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Chapter 700: Tension

After a momentary silence, the crowd broke into an uproar!

Cultivators who were watching from nearby exclaimed as well!

“Psst! It’s him!”

“Su Zimo? The monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island?”

“I heard that he triggered a beast stampede previously and decimated an ancient city of Glass Palace in the ancient battlefield! Glass Palace was annihilated and only a few cultivators managed to escape!”


My name is Su Zimo.

He said it casually.

There was no overbearingness or arrogance in his tone.

However, it shocked everyone present!

The name Su Zimo alone had the greatest impact!

At the very least, in the intermediate ancient battlefield, that name was scarier than any super sect!

The expressions of Corpse Refinement Cult’s Situ Shi and Chaos Essence Sect’s Nie Hao changed slightly upon hearing that name as well. Their pupils constricted and they had grim looks on their faces.

Leng Ming frowned deeply with a cold gaze too.

If Su Zimo was a nobody, everyone else would be trash.

Even Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace who was gazing into the skies indifferently previously looked down, glaring at Su Zimo with a narrowed gaze as his eyes flashed with electric currents!

“Su Zimo? Double phenomenon?”

A curious look filled Xu Cheng’s eyes.

Initially, Little Fatty’s group of nine looked weak surrounded by thousands of cultivators, as though they could be drowned to death at any moment.

However, after Su Zimo spoke, the aura around them rose to a point where they could contend against the thousands of cultivators and the three super sects without being disadvantaged!

In the ancient battlefield, Su Zimo’s infamy was second only to Di Yin!

“Senior Brother, you sure are arrogant. This is the nobody that you were referring to,”

When he saw the tides shift, Little Fatty relaxed and said with a grin.

Leng Ming had a grim expression as he ignored Little Fatty and turned to Su Zimo. He greeted with cupped fists before saying darkly, “Fellow Daoist Su, I’ve heard of your reputation a long time ago. Indeed, your reputation precedes you now that we’re meeting in real life.”

Su Zimo had an indifferent expression and could not be bothered.

Although killing intent surged within Leng Ming, he chuckled in a fake manner before saying, “Fellow Daoist Su, this is a fight between disciples of Tomb Sect. As long as you’re willing to stand by the sidelines and not interfere, I will definitely compensate you for it!”


Su Zimo raised his brow. “I want the Yellow Springs Diagram. Are you going to give it to me?”


This time round, Little Fatty’s group was the one that burst into laughter.

Leng Ming took a deep breath to repress the rage in his heart as he controlled himself with another fake chuckle. “You must be joking, fellow Daoist. The Yellow Springs Diagram is the utmost treasure of Tomb Sect so I can’t give that to you. Other than that, you can have your pick from any treasure in the tomb!”

“That won’t do!”

Before Su Zimo could speak, Xu Cheng stood out from the side and interrupted coldly. “The Purple Thunder Manual in the tomb belongs to me!”

Su Zimo remained silent.

“Zephyr Thunder Palace possesses part of the Thunder Emperor’s legacy. Of course, Zephyr Thunder Palace was not founded by the Thunder Emperor, but his disciple. The Purple Thunder Manual is the part of the cultivation technique that Zephyr Thunder Palace lacks.”

Lin Xuanji used a secret technique to transmit his voice into Su Zimo’s mind.

Su Zimo nodded.

Xu Cheng looked at Su Zimo’s group before making a sudden remark, “Whoever has their hands on the cultivation technique, as long as you hand it over, I can back out of this fight!”

“Brother Xu, you…”

Leng Ming’s expression changed, but he was interrupted by Xu Cheng’s hand just as he was about to speak.

Xu Cheng said indifferently, “I only want the Purple Thunder Manual. I’m not interested in anything else!”

No matter how scheming Leng Ming was, he could not conceal his emotions at the moment.

Little Fatty sneered, “So, that’s how deep your connections are, senior brother. Indeed, I’ve learned something today. Impressive, impressive.”

“Is nobody going to hand over the Purple Thunder Manual?”

When no one replied after a moment, Xu Cheng’s eyes crackled with electric currents and his killing intent surged!

He said coldly, “If no one hands it over, I’ll have to assume that someone is trying to keep a lost cultivation technique of Zephyr Thunder Palace for themselves insolently!”

“The Purple Thunder Manual is with me. If you want to get it…”

Su Zimo said nonchalantly, “Come then.”

Although those were two simple words, it caused the blood of the cultivators watching nearby to surge with excitement!

“They’re going at it!”

“If these two paragons fight, there will definitely be an earthshaking battle. Could this be the prelude to the fight for the Phenomenon Ranking?”

Leng Ming was delighted at the sight of that.

Things had truly worked out for him.

If someone gave in and handed the Purple Thunder Manual over, nobody could determine the victor of the current situation.

But now, Xu Cheng had no choice but to stand by his side!

Now that it was known to everyone that the Purple Thunder Manual was in Su Zimo’s hands, Xu Cheng had no reason to back off and could only fight!

“Well, well, well!”

Xu Cheng nodded repeatedly and glared at Su Zimo with a raring battle intent. His aura rose continuously as he said slowly, “I was intending on sparing you for now and only fight after we arrived at Myriad Phenomenon City!”

“But since you have a death wish, you can’t blame me for this!”

The tension was high and they were on the cusp of a massive battle just because of a single disagreement!

“Oh my!”

A playful voice sounded from the crowd.

“Since it’s so happening here, let me join in the fun,”

When the voice sounded, cultivators of Corpse Refinement Cult, Chaos Essence Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace retreated hurriedly to create a path – it was as though they had seen the plague.

A group of cultivators walked over briskly.

The cultivators wore dark blue robes and their leader had his hands behind his back. He had a nonchalant attitude and walked over, licking his grisly red tongue.

It was one of the five heretical doctrines, Poison Sect!

In Poison Sect, every single cultivator carried a myriad of toxic poisons in their bodies and anyone that came into contact with any single poison could lose their lives!

The Seven Lethals of Poison Sect was even more notorious.

It did not matter what one’s cultivation realm was, they would most likely die upon contact with the Seven Lethals!

Although there were only slightly more than a hundred Poison Sect cultivators, it was enough to send chaos through the Corpse Refinement Cult, Chaos Essence Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace cultivators, causing the latter to retreat.

Xu Cheng looked at the young man leading the pack and frowned slightly. “Du Ren, whose side are you on?”

Lin Xuanji seemed to have recalled something and whispered to Su Zimo with a gloating expression, “I guess that they’re here to take revenge on you.”

Su Zimo was not surprised.

20 years ago in the elementary ancient battlefield, Xiaoning was poisoned and nearly lost her life. In his wrath, Su Zimo annihilated the Poison Sect faction in the ancient battlefield!

Du Ren rubbed his chin and asked despite the obvious situation, “Fellow Daoist Leng Ming, I heard that you guys are in trouble?”

“Indeed,” Leng Ming was not bothered to guess Du Ren’s intentions.

Du Ren laughed. “I can help you out, but I want a share of the treasures in the tomb!”


Leng Ming was delighted and replied hurriedly, “That’s for sure! As long as you’re on my side, you’ll definitely have a share of the treasures in the tomb!”

Du Ren turned to Su Zimo slowly and jeered with a venomous glare, “Su Zimo, do you remember a Poison Sect cultivator named Du Kai whom you killed in the ancient battlefield 20 years ago?”

“I’m his older brother and today, I’m here to claim your life!”

Du Ren’s smile was unsettling, resembling a malevolent ghost from Hell.

Su Zimo had a calm expression as he withdrew Blood Quencher from his storage bag before nodding. “You came at the right time. I’ll kill you guys together!”

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