu Feng’s expression was even darker.

On the other side, the Qiong Qi was sent flying far away by monkey’s punch. Its bones were nearly broken as it struggled to stand up.


The Qiong Qi spread its wings and descended from the skies, lunging towards monkey viciously!

Clang! Clang!

It reached out with extremely sharp claws that shimmered coldly towards monkey’s head.

At the same time, the Qiong Qi reared its head and opened its mouth to reveal fangs one sharper than the other to chomp down on monkey’s neck!

Monkey would be doomed no matter if he was scratched or bitten by the Qiong Qi!

Standing motionlessly on the spot, monkey reared his head and glared with his bloodshot eyes. He did not dodge or avoid and suddenly counterattacked fiercely!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Monkey reached out with both arms.

The sound of bones cracking and tendons twitching could be heard loudly from his muscular arms!

Right in front of countless gazes, the tendons of the two arms stretched and their flesh were filled with blood, expanding more than three feet instantly!

Although the Qiong Qi had the initiative, the sudden change caused it to be in a passive position!

Before its fangs could reach monkey, the latter’s arms were already extended close to it!

The Qiong Qi changed tactics at the last minute and grabbed monkey’s arms with its palms while biting down towards the latter’s approaching palm!


Monkey managed to grab the Qiong Qi’s jaws before the latter could bite down!


Monkey’s bloodshot eyes shone brightly as he howled in rage, yanking the Qiong Qi down from midair and smashing it onto the ground violently!

That smash caused the Qiong Qi’s head to spin and it felt like its bones were about to break. Its skin had already split apart and it was on the verge of fainting from the pain.

Its situation was not much better than the Hook Snake!

Before it could react, a foot stomped down on its lower body with a thunderous might!

The sound of bones cracking could be heard.


The Qiong Qi shrieked in pain.

Monkey stomped down on the Qiong Qi’s lower body with one foot while grabbing its upper and lower jaws with both arms. He had a feral gaze as he smashed them towards his own knee!


The tragic shriek came to a stop.

The Qiong Qi’s upper and lower jaws were ripped apart by monkey and its brains were smashed into sludge – it could not be any more dead!

The cultivators watching were dumbfounded.

This was an outcome that nobody had expected.

The Qiong Qi was one of the four great ancient ferocious beasts. Even in the ancient era, it dominated the forests and was a superior demon beast – who would have thought that it would be killed by a seemingly ordinary demon monkey?!

Su Zimo was unsurprised and had a calm expression.

Apart from him and Night Spirit, monkey had the most frightening combat strength among the seven of them sworn siblings!

Although the two pure-blooded ferocious beasts had powerful backgrounds, they were no match for monkey.

At the thought of Night Spirit, a black shadow that resembled a phantom lined with cold scales and had a sharp tail flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

Night Spirit was a natural killer!

Each time he attacked, Su Zimo would always be amazed.

His kills were clean without any unnecessary actions.

If Night Spirit was the one fighting this, the two pure-blooded ferocious beasts would have been carcasses within a couple of moves!

Duan Qingping’s expression turned dark but reverted to normal within a moment.

Initially, they wanted to kill Su Zimo’s spirit beasts with this spar and conveniently agitate the latter.

As long as Su Zimo was agitated and attacked within Myriad Phenomenon City, the Nascent Souls backing them would have sufficient reason to attack and kill Su Zimo on the streets!

However, they’ve miscalculated!

“Snake woman, come back!”

Wu Feng shouted hurriedly when he realized that the battle was already lost – he did not want his spirit beast to end up in the same state as the Qiong Qi.

The Hook Snake obeyed and was invigorated for a moment, slithering her body towards the direction of Wu Feng.

“Trying to flee?”

Monkey sneered and stomped on the ground. Instantly, his body flashed and he dashed over at an extremely fast speed!


Stomping down on the Hook Snake’s waist, monkey exerted strength in his foot and almost split the Hook Snake’s body into two!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The Hook Snake shrieked shrilly and twisted her body wildly, yet she could not break free from monkey’s grip no matter what she did.

Before Wu Feng could react, monkey had already leaned forward and hammered down his massive fists in a flurry!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He attacked a dozen times in succession.

The Hook Snake’s head was smashed into a pulp!

The Hook Snake had fallen!

The battered half of the snake’s body that remained twitched unconsciously.


Monkey grinned and sliced open the snake’s body, retrieving a slimy green gall. He raised his head and swallowed it as he smacked his lips.


He spat out and pouted his lips. “How bitter, this sucks!”

The cultivators in the vicinity were speechless.

The gall of a Hook Snake was the most valuable part of its body and was worth even more than its Inner Core!

After consumption, cultivators gain immunity to most poison and can even dispel the poison of the Hook Snake itself!

A single drop of juice from the Hook Snake’s gall bladder was sufficient to refine a superior-class antidote.

To think that this demon monkey would be unsatisfied after consuming the entire gall bladder and it was even filled with contempt!

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