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Chapter 707: Double Phenomenon VS Apocalyptic Five Thunders

Nie Hao was defeated tragically while Situ Shi and Leng Ming died in succession. Cultivators of the three super sects were also mostly defeated and dead after the charge of monkey and the others!

It was almost certain that Xu Cheng’s side was defeated!

However, at that moment, Xu Cheng had no intention of retreating still and his eyes had a raring battle intent. He locked onto Su Zimo with his gaze and lightning crackled from the Golden Core phenomenon behind him!

Everyone could retreat except him!

The Purple Thunder Manual was in Su Zimo’s hands. As long as he retrieved it, he would have done a huge merit for the sect and would also obtain the opportunity to cultivate the Purple Thunder Manual. Of course, that would naturally lead to a boost in his combat strength as well!

In Zephyr Thunder Palace, a legacy cultivation technique was the Green Thunder Manual and it was also at heaven-grade.

It was clearly recorded in the sect that individually, the Purple Thunder and Green Thunder were both low quality heaven-grade cultivation techniques.

Combined, they would become a high quality heaven-grade cultivation technique with unimaginable power!

Xu Cheng believed that this was his opportunity.

As long as he killed Su Zimo and retrieved the Purple Thunder Manual, he would become the number one Perfected Lord upon advancing to Nascent Soul realm!

In fact, he could dominate everyone as a Dao Being at Void Reversion realm and become the new titular disciple of the sect for this generation!

Xu Cheng could not retreat.

He was the number one disciple of Zephyr Thunder Palace in the ancient battlefield and he had his pride to maintain!

Even if he escaped cleanly today, the two of them would definitely fight again in the Myriad Phenomenon City for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking.

At that time, he would lose in terms of aura before the battle even begins!

Xu Cheng believed that he could kill Su Zimo with overwhelming strength and regain the Purple Thunder Manual. In fact, he could even try to get his hands on the Yellow Springs Diagram!


He nodded as he swept his gaze across the battlefield with a torrential aura. “Without Situ Shi and the others, I’ll take all the treasures in the tomb singlehandedly! It’s all thanks to you guys for killing them!”

“You have yet to realize your situation,”

Just by standing in the air indifferently with his hands behind his back, Su Zimo was already able to contend against Xu Cheng who had his Golden Core phenomenon released without being disadvantaged.

Su Zimo remarked coldly, “You can barely protect yourself right now, but you’re coveting the treasures of the tomb?”


Xu Cheng reared his head in laughter. “Su Zimo, I’ll admit that you are strong in melee combat. However, the strongest means available to Perfected Beings are Golden Core phenomenons!”

“The ranking list created by Fairy Ling Long is called the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking, not the Melee Combat Strength Ranking! I heard that you have a double phenomenon, so let’s see just how strong they are today!”

“As you wish!”

Although Su Zimo’s tone was calm, lightning flashed and electricity crackled behind him. The firmament collapsed and countless meteors fell with raging currents flooding.

A gigantic Divine Turtle appeared in the world, rearing its head as it roared with a divine might and an imposing gaze!

The Primordial Divine Turtle had descended!

Mysterious patterns shone from its shell one after another as it supported the shattered firmament. Its limbs suppressed the raging currents like heavenly-piercing pillars!


Xu Cheng pointed forward after sensing the tremendous pressure.

Initially, there was only a single thunderbolt behind him. Instantly, two more appeared, thick as water buckets and shining brightly!

Snap! Snap!

All three thunderbolts struck the shell.


Lightning flashed and created frightening arcs on the shell.

Even after enduring three thunderbolts, the Primordial Divine Turtle did not yield and protected Su Zimo beneath it!

“Ah, there’s no wonder why that’s a lost primordial phenomenon. It’s so strong!”

“Seems like there’s nothing Xu Cheng can do to Su Zimo.”

“That’s not for sure. The Golden Core phenomenon Xu Cheng cultivated is the Apocalyptic Five Thunders but he has only just summoned three divine thunderbolts! However, the strength of every single divine thunderbolt multiplies!”


Xu Cheng narrowed his gaze.

He did not expect to defeat Su Zimo with three divine thunderbolts.

However, he did not expect that three divine thunderbolts would not deal much of an impact to Su Zimo’s Primordial Divine Turtle as well!

“We’re just getting started!”

Xu Cheng said coldly as he swallowed a handful of elixirs before circulating his Golden Core once more. The dark clouds above his head turned thicker and darker as though they were about to fall at any moment!


As the clouds moved, lightning flashed and another divine thunderbolt was created, striking instantly!

Four divine thunderbolts descended at the same time!


The four divine thunderbolts resembled lightning spears as they struck the Divine Turtle fiercely on its back, creating a deafening explosion!


The Divine Turtle cried tragically with a hint of pain in its eyes.

Against the strike of four divine thunderbolts, the Golden Core phenomenon behind Su Zimo quaked violently and its luster dimmed.


Su Zimo had a cold gaze as he circulated his Golden Core with a single thought. Once again, an incomparably strong and scorching aura burst forth from his body!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The mountains toppled and volcanoes spewed.

One after another, scorching lava sprayed across the land and incinerated all living beings, blazing through the masses.


The Primordial Soaring Serpent flapped its wings and hissed endlessly as it glided into the air from a fissure in the ground. It took a deep breath and devoured all the lava before spewing it out once more!


The scorching scarlet lava let out a strange sound when it splashed on Xu Cheng’s Golden Core phenomenon.

Even the divine thunderbolts were burning as a red flare surged into the air!

The descent of the two primordial divine beings, the Divine Turtle and Soaring Serpent, formed the union of fire and water – the birth of the double phenomenon caused the entire world to quake!


Xu Cheng’s expression changed starkly.

The power of the double phenomenon was much scarier than he had imagined!

In the past, the Soaring Serpent and Divine Turtle phenomenons could both be ranked in the top ten of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking!

When the two great phenomenons were released at the same time, how frightening would their powers be?

The four divine thunderbolts could not deal with it and their lightnings dissipated – the Golden Core phenomenon was on the verge of dispersing at any moment!

“Well, well, well!”

Xu Cheng clenched his teeth and said coldly, “You should feel proud that you’re able to force me to such an extent. This Apocalyptic Five Thunders that I’ve cultivated was meant for Di Yin initially. But now, I’ll use it to suppress you first!”

“The fifth divine thunderbolt, gather!”

Xu Cheng’s Golden Core was already at its limit and there were even waves of throbbing pain!

A series of thunderbolts flashed around him and he seemed as though he was possessed by the God of Thunder. He pointed into the skies into the depths of the forming sea of dark clouds where a single light spot was intensifying!

An even more terrifying divine thunderbolt descended!

With the creation of the fifth thunderbolt, Xu Cheng’s Golden Core phenomenon was finally fully formed and evolved in quality!

Five divine thunderbolts possessed an apocalyptic might!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five divine thunderbolts descended and struck the Divine Turtle and Soaring Serpent phenomenons repeatedly.

Naturally, the two primordial divine beings were unwilling to express weakness against such provocation. They howled and stirred raging tides and blanketing flames to clash against the five divine thunderbolts!

A blinding and resplendent aurora was created where the three great Golden Core phenomenons clashed.

The surrounding spirit qi was already dried up, absorbed completely by the three phenomenons!

The air currents surged!

Cultivators nearby the two of them who could not dodge in time were drawn in by the shockwaves created by the clash of the three phenomenons and evaporated into blood mists instantly!

Everyone witnessed a perfect spirit weapon trapped among the three phenomenons and cracks appeared on it one after another!


The crowd fell into an uproar.

The explosion was so terrifying that even a perfect spirit weapon could not withstand it!

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