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Chapter 702: I’ll Bash You up if You Mess With Me!


Nie Hao could not believe what he heard and glared at Lin Xuanji as though he was looking at a dead man, snarling word by word, “I want to mess with you, what can you do?”

“I’ll bash you up if you mess with me!”

Lin Xuanji leaped into the air towards Nie Hao.

“You must have a death wish!”

Nie Hao was enraged and the horsetail whip in his hands shone with a dazzling luster.

Six spirit patterns, a connate spirit weapon!

Although he was undermined by Di Yin’s reputation, Nie Hao was still in possession of a connate spirit weapon.

It was obvious that his status in Chaos Essence Sect as a Golden Core was not weak – he was only beneath Di Yin!


Nie Hao waved the horsetail whip in his hands and three thousand silver-white threads turned into a spectacular beam of white light, slicing towards Lin Xuanji’s waist like a sword!

The light was blinding and traveled at an extremely fast speed – it was almost instantaneous!

Lin Xuanji’s expression did not change, as though he had predicted it beforehand, and he dodged downwards, avoiding Nie Hao’s killing move by a hair’s breadth!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

He swung his arm in reverse and three supreme-grade flying swords tore through the air.

The three flying swords split into three different directions and thrust towards Nie Hao’s vital points with unusual movements.

His sword maneuvering technique was already rather advanced.

At the same time, Lin Xuanji made a series of complex and mysterious hand seals.

Heaven Dominating Palm!

Root Departure Finger!

Frost Palm!

Cloud Stirring Palm!

Zen Qi Explosion!

Tri-Green Phantom Saber!

Icicle Formation!

After a series of confusing hand seals, Lin Xuanji burst forth with 18 spirit arts that surged towards Nie Hao like raging tides!


That was the only word in everyone’s minds when they saw it.



“What’s the background of this man?”

“There’s spirit arts from different sects among the 18 of them. I can’t tell where he’s from!”

An uproar broke out from the crowd.

In order to conceal his identity, there was naturally no way Lin Xuanji would release Enigma Palace’s ultimate secret skills. However, he had vast knowledge and knew a little about everything – a simple attack from him could suffocate his opponents!

Even Su Zimo could not grasp Lin Xuanji’s true strength, let alone Nie Hao.


Nie Hao was scared out of his wits and cursed internally. “This guy’s playing cheat!”

How was this a nobody?

He waved the horsetail whip in his hands and the three thousand strands of hair split into three directions to receive the incoming flying swords.

The next moment, Nie Hao circulated his Golden Core wildly and released a secret skill of his sect – Chaos Essence Palm!

Huff! Huff! Huff!

Nie Hao was flustered and released Chaos Essence Palm repeatedly.

A series of palm prints materialized in midair and clashed against the 18 incoming spirit arts!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The collisions created deafening bangs and shockwaves.

Nie Hao stood in the air with a frightfully pale expression – he was almost sent flying.

He had expended almost half the spirit energy in his dantian with the successive release of his secret skill!

“What a lunatic!”

Nie Hao cursed and withdrew a few elixirs from his storage bag, ready to consume them to replenish his spirit energy.

“Let go!”

All of a sudden!

A voice exploded in Nie Hao’s ears, almost scaring him out of his wits.

Unknowingly, Lin Xuanji had already arrived beside him, tapping him gently on the wrist that held the elixirs with an iron ruler!


Nie Hao shrieked tragically and his wrist swelled instantly, causing him to relinquish his grip on the elixirs.

“How dare you attack me!”

Nie Hao’s eyes were bloodshot as he clenched his teeth; he wished for nothing more than to tear Lin Xuanji apart!

In reality, Lin Xuanji had already shown mercy with that attack.

If he had attacked with his full force, Nie Hao’s hand would have already been crippled!

In other words, that iron ruler could have been tapped on Nie Hao’s head rather than his wrist…

As long as he pondered calmly, Nie Hao would definitely be able to understand. However, he could not care less at that moment. The only thought on his mind was how to kill Lin Xuanji so that he could regain his dignity.

“I’ve already told you not to mess with me but you refused to heed my advice,”

Lin Xuanji pouted his lips and murmured, “Is there something wrong with your brains? You really believed me when I said that I was a nobody? What an idiot! Have you gone stupid after receiving daily beatings from Di Yin?”


Nie Hao was so angry that he was trembling with smoke steaming from all orifices.

The horsetail whip in his hands quivered and all three thousand strands of hair burst into the air before scattering down like a waterfall. It resembled a jail as it tried to envelope Lin Xuanji.


Lin Xuanji’s eyes shone with mockery. In a flash, he had already darted far away.

He declared with a raised voice, “Hey, don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you mess with me, I’ll bash you up!”


Far away, a series of laughter broke out from the crowd.

Nie Hao’s face flushed red and he almost exploded from rage. Unable to contain himself any longer, he cursed, “I’ll bash your mother!”

As he said that, Nie Hao dashed forward once more.

On the other side.

Leng Ming and Little Fatty, the legacy disciples of Tomb Sect, had collided as well!

This was an inevitable battle.

The victor would be this generation’s true successor of Tomb Sect!

“Junior Brother, admit defeat,”

Leng Ming shook his head. “You’ve joined the sect for 20 years and have fought me for 20 times. When have you ever defeated me?”

“It’s enough as long as I defeat you this time round!” Little Fatty said darkly.

Leng Ming’s gaze turned cold as he remarked frostily, “Junior Brother, if you hand over the Yellow Springs Diagram, I can consider sparing your life. If you insist on your folly, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“You’re the one insisting on your folly, not me,”

Little Fatty withdrew a flying sword from his storage bag. “There’s no need to speak further, let’s fight!”


Little Fatty bellowed and summoned his flying sword as well, fighting to the side with Little Fatty.

Before the remaining thousands of cultivators could attack, monkey, the spirit tiger, the Golden Lion and Qing Qing had already rushed into the crowd and brought forth a massacre!

Their opponents had the advantage in numbers. If they waited, a single flying sword from each opponent would be enough to injure monkey’s group.

Right now, they split into four groups and charged into the crowd, slaughtering wildly and causing chaos.

The cultivators could only fight for themselves.

Little fox stood motionlessly on the spot and released her bewitching techniques from the fox race. She opened her mouth slightly and sent forth a fragrance that charmed dozens of cultivators before long, causing them to fight their comrades.


A jarring sound of metal clashing rang, causing the ears of cultivators nearby to ring in pain as they winced.

It was Su Zimo clashing against Xu Cheng.

The collision of Blood Quencher and the Green Thunder Saber.


The blood beam and lightning, two entirely different powers, interweaved in midair and devoured one another!

The stalemate lasted for a single breath.

Xu Cheng shuddered and his expression changed as he fell to the side.

Zephyr Thunder Palace specialized in thunder techniques and there were many body tempering methods in the legacy of Void Thunder Manual as well.

Although they could not compare to top-tier body tempering sects such as Glass Palace and Overlord Palace, their melee combat strength was not to be underestimated as well.

However, Xu Cheng had not expected that he couldn’t withstand a single slash from Su Zimo!

He could not defend even though Su Zimo did not use his full strength!

The power of thunder imbued on the Green Thunder Saber surged into Su Zimo’s body as though it was treading through a swamp and did not even cause a single ripple.

However, the power of bloodline from Blood Quencher surged into Xu Cheng’s and caused his blood qi to turn chaotic! He was nearly ruptured on the spot from the reverse flow of his blood!

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