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Chapter 712: Spirit Beast Spar

Who wouldn’t know of Su Zimo?!

In the ancient battlefield, there might not be many who have seen Su Zimo in person before. However, there was barely anyone who had not heard of him before!

Right now, Su Zimo was already a scary figure that no one dared to approach and he was second only to Di Yin.

The moment he stepped foot into Myriad Phenomenon City, a commotion broke out!

Su Zimo was calm and nonchalant despite the numerous gazes.

Little Fatty and Shi Jian were comparatively flustered.

The people who could survive endless dangers and make the arduous journey to Myriad Phenomenon City were far from ordinary!

There were hundreds of thousands of cultivators who entered the ancient battlefield!

However, only a hundred thousand or so could make it to Myriad Phenomenon City alive!

The gazes from these people naturally carried an immense pressure that ordinary cultivators would not be able to endure.

Qing Qing frowned slightly.

Instinctively, Little Fox hid behind Su Zimo.

The Golden Lion had a grim expression and tried his best to retract his demonic qi.

No matter what, they were demon beasts – it was natural for them to feel uneasy being sized up by so many paragons of the human race.

The spirit tiger ignored all the surrounding gazes and swaggered his way into the city boldly.

Although monkey could sense the hostility, he had no fear or reservations. Instead, he snarled and glared back with a menacing expression!

He had a proud nature and apart from Su Zimo whom he was on friendly terms with, he did not have any regard for anyone else!

“That demon monkey sure is cocky!”

“Forget it, we had better not mess with it since it was probably brought here by the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island.”

“Hmph, let’s see how long more that Su Zimo can continue smiling! He’s already made enemies with so many people before the fight for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking. There will definitely be people who want to cause trouble for him!”

The crowd discussed.

Right then, a group of cultivators walked over and everywhere they passed, the crowd made a path for them.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

There were dozens of them in the group and they came from three different sects, wearing different attires and had varied sect badges. Among them, there were even cultivators that were transformed from spirit beasts.

Su Zimo had seen one of their sect badges on Xu Cheng before.

Zephyr Thunder Palace!

There were many cultivators of Zephyr Thunder Palace that died outside the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair and Xu Cheng escaped with grave injuries after barely scraping through death. The arrival of this group was definitely hostile!

The other two groups of cultivators were from Purple Firmament Sect and Clear Wind Temple.

There were three super sects gathered!

“Fufu, what did I say? A tall tree is susceptible to being knocked over by strong winds. Su Zimo is bound to die after offending so many factions!”

“I don’t think anything much is going to happen since killing is forbidden within the city. Those cultivators can’t possibly just start a fight on the streets.”

“Wait and see, hmph!”

Many cultivators were waiting to watch a spectacle.

Su Zimo stopped in his tracks and narrowed his gaze as he looked at the dozens of people approaching.


The Golden Core leading Clear Wind Temple laughed gently before he arrived as he cupped his fists and raised his voice. “I am Duan Qingping. It’s a pleasure, Fellow Daoist Su, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The Golden Core named Duan Qingping gave a fake smile and his words were merely pleasantries.

The Golden Core leading Purple Firmament Sect sized up Su Zimo from head to toe before nodding expressionlessly. “I am Wu Feng.”

“It’s the two of them!”

“Things sure are heating up. Both Duan Qingping and Wu Feng are the top disciples of the two super sects!”

The cultivators of Zephyr Thunder Palace had cold gazes that were filled with killing intent!

Su Zimo was not even bothered to put on a facade of politeness towards the group of them and had remained in silence with an icy gaze right from the beginning.

Monkey and the others glared opposite with extreme hostility!


Duan Qingping chuckled and waved it off gently. “Fellow Daoists, there’s no need to be nervous. Fighting or killing is forbidden in the city apart from the Myriad Phenomenon Hall. Why are you guys so tensed up? Relax, relax!”

Su Zimo remained silent.

He had no doubt that killing was forbidden in the city.

After all, if there wasn’t such a rule, all the paragons that were gathered in Myriad Phenomenon City might fight over any disagreements given their haughty and prideful natures!

At that time, most people would be dead and there would be rivers of blood before the fight for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking!

Even so, Duan Qingping and the others must have a motive for coming here!

Duan Qingping maintained his smile and swept his gaze across monkey, the spirit tiger and everyone else before continuing, “However, there’s no restrictions about killing demon beasts in the city.”


Su Zimo raised his brow and his face was filled with killing intent!

This group of people were here because they wanted to make a move on monkey and the others?

They were already sworn siblings.

None of them was a spirit beast of anyone.

To Su Zimo, monkey and the others were like his kin!

Anyone that harbored designs on his kin had to die!

Duan Qingping chuckled again after sensing Su Zimo’s killing intent. “Fellow Daoist Su, don’t get worked up. As cultivators, there’s naturally no way we will lay our hands on your spirit beasts. However…”

He changed the topic. “It’s inconvenient for us to fight lest we spoil our relationship, but we can let our demon beasts spar with one another. How about that?”

With that, Duan Qingping slanted slightly and a tall man walked out from behind him.

The man emanated a rich demonic qi and had a savage gaze. He was muscular with a bare upper body that was lined with steel-like muscles – he looked extremely terrifying!

Duan Qingping remarked casually, “This is a spirit beast that was hatched from a spirit beast egg I found by wandering into a cave abode by accident in the past. It’s nothing special,”

A gorgeous woman from Purple Firmament Sect at the side walked forward. She had a long, slender body that curved in the right places charmingly.

Wu Feng pointed to the woman. “This is a spirit beast reared by me. She’s a demon beast of the snake race and is extremely ordinary as well. Your spirit beasts can pick any of them as an opponent for a spar,”

Su Zimo sneered internally.

Neither monkey nor the spirit tiger were spirit beasts reared by him!

As such, a spar like this was naturally extremely amusing to him!

Just as Su Zimo was about to decline, a hairy palm appeared on his shoulder.

Monkey stood out and rubbed his palms with a grin. “I’ve been feeling itchy anyways, I’ll fight them!”

Since monkey made his decision, Su Zimo did not stop the former.

A look of delight flickered through the depths of Duan Qingping and Wu Feng’s eyes.

Duan Qingping asked with a smile, “Fellow Daoist, which of these two ferocious beasts do you want to challenge?”

“Ptoo! What’s with the hassle? Let the both of them come together!”

Monkey spat in disdain and shouted.

“You have a death wish!”

The mighty man’s expression darkened instantly and the demonic qi surrounding him grew thicker.


The snake woman was completely amused but her eyes were colder than anything else as she said frostily, “Demon monkey, don’t regret this.”

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