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Chapter 696: Final Farewell

Although it was a seemingly insignificant action, it was a form of recognition.

Or rather, it was the Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect expressing his gratitude to Su Zimo.

“This treasure has followed me for more than 10,000 years. To think that it’s still degraded to such a state in the end.”

The skeleton retracted its palm and looked at Little Fatty before saying slowly, “Keep this Yellow Springs Diagram well. Once you advance to Nascent Soul realm, use it as your Destiny Dharmic Weapon.”

“Even if it can’t reclaim its glory of the past, you’ll have to repair it to the state of a Dharma treasure!”

The pretext of the Yellow Springs Diagram turning into a Dharma treasure was for Little Fatty to advance to the Mahayana realm!

However, how difficult was it to achieve that?

Even this paragon who was once a titular disciple of Tomb Sect in the past right before them did not manage to finish that advancement.

“Don’t worry, senior, I’ll do my best!”

Little Fatty nodded furiously and put the Yellow Springs Diagram away with utmost importance.

The skeleton surveyed its surroundings and looked at the nervous spirit tiger, Qing Qing and everyone else, saying gently, “There’s no need to be afraid, I died a long time ago. The only thing remaining in my skeleton is a remnant of my consciousness.”

“50,000 years ago, I failed to break through to the Mahayana realm and was almost at the end of my lifespan. As such, I could only set up this Astral Dragon Sputum Lair and await the future generation.”

Everyone was confused.

Since he was already dead, how did his consciousness manage to survive till now?

The skeleton seemed to understand everyone’s confusion and explained, “By making use of this tomb, my remnant consciousness fused into the dragon vein and concealed this heavenly secret. That was how I managed to remain here. Now that the dragon vein has been absorbed, I’m about to dissipate too.”

Everyone was enlightened.

The skeleton continued, “The reason why I left this remnant consciousness was to prevent the Yellow Springs Diagram from falling into the hands of outsiders. The final test of this tomb is me!”

Upon hearing that, everyone had conflicted expressions and felt trepidation.

It was obvious what the skeleton was implying.

If one of them in the group harbored evil intentions and designs on the Yellow Springs Diagram, they would have been dead by now!

Although it was only a remnant consciousness of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, it was strong enough to kill any of them present!

Su Zimo’s mouth twitched.

The thoughts of this Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect could not be described simply as being cautious.

It was more like he was twisted!

Who would have expected that there would be a final test even after passing through all the various ones at the start!

At the same time, it was the scariest and most fatal test!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he turned to Lin Xuanji at the side.

There was no hint of surprise in Lin Xuanji’s eyes, as though he had predicted this.


Su Zimo sneered internally, “What a crafty person!”

Back when they first entered, a thought crossed Su Zimo’s mind when he saw that nothing in the palace seemed to have been touched – could Lin Xuanji truly be so considerate?

It was only at this moment that he finally understood.

Lin Xuanji had expected this scene before them long ago.

The skeleton turned and walked towards Su Zimo.

“There are four distinct auras coming from you!”

The skeleton said slowly, “From the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects… as well as a demonic qi!”


Su Zimo nodded.

Naturally, the secrets in his body could not be hidden from a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure.

“Good, good. Very good.”

The skeleton nodded repeatedly, seemingly pleased.

The skeleton retrieved an ancient book from the stone shelf at the side and wiped away the dust on it before handing it to Su Zimo. “Take this book with you. If you can fulfill my wish, you will definitely bring about blessings for the masses.”

Su Zimo retrieved the ancient book and flipped it open gently. He merely took a quick glance before his expression changed.

The ancient book recorded trial methods for how mortals should cultivate and form Golden Cores if they had no spirit roots!

Of course, all of those methods ended in failure.

However, there were a lot of thoughts and conclusions described behind the methods!

When he witnessed Su Hong reach the end of his lifespan and the pitiful lives of the citizens of Yan Country as their corpses sprawled everywhere, Su Zimo made a vow that he would create a Dao and alter the fates of the masses!

For anyone else, this ancient book would be equivalent to trash.

However, it was extremely important for Su Zimo!

The failed attempts and methods were precious experiences left behind by their predecessors.

It would save him a lot of time and effort!

The skeleton said, “I’ve lived for more than 20,000 years and most of my time was spent on this. It’s a pity that I did not manage to find a path further.”

“If you have the heart to do so, I can only rely on you to continue down this path. If even someone like you can’t do it, I’m afraid this is probably a dead end…”

Su Zimo was someone who cultivated the path of immortals, demons, fiends and Buddhism.

If even he could not create a path and establish a brand new Dao, there would probably be no one else in this world qualified to do so.

Of course, given Su Zimo’s current cultivation realm, experience and knowledge, he was way too far from being able to establish a Dao.

Su Zimo bowed deeply towards the skeleton and declared earnestly, “My sincere gratitude, senior! This book is of utmost importance to me!”


The skeleton nodded and the light spot on its glabella had already grown faint.

After pondering for a moment, it turned and pointed towards the electric pool at the back that flashed purple. “This is a Purple Electric Pool and it can be used to refine one’s body and weapons.”

“There’s an ancient manual in the middle of the electric pool and it’s one of the cultivation techniques of the Void Thunder Manual, known as the Purple Thunder Manual. It’s a heaven-grade cultivation technique and contains a myriad of techniques. Apart from mental arts, there’s also Dharmic arts. Take it with you.”

Su Zimo was delighted when he heard that.

Cultivation techniques had four grades – heaven, earth, dark and light.

Ethereal Peak did not even have a dark-grade cultivation technique or Dharmic art!

Only aristocratic families and upper sects possessed dark-grade cultivation techniques and Dharmic arts.

Earth-grade cultivation techniques and Dharmic arts were limited to super sects and they were not allowed to be imparted or leaked to outsiders.

Although there were many cultivation techniques and Dharmic arts on the stone shelves, Su Zimo saw that they were mostly light-grade. Even if there were any at dark-grade, they were individual volumes and were incomplete.

But now, there was a heaven-grade cultivation technique right in front of Su Zimo – this was a divine opportunity!

Furthermore, this was a section of the Void Thunder Manual!

Su Zimo possessed the power of thunder within his body to begin with. As such, his cultivation process would be much easier!

Now that everything was ready, Su Zimo only had to advance to Nascent Soul realm to be able to cultivate the Purple Thunder Manual.

Lin Xuanji was green with envy once more.

“This must definitely be the effect of the dragon vein!”

Lin Xuanji was at the brink of tears and lamented internally, “Otherwise, this opportunity would have most likely been mine!”

The skeleton turned back and returned to the platform. It sat down slowly with a relieved expression. “I can finally leave in peace now. All of you are good, very good.”

With that, the light spot on the skeleton’s glabella dimmed completely.

After losing the support of a Mighty Figure’s energy, the skeleton collapsed and turned into dust!

Su Zimo sighed gently, looking emotional.

Legend has it that the lifespan of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was more than 20,000 years.

However, this Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect was able to display such godly abilities to extend its time in this world to 50,000 years and witness this scene today.

It was only at this moment that his final trace of existence vanished from this world!

Without a word, everyone bowed in unison deeply towards the mound of dust.

It was a form of respect.

At the same time, it was a final farewell.

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