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Chapter 691: Fortune

Judging from their tone, it seemed like they knew one another a long time ago and had a good relationship. With that, everyone’s expressions eased gradually.

The tension in the air cleared up as well.

“So, you’re a fellow Daoist from Enigma Palace. That explains your capabilities,”

As a disciple of one of the five heretical doctrines, Tomb Sect, Little Fatty had naturally heard of the famous Enigma Palace.

It was a great sect created by the ancient expert, Fairy Ling Long, that has its roots traced back to history. Enigma Palace was the host for every generation’s Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking.

Enigma Palace did not have many disciples and there would only be a single legacy disciple for every generation to roam the secular realm.

The disciples of Enigma Palace that roamed the secular realm were the most mysterious and almost nobody knew how strong they were.

However, apart from the successors of Tomb Sect, among the successors of the other super sects, the successor of Enigma Palace had the highest chance of locating this place!

Su Zimo knew about Lin Xuanji’s capabilities a long time ago.

Back then, this was the person who infiltrated the Dragon Bone Valley stealthily and brought him along to escape alive!

Lin Xuanji put away the iron ruler in his hands and withdrew his folding fan once more, saying embarrassedly, “You guys sure got here quick. I haven’t had time to take anything yet.”

Su Zimo smiled. “Don’t dream about it. This is the tomb of Tomb Sect.”

Little Fatty waved it off. “It’s fine, since you’re a friend of Boss, you can take anything you fancy in here as well apart from the utmost treasure of our sect.”

Lin Xuanji’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

Su Zimo sensed that something was amiss.

That was when Lin Xuanji snickered. “Fellow Daoist, you sure are easygoing. However, I’m also not a greedy person. I won’t take a single treasure within the tomb.”


Su Zimo sneered, “Stop pretending. I know your character well enough!”

Previously, Lin Xuanji had already coveted Night Spirit for a long time after noticing that the latter had an unusual bloodline – there was no way he would return empty-handed with so many treasures here.

Lin Xuanji’s mouth cramped for a moment as he ignored Su Zimo and said, “The reason why I’m here isn’t for the treasures in the tomb. It’s for the dragon vein here!”

“You want to take the dragon vein away?” Su Zimo frowned.

“That’s right!”

Lin Xuanji nodded and turned to Little Fatty. “The dragon vein here is man-made. Although it was prepared for you by the tomb master, given your strength, even if you get your hands on the utmost treasure of Tomb Sect, you’ll only be able to receive 50% of it.”

“If you take in too much fortune, you won’t be able to absorb it completely as well. Too much of something will bring about an adverse effect and at that time, you will only bring upon disaster to yourself.”

Little Fatty remained silent.

He knew that Lin Xuanji was not exaggerating.

The dragon vein represented fortune!

This Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect set up the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair and connected to Heaven and Earth, gathering the fortune of the ancient battlefield to form this dragon vein. It took a few tens of thousands of years before it was fully formed in this era.

Fortune was something that was incorporeal and illusory.

Although Fairy Ling Long was not an emperor, her status in the ancient era was extraordinary.

It was not only because she was the wife of the Human Emperor. More than that, she was a legendary wielder of great fortune who could divine everything, predict blessings and disasters and even steal a glimpse of the heavenly secrets!

It was due to her capabilities that the human race managed to gain the upper hand in the ancient war, avoiding countless calamities that would have wiped out the race!

The Primordial Nine Races hated her to the core.

Legend has it that in the ancient war, in order to gain the upper hand, the Primordial Nine Races sent countless experts in their races to ambush and assassinate Fairy Ling Long but to no avail.

Although fortune had no form to itself, it truly existed.

Anyone who possessed great fortune could convert disasters into blessings and even meet with more opportunities!

Although fortune would not bring about a direct raise to a cultivator’s combat strength or any visible changes, its held an imperative importance to the cultivator’s future!

Experts who could cultivate to the level of Mighty Figure or Patriarch were all blessed with fortune!

If they were surrounded by bad luck, they would have died a long time ago at the Qi Condensation or Foundation Establishment realm. In fact, it would be considered lucky if they only died at old age.

Notwithstanding the experts that were so strong they were out of reach, even for the true paragons from the various super sects that entered the ancient battlefield this time round, the 108 on the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking, all of them had met with an immortal fate!

All of them had entered an ancestral cave or ancient ruin!

All of them had obtained a legacy left behind by some experts!

Lin Xuanji said, “If you absorb 50% of the dragon vein, the remaining of it will dissipate into the world. Rather than letting that happen, you might as well let me take the rest.”

The spirit tiger rolled his eyes and asked, “According to your words, the seven of us brothers can absorb the dragon vein as well. How can we let you be the only one getting all the benefits!”


The Golden Lion nodded as well.

This time round, Qing Qing did a rare act of not refuting the spirit tiger.

Lin Xuanji said with a fake smile, “Sure thing. If you can manage to snatch the dragon vein away, go ahead. You don’t have to care about me.”

“Remember those words! Don’t regret them later on!”

The spirit tiger said.

Lin Xuanji swore honestly, “I won’t regret!”


The spirit tiger said, “First, tell us how to absorb this dragon vein.”

Lin Xuanji rolled his eyes.

Su Zimo was speechless and broke into a chuckle. “Don’t ask any further. The method to absorb the dragon vein is definitely a secret skill of Enigma Palace. There’s no way he’ll impart it to outsiders.”

The spirit tiger scratched his head. “Doesn’t that mean that we can only stand by the sidelines and watch?”

“Since Fatty has already said that there are so many treasures in the palace, just take one of them,” Su Zimo smiled.

“Ah, alright!

The spirit tiger grinned.

He had already set his sights on the treasures that filled the tomb a long time ago and was just waiting for Su Zimo to say that.

There were two stone shelves on both sides of the palace that spanned several thousand feet into the depths.

On the left stone shelf was weapons, rare ores and materials – there was everything.

On the right shelf was secret cultivation techniques of all kinds.

With a casual glance, Su Zimo even caught sight of many secret skills from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend super sects!


Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

Those were the treasures amassed by the Tomb Sect Mighty Figure during his lifetime.

Monkey and the others were not interested in cultivation techniques for humans.

After condensing their Essence Spirits, they would innately inherit some of the memories of their race that was hidden deep in the bloodlines – there would be demonic techniques suitable for them.

They walked towards the stone shelf on the left right away.

It was rare for demons to get their hands on a weapon suitable for them.

This was a rare opportunity.

Su Zimo was also looking to seek a treasure for little fox.

Previously, her Fire Blocking Basket wouldn’t have been taken away by Dao Being Xuan Yu if she hadn’t been trying to save him.

That was the only thing left behind for little fox by her mother.

Monkey and the others meandered along the stone shelf down.

In between, they caught sight of many supreme-grade and even some perfect Dharmic weapons with five Dharmic patterns. However, they did not take any of them.

They had to be extremely careful if they could only choose one.

Suddenly, monkey paused in his tracks and his gaze lingered on a rusty long rod.

Monkey lifted the rod and observed it carefully.

There was nothing special about the rod. In fact, it did not even have any Dharmic patterns on it and it was rusted all over. The only thing that was special was that it would shimmer with a faint golden glow from time to time when it was moved.

It was not a Dharmic weapon.

However, the moment monkey picked up that iron rod, Su Zimo realized that the corner of Lin Xuanji’s eyes twitched for a moment!

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