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Chapter 680: Distraction

Little Fatty had just consumed a few elixirs and was panting. Before he could calm down, he saw that the Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators were already slain completely!

His eyes widened and his jaws almost dropped to the ground.

“The rumors are not lying, Brother Su is still ferocious as ever.”

Shi Jian gulped and muttered his thoughts.

“Bro, I’m glad you’re here! I’ve missed you to death!”

Little Fatty’s character had not changed as he scurried over like a gigantic meatball. He lunged into Su Zimo’s embrace emotionally with tears and snot.

Peeling that fat face away, Su Zimo scolded with a chuckle, “Stop acting.”

Shi Jian came over as well and smiled at Su Zimo with cupped fists. “Much thanks, Brother Su.”

“What’s with the politeness after not meeting each other for 20 years?”

Su Zimo laughed with a relaxed expression.

Back in Xuantian City in the elementary ancient battlefield, he welcomed the Four Mounted Bandits singlehandedly. However, Little Fatty, Ji Chengtian, Little Fatty and Shi Jian were extremely bold and returned to fight with him!

They were brothers who had gone through thick and thin!

Little Fatty laughed. “Silly Jian is foolish as always, you can just ignore him, Boss.”

The three of them had reunited after a long time and words could not describe Little Fatty’s joy.

Shi Jian did not have much to say and merely chuckled foolishly the entire time.

Although Su Zimo seemed composed, he was smiling a lot more than usual as well.

“Thank you for your help, fellow brothers of the demon race,”

Little Fatty chuckled and greeted monkey and the others with cupped fists.

He got along with people easily to begin with. Furthermore, he already knew monkey and the spirit tiger from back in Ethereal Peak.

“Boss, I’ve heard from Silly Jian about everything in the North Region,”

Little Fatty consoled, “Don’t worry, follow me back to my sect this time round. I’ll persuade my master to take you in. Although Tomb Sect’s legacy is not strong, we’ve lasted through history and have some foundation as well!”

“Furthermore, Tomb Sect is the best at being secretive. There’s no way outsiders know about where we’re located!”

Almost the entire North Region knew about Su Zimo’s feud with Glass Palace.

Ordinary cultivators would want nothing more than to get far away from Su Zimo in fear of being implicated.

However, Little Fatty had no such considerations at all. Instead, he was thinking up ideas and solutions for Su Zimo.

Su Zimo patted Little Fatty on the shoulder gratefully.

Although it sounded like a possible idea, it was not practical.

Little Fatty was a Golden Core. Even if he was a legacy disciple, his words would not carry much weight in the sect.

Most sects would definitely not want to go against a super sect such as Glass Palace just for someone like him – the disadvantages outweighed the advantages.

Furthermore, although Tomb Sect was one of the five heretical doctrines, it was well known that they had few disciples – there was no way they could go against Glass Palace.

“Brother Su, I-I could head back and explain things to Puppet Sect as well…”

Shi Jian mustered his courage and wanted to help Su Zimo with his troubles as well.

Su Zimo waved it off with a smile and diverted the topic. “It’s fine, we can talk about this next time. Right, how did you guys end up fighting against Corpse Refinement Cult cultivators?”

Shi Jian gripped his fists and said hatefully, “Puppet Sect and Corpse Refinement Cult have a deep enmity to begin with. There’s naturally no way they would let me off the moment they saw me.”


Su Zimo raised his brow.

In Tianhuang Mainland, among the nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects, six Buddhist monasteries, five heretical doctrines and fouur unorthodox groups… there were truly deep-rooted enmity between some super sects that went a long way back!

For example, Heavenly Dipper Sect of the immortal sects and Malevolent Earth Sect of the fiend sects were long enemies.

There were also similar conflicts between immortal sects.

Glass Palace had an extremely poor relationship with Snowdrift Valley of the Middle Continent.

Shi Jian continued, “Originally, there weren’t five heretical doctrines. Corpse Refinement Cult was established by a traitor of Puppet Sect!”

“He was the most talented cultivator in Puppet Sect and even had the potential of becoming an emperor if he continued cultivating! However, he ended up veering onto the wrong path and focused entirely on corpses.”

“In order to refine corpses, he became addicted to killing and sinned endlessly, cultivating himself to the point where he resembled neither human nor ghost. Eventually, he incurred the wrath of the sect.”

Everyone was immersed as Shi Jian recounted the history of Puppet Sect.

When Shi Jian paused briefly, little fox could not help but ask, “What happened after?”

Shi Jian let out a deep breath. “An expert of a sect took pity on his potential and could not bear to see him cripple his cultivation just like that. That person tried to persuade him to repent countless times but was eventually killed by him instead!”

“Sigh, he was truly powerful. He managed to escape even against the combined attack of experts from many sects!”

“Although a patriarch of the sect eventually moved in, that person had already established himself and forged an alliance with one of the other heretical doctrines, Poison Sect. Even if we gave it our all to kill him, Puppet Sect would suffer immense losses and even face possible annihilation!”

“Left with no other choice, we could only allow him to leave. Not long after, he created Corpse Refinement Cult in Tianhuang Mainland and as it grew stronger, it became one of the five heretical doctrines.”

“No wonder.”

At that point, realization flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes. “Earlier on, I noticed that the technique Corpse Refinement Cult used to refine their battle corpses was similar to the technique of Puppet Sect. The only difference was that one was evil and the other righteous. So, they had the same background.”

“Unfortunately, although our backgrounds are the same, the situation between us is now irreconcilable,” Shi Jian said.

Little Fatty shifted his beady eyes and surveyed the surroundings. When he saw that more cultivators were gathering, he whispered, “Let’s leave first. This is not a good place to linger further!”


Su Zimo nodded. “You guys leave first. I’ll go get my hands on that iron rod!”

Although the fight between them and Corpse Refinement Cult had subsided, more cultivators had been attracted over due to the commotion.

Right now, many cultivators and demon beasts were already fighting and it was all for that supreme-grade Dharmic weapon with four Dharmic patterns in midair!

Su Zimo had his eyes set on that object as well.

They traveled for an entire day past more than 10 cave abodes but this was the highest graded Dharmic weapon.

“No, don’t go!”

Little Fatty held back Su Zimo by the arm and whispered, “There’s no need for us to fight for that scrap metal. Let’s head somewhere else!”


Su Zimo froze for a moment.

Wasn’t his tone way too arrogant?

A supreme-grade Dharmic weapon was considered as scrap metal in the eyes of Little Fatty?

Little Fatty said in a mysterious manner, “Follow me, I’ll take you guys elsewhere!”


Su Zimo could not help but ask.

Little Fatty asked instead, “How many cave abodes have you seen appear today?”

Su Zimo replied, “More than 10.”


Little Fatty was not surprised. “Based on my deductions, more than 10 more of such cave abodes are going to appear!”

“So many?”

Su Zimo was surprised and asked with a frown, “Why are so many cave abodes appearing all of a sudden? Did something happen to this place?”

“Sort of.”

Little Fatty retracted his smile in a rare manner and said darkly, “There’s a huge tomb beneath this place where the true treasures lie!”

“These cave abodes are nothing but a distraction left behind by the tomb master!”

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