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Chapter 701: Great Battle

“In my opinion, Su Zimo’s group is most probably doomed.”

“That’s right, even without Poison Sect, it was the nine of them against a few thousand people. That’s an overwhelming suppression in strength. With the inclusion of Poison Sect now, they’ve got no chance at all.”

“That’s not for sure,”

Another cultivator remarked, “Glass Palace had dozens of thousands of cultivators in the ancient city, but they were still destroyed nevertheless!”

“It’s different now. I heard that Su Zimo had the help of the beast stampede previously. Furthermore, Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace alone is enough to hold down Su Zimo while the rest of them are of no threat at all.”

The cultivators watching from far away started discussing in hushed voices.

With the inclusion of Poison Sect, Leng Ming was certain that he had already won this fight!

Corpse Refinement Cult’s Situ Shi could go against Puppet Sect’s Shi Jian.

Chaos Essence Sect’s Nie Hao could easily take down the gray-robed cultivator with the iron ruler who claimed that he was a nobody.

As for the most troublesome person on the other party, Su Zimo, Zephyr Thunder Palace’s Xu Cheng and Poison Sect’s Du Ren were enough to take him down!

Finally, there’s his junior brother…

Leng Ming smirked.

Little Fatty was indeed more talented than him in terms of sense of direction.

However, he was firmly above Little Fatty in terms of strength!

As for the remaining few beasts, they would be drowned by saliva if the several thousand Golden Cores around them spat once per person!

The Yellow Springs Diagram was already his!



When Su Zimo withdrew Blood Quencher, monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and the Golden Lion reverted to their true forms, revealing menacing glares and torrential ferocity.

The surrounding cultivators were shocked and brought out their flying swords and weapons as though they were faced with a grave enemy.

They felt an unprecedented pressure from the few demon beasts!

It was a pressure that they had not experienced even against pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

Little fox hopped out of Su Zimo’s embrace and spun on the ground.

A fragrance wafted out as a young lady with peerless features appeared. Her beautiful eyes shimmered brightly as though they could steal one’s soul!

Some of the cultivators had barely just withdrawn their weapons when everything fell to the ground with a clang.

Of the several thousand cultivators present, most of them were dazed momentarily!

Xu Cheng, Nie Hao and a dozen others were the only ones who could maintain their composure with frozen expressions.

Although little fox seemed like she was the weakest among the seven sworn siblings, in reality, her capabilities were the most frightening and beguiling!

“Demoness, how dare you behave so brazenly before me!”

Xu Cheng hollered.

His voice was robust and strong, bursting in the ears of many cultivators like thunder and snapping them out of their stupor.

This was a sound killing move from Zephyr Thunder Palace, Green Thunder Shock!

Previously, Su Zimo saw an incomplete sound killing move in the Void Thunder Manual and used it as a basis to create his own killing move, Thunderclap Kill.

The complete version of the killing move was Green Thunder Shock that Xu Cheng had just released!

Monkey and the others were strong physically and had frightening bloodlines. As such, they could withstand Green Thunder Shock more easily and merely frowned.

However, little fox shuddered and her face turned somewhat pale.

“How irritating!”

Su Zimo sneered and Blood Quencher quivered in his hands with a metallic buzz.

Spirit light shone brightly and a blood beam burst!

The saber let out a shuddering blood stench.


Su Zimo leaped and the mud beneath his feet was overturned. Wielding Blood Quencher, he was already charging towards Xu Cheng!

“Good timing!”

Xu Cheng was fearless and swiped his storage bag, causing a saber to appear in his palm as well.

The saber was nine feet long and five inches wide, comparable to a spear or halberd in length. Its blade was veiled by a green layer of electric currents that sizzled unnervingly.

“I heard that your Blood Quencher is a connate spirit weapon.”

Xu Cheng said coldly, “Today, we’ll see just how sharp your Blood Quencher is against my Green Thunder Saber!”

Before his sentence was completed, the Green Thunder Saber shone brightly with six spirit lights.

A connate spirit weapon!

Within the Great Zhou Dynasty, there wasn’t even a single connate spirit weapon. However, all of these legacy disciples of super sects would definitely have connate spirit weapons with them.

Suddenly, Du Ren’s voice sounded erratically.

“Xu Cheng, this man’s body is incomparably strong and he is terrifying, almost invincible in melee combat. You’ve got to be careful!”

Du Ren shifted nimbly like a maggot behind Su Zimo. He did not attack and was merely awaiting an opportunity patiently.

Someone like that was even scarier!

It was like a venomous viper that was hidden – a single bite could take one’s life away!

On the other side.

Situ Shi glared at Shi Jian coldly. With a gentle wave of his hand, the thirty feet tall giant behind him charged forward.


The giant roared into the skies and the skin that draped its body tore into pieces, revealing an iron frame that reeked of a nauseating stench!

The battle corpse was bronze in color from head to toe.

However, there was a layer of thin white fur that grew on it!

At the sight of that, Shi Jian’s pupils constricted and his expression turned grim.

The battle corpse was already starting to evolve into a Silver Corpse!

Silver Corpses were terrifying things that could fight against Nascent Souls!

Shi Jian slapped his storage bag and withdrew the five puppets that he cultivated. He condensed qi into threads to control the puppets and surround Situ Shi’s battle corpse.

Compared to Situ Shi’s battle corpse, Shi Jian’s puppets were extremely short.

However, the puppets contained the power of the five elements and formed a formation with their movements, counteracting against one another and restricting the battle corpse to the spot!

The two successors of Corpse Refinement Cult and Puppet Sect had now met earlier than expected in the ancient battlefield – it was difficult to tell who would stand victorious in this fight.

The great battle had broken out completely.

In a flash, Lin Xuanji fled into the distance like smoke, trying to seize the chaos to escape.

Unexpectedly, a silver-white beam of light shot down with an extremely sharp and chilling aura that almost sliced the voids into two!

Lin Xuanji stopped in his tracks hurriedly.


A gigantic ravine tore the ground asunder the moment the silver-white light descended!

If Lin Xuanji had taken a half-step more, he would have been decimated by the silver-white light!


Lin Xuanji turned back and glared in a huff.

Not far away, Nie Hao of Chaos Essence Sect had a mocking expression and held a horsetail whip in his hand. Its silver-white tail had just been retracted and was still swaying.

“You’re thinking of escaping from my watch?” Nie Hao sneered.

Although Lin Xuanji cursed internally, he squeezed out a smile on his face. “Fellow Daoist, I’m just a nobody who isn’t in cahoots with them. Why are you trying to kill me?”

Enigma Palace maintained the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking in the ancient battlefield.

As the current generation’s successor to Enigma Palace, it was inappropriate for him to sow grudges with other paragons.

That was also the reason why he wore a mask and hid his identity.

“What can you do if I want to kill you? Hahaha!” Nie Hao burst into laughter with a mocking look in his eyes.

Lin Xuanji frowned.

The reason why he endured things was not because he was afraid of Nie Hao – he was afraid of being scolded by his elder if he returned after causing trouble!

“Hey, let me tell you something,”

Lin Xuanji’s face darkened as he said with extreme seriousness. “It’s truly better if you don’t mess with me.”

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