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Chapter 699: Nobodies?

The commotion here was rather great and many cultivators in the vicinity were already rushing over.

Situ Shi frowned slightly and said with a deep voice, “Let’s settle this as soon as possible lest outsiders get to be the oriole!”

Leng Ming nodded and glared at Little Fatty with a cold gaze before saying slowly, “Junior Brother, don’t blame me for not taking into account our relationship as sect mates. I’ll give you two options to choose!”

“The first option is to hand over the Yellow Springs Diagram alongside all the treasures in the tomb. I will then spare your life! The second option…”

“There’s no need to say anything more!”

Leng Ming was interrupted by Little Fatty before he could finish.

Little Fatty gripped his fists tightly and snarled word for word, “I’ll never hand the Yellow Springs Diagram to you!”

He went through immense danger and found it with his own capabilities – why should he hand it over to Leng Ming?!

“Well, well, well!”

Leng Ming nodded with an endless killing intent in his eyes. “You chose this so don’t blame me for not giving you any chances!”

Little Fatty withdrew a flying sword from his storage bag with a resolute expression without any bit of fear.

Leng Ming glanced briefly at Su Zimo and the others with a mocking gaze before jeering, “Junior Brother, I’ve got to say that you’ve truly grown. To think that you would know how to seek help, that’s impressive.”

“However, these few people and some beasts are your backing?”

When they heard the word ‘beasts’, monkey and the others revealed wrathful looks.

The spirit tiger was murderous as he glared at Leng Ming fiercely before chuckling. “Bamboo pole, you had better run away later. Otherwise, if I get my hands on you… hahaha!”

Leng Ming chuckled. “Junior Brother, you can’t be naive enough to think that you can fight me with these nobodies?”


Little Fatty laughed as well.

There were a total of nine of them. Apart from monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing, the little fox and the Golden Lion who were demons, which of the remaining four were nobodies?

He was a legacy disciple of Tomb Sect.

Shi Jian was a legacy disciple of Puppet Sect.

Lin Xuanji was their generation’s successor of Enigma Palace!

Although Su Zimo had no sect or faction currently, there was probably nobody in the ancient battlefield who would dare claim that he was a nobody!

Everything else aside, the name Su Zimo was enough to scare people to death!

“What, you don’t believe me?”

Leng Ming burst into laughter. “Since that’s the case, let me introduce to you these few true paragons of Tianhuang Mainland so that you’ll understand how you die at least!”

“This is the legacy disciple of Corpse Refinement Cult, Situ Shi.”

Situ Shi had a cold gaze and glared at Shi Jian as though he was looking at a dead man.

Shi Jian said softly, “Leave that man to me!”

Lin Xuanji whispered, “Although that man has no Golden Core phenomenon, he is not weak. The 30 foot tall battle corpse behind him is already showing signs of evolution into a Silver Corpse.”

The battle corpses of Corpse Refinement Cult were differentiated by levels. A corpse was the lowest level and was extremely weak – they could be destroyed easily with weapons, fire and water.

Iron and Bronze Corpses came after.

Normally, Golden Cores of Corpse Refinement Cult were able to control Bronze Corpses.

Above Bronze Corpses were Silver Corpses!

Leng Ming pointed to another person and smiled leisurely, “This fellow Daoist is Nie Hao from one of the nine immortal sects, Chaos Essence Sect!”

“Chaos Essence Sect?”

Su Zimo murmured and a figure that resembled an emperor flashed through his mind.

Di Yin of Chaos Essence Sect!

That person was truly frightening and was the strongest foe Su Zimo had encountered by far!

Lin Xuanji remarked nonchalantly, “He is Di Yin’s junior brother. The only reason why he’s not so well known is because of Di Yin’s reputation, but he does have some skills.”

Su Zimo did not have much knowledge about the paragons of the various super sects but Lin Xuanji knew everything at the back of his hand.

Su Zimo turned to Lin Xuanji. “We’ll leave that guy to you since you seem so nonchalant.”

“It’s fine,”

Lin Xuanji waved it off and pouted. “I’m not together with you guys. Most of the benefits within the tomb were taken by you guys and I only got a fraction of it.”

“Mister Lin, are you thinking of running away?”

The little fox wanted to agitate Lin Xuanji psychologically but he did not fall for it.

Without even blushing, Lin Xuanji said sincerely, “A gentleman knows that he should not stand in the face of danger. Don’t worry, once the battle starts, I’ll definitely be the first to run and not create trouble for you guys.”

“This is Xu Cheng, the number one Golden Core of one of the nine immortal sects, Zephyr Thunder Palace!”

Leng Ming’s voice sounded once more as he left Xu Cheng’s introduction for the last.

Cultivators that were watching nearby exclaimed at the mention of that name.

Lin Xuanji displayed a rare moment of seriousness and said deeply, “He is extremely strong. It’s said that he cultivated the strongest legacy phenomenon of Zephyr Thunder Palace, the Apocalyptic Five Thunders!”

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

In the previous Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking, a successor of Zephyr Thunder Palace was ranked nine and his phenomenon was the Four Thunderbolts.

Behind that Golden Core phenomenon, it was clearly stated that the highest level of the Golden Core phenomenon was to create five divine thunderbolts that had an apocalyptic might!

Four divine thunderbolts were enough for one to be ranked top ten in the Phenomenon Ranking.

How strong was this person in combat if he could summon five divine thunderbolts?

Lin Xuanji continued, “This person is strong enough to be top five or even top three in the Phenomenon Ranking! The reason why he’s here this time round is so that he can challenge Di Yin.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Lin Xuanji reminded, “Don’t underestimate your opponents. Although you have a double phenomenon, they might not be able to go against the five divine thunderbolts released by this guy!”

Su Zimo frowned.

Up to this point of his cultivation, he had not encountered anyone who could challenge his double phenomenon.

At the most, they could only enter a stalemate with one of his phenomenons. Once his second phenomenon appeared, his opponents would definitely be defeated without chance!

To think that he would meet such a savage character before arriving at Myriad Phenomenon City!

Leng Ming looked at Little Fatty with a fake smile. “How about introducing your helpers so that we can broaden our knowledge too?”

A series of chuckles sounded from the Chaos Essence Sect, Corpse Refinement Cult and Zephyr Thunder Palace crowd.

Situ Shi and Nie Hao had haughty expressions.

Xu Cheng’s hands were behind his back as he looked up in the skies; he could not even be bothered to look at Su Zimo’s group.

Given the current situation, everything would be resolved before he was even required to make a move.

They knew most of the paragons of the various super sects. In their opponent’s group, apart from Little Fatty and Shi Jian who were from super sects, the remaining two looked extremely foreign.

They were either itinerant cultivators or disciples of minor sects who were just here to join the crowd and broaden their knowledge.

Before he left the tomb, Lin Xuanji already wore his mask. As such, it was only natural that Situ Shi and the others could not recognize him.

Little Fatty harrumphed before pointing to Lin Xuanji. “This is…”

Lin Xuanji waved it off hurriedly and grinned brightly. “There’s no need to introduce me, I’m just a nobody who will be leaving soon! You guys can carry on fighting, it’s none of my business…”


The cultivators present burst into laughter.

Leng Ming held back his amusement and pointed to the green-robed cultivator beside Lin Xuanji with disdain in his eyes. “Who is that? Hurry and introduce him so that we can learn more too, junior brother!”

Just as Little Fatty was about to speak, the green-robed cultivator said with indifference, “My name is Su Zimo.”

Suddenly, the laughter in the crowd went silent!

It was as though all the cultivators present were choked by the throat!

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