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Chapter 711: Myriad Phenomenon City

Of course, there were many indications that showed that even with the bloodline of the god race in her, Nian Qi’s background might be even more complicated.

There was naturally a reason why the Primordial Nine Races ruled over the ten thousand races back in the primordial era.

If not for the battle royale in the primordial era which reduced the ten thousand races and caused immense damage to the strength of the Primordial Nine Races, humans wouldn’t have been able to overthrow the rule of the Primordial Nine Races even if they had immense fortune and multiple emperors!

The Ancestral Dragon that appeared more than 10,000 years ago had frightening strength.

Two super sects and an empire was annihilated because of it!

After the ancient war, the nine races fell and humans ruled over Tianhuang Mainland.

Even so, there were nine forbidden grounds for cultivators on Tianhuang Mainland!

The nine forbidden grounds were the places where the Primordial Nine Races resided!

Any living being apart from those of the Primordial Nine Races would be killed mercilessly if they entered the forbidden grounds!

Previously, the Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace arrived at the Dragon Bone Valley and alarmed a divine dragon.

The reason why the Palace Lord explained hurriedly that he was one of the nine races was so that he could save himself.

Unfortunately, the divine dragon could tell with a single look that the Palace Lord’s bloodline was impure and almost killed him on the spot!

After a while, Little Fatty and the others swept through the battlefield and reaped their rewards.

“Boss, where should we go next? I’ll go along with you,” Little Fatty said.

Su Zimo replied deeply, “We’ll find a place to rest for the day. Tomorrow, we’ll head for Myriad Phenomenon City!”


Everyone nodded.

If they wanted to search for the god race aimlessly in the ancient battlefield, it would be akin to seeking a pin in a haystack – it was unrealistic.

There was definitely a reason why the god race appeared in the ancient battlefield!

They merely discovered Nian Qi by accident.

The place where the god race had the highest possibility of appearing was at the center of the ancient battlefield, Myriad Phenomenon City!

Myriad Phenomenon City existed for a long time and had been around since the ancient era.

Fairy Ling Long named the ancient city and it represented endless phenomenons. She hoped that humans would be able to create Golden Core phenomenons limitlessly in the future!

Right now, even if there weren’t ten thousand, there were several thousand different Golden Core phenomenons.

However, there were not many that could be ranked at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking.

Most of them were familiar ones that had been passed down from the ancient era.

This day, a group of strange, travel-worn cultivators arrived outside Myriad Phenomenon City.

To be precise, there were only three cultivators in the group. The other five cultivators gave off a faint demonic qi and showed clear signs of being demon beasts!

Although demon beasts could take on human form after creating a core and even speak in human tongue, they could not erase their demon beast roots entirely.

After creating an Essence Spirit, demon beasts can resonate with the universe and absorb the essence of the sun and moon, allowing them to take on human form completely while hiding their auras so that they can hide among humans!

Those demon beasts were difficult to detect and that was the reason why they were called fiend demons!

Among the five demon beasts, three of them looked menacing and had burly bodies filled with long fur. Their gazes were vicious and they emanated a rich demonic qi.

The other two were female.

One of them was tall with long, slender legs that looked extremely flexible.

The other one was in her prime and had peerless looks. She wore fiery red robes that were daring and barely concealed her body. Every single blink of her huge, watery eyes seemed as though they could steal someone’s soul!

As the group of them walked, the young lady in her prime drew away half of everyone’s attention alone!

The reason why the group of them was described as strange was not because of the five demons or the young lady with the charming looks alone.

In the ancient battlefield, many disciples or strong paragons of different sects had their own mounts or spirit beasts – it was a part of their combat strength!

Previously, there were even cultivators that rode on seven wyrms into Myriad Phenomenon City and emanated an exceptional aura – five demon beasts was nothing compared to that!

Wyrms were pure-blooded ferocious beasts and looked way stronger than the five demon beasts!

There was even a female cultivator with an unmatched grace who rode on a Snow Bird and descended into Myriad Phenomenon City.

There were spirit chariots that flew through the air as well where men could be faintly seen lying on the laps of beautiful women while enjoying wine and making merry!

The spirit chariots were followed by many gorgeous women and flower petals were scattered everywhere they passed with an aromatic fragrance that others envied.

In terms of grandeur, this group of people were nothing.

However, the truly odd thing about the group of them was the attitude between the three cultivators and the five demons.

All of them conversed happily and rather than slaves, they seemed like good friends.


Finally, someone exclaimed softly and sized up a green-robed cultivator among them before murmuring with a puzzled expression, “Could he be…”

Su Zimo and the others had finally arrived here after an arduous journey.

Myriad Phenomenon City was like an ancient gigantic beast that sat here motionlessly, giving off an antiquated aura as it witnessed history pass by.

Beneath Myriad Phenomenon City.

Everyone raised their heads.

The tiles on the city walls were greenish-black with marks left behind by sharp swords, as though they were telling a story.

“How tall!”

Little Fox exclaimed.

The group of them were akin to insignificant ants beneath the walls of the ancient city!

“This ancient city sure is grand,”

Qing Qing could not help but exclaim as well.

The spirit tiger shifted his eyes and gazed at the entrance of Myriad Phenomenon City, pouting his lips. “It’s a pity that there’s no gates to this ancient city. Its defenses are too weak. If a beast stampede arrives, the city will be infiltrated instantly!”

“You’re mistaken.”

Su Zimo smiled and shook his head. “There’s no need for city gates in Myriad Phenomenon City!”

Given the treacherous environment of the ancient battlefield, the only ancient city that did not require a city gate was Myriad Phenomenon City.


The spirit tiger froze for a moment in confusion.

Su Zimo pointed beneath his feet and said slowly, “The most outstanding cultivators of the Golden Core realm in Tianhuang Mainland are all gathered here in this city!”

“Of the hundreds of thousands of cultivators who entered the ancient battlefield, at least a hundred thousand of them will make it to Myriad Phenomenon City!”

“With that figure, no demon beast, beast stampede or any living being would dare to attack Myriad Phenomenon City. That would be akin to having a death wish!”

Qing Qing kicked the spirit tiger and teased, “Hey, go and trigger a beast stampede. I’ll see how you take down Myriad Phenomenon City.”

The spirit tiger coughed twice hurriedly with an awkward expression.

Suddenly, a voice sounded above the city walls that caused a commotion!

“Su Zimo! He is Su Zimo!”

“Huh? What are you talking about? The monster incarnate who obtained the legacy of the Human Emperor’s Palace, has a double phenomenon, destroyed Glass Palace’s ancient city and defeated Xu Cheng?”

“I’m definitely not mistaken, it’s him!”

“It truly looks like him. Green robes and accompanied by the legacy disciples of Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect!”

“There will definitely be a good show to watch. I heard that there are many people in the city that have their eyes set on killing him!”

“Hehe, they should be eying his treasures instead, right?”

Above the city walls, on both sides of the pathways and within buildings, countless gazes looked down. Some of them were in awe, some were envious, some hostile. But more than that, most of them were gloating.

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