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Chapter 673: Nian Qi’s Location

Sensing the sadness in little crane’s heart, the spirit tiger scratched its ears and cheeks. It wanted to help her share the load, but did not know what to say.

Nobody knew how to console her for something as such.

The atmosphere turned heavy.

Looking at Su Zimo, the spirit tiger hoped that he would say something.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo decided to distract little crane. “Little crane, how did you enter the intermediate ancient battlefield?”

Although the old immortal crane had broken through 20 years ago into a high-level fiend demon that was equivalent to the Dharma Characteristic realm of humans, it was probably impossible for her to open up a teleportation point to the intermediate ancient battlefield singlehandedly.

As though she called something, little crane’s expression changed all of a sudden and she turned into her human form. She grabbed Su Zimo’s arm and said anxiously, “Save Nian Qi! Think of a way to save Nian Qi!”


Su Zimo’s heart sank and he took a deep breath. “What happened? Calm down and speak slowly.”

Nian Qi was the small girl that he ‘picked up’ in the capital of Great Zhou and she contained many secrets in her body.

For example, Nian Qi was already incredibly strong before she cultivated.

Also, Nian Qi did not seem to age.

Or rather, time seemed like it passed extremely slowly for her.

This meant that Nian Qi’s lifespan was much longer than anyone else of the same level!

Even so, Su Zimo had no doubts towards Nian Qi.

Everyone had secrets.

Furthermore, she was only a child and had a pure heart. Be it to him or Ethereal Peak, she carried no evil intentions.

She fought with all her might for the battle at Ethereal Peak and almost died – it was clear that she had already regarded Ethereal Peak as her home.

Little crane replied, “An old patriarch of the Great Zhou Dynasty appeared and took the initiative to look mother up with the intention of opening a teleportation spot together.”

“The patriarch was a Dharma Characteristic, but his blood qi has deteriorated and his lifespan is about to end. That was why he decided to use a secret skill to burn up the last of his lifespan and release a burst together with mother to open up a teleportation spot.”

“However, the teleportation tunnel was extremely cramped and only two people can be teleported. The patriarch of Great Zhou gave both spots to Ethereal Peak.”

When he heard that, Su Zimo raised his brow.

That action was equivalent to sacrificing his life to give a great gift to Ethereal Peak!

The patriarch of Great Zhou must have a motive for doing that!

Little crane continued, “The patriarch of Great Zhou knew that his life was about to end and was worried that a calamity would befall the Great Zhou Dynasty after his demise. As such, he wanted to use this gift in exchange for the protection of mother and Ethereal Peak.”

In the battle at Ethereal Peak, the other four major sects suffered immense losses and their Void Reversions perished.

Although Ethereal Peak suffered immense losses as well, its surviving disciples had great potential for the future!

Furthermore, the old immortal crane managed to extend her life with that battle and advanced to the Dharma Characteristic realm. She broke free of the restraints of Heaven and Earth and freed herself from the threat of her demise with an extension of her lifespan.

With that, Ethereal Peak became the leader of the five major sects instantly!

Its strength surpassed the other four major sects firmly and there were more and more cultivators that wanted to join the sect.

In the past 20 years, Ethereal Peak turned into the true number one sect of Great Zhou!

It was not hard to understand why the patriarch of Great Zhou made that decision.

Little crane looked at Su Zimo and continued, “Mother told me that part of the reason why the Emperor of Great Zhou left the throne to Ji Yaoxue was because of your potential. At the same time, it was also because of her relationship with you as well as the fact that Ethereal Peak was backing you.”

Su Zimo nodded.

This was something he had guessed as well.

According to customs, the throne was passed down to the sons in order of seniority – no matter what, Ji Yaoxue would not have inherited it.

Furthermore, she was a female.

Finally, despite the unrest and internal and external strife in Great Zhou for the past 20 years after the throne was passed down to Ji Yaoxue, she was not removed from position – that was definitely not a decision made by the Emperor of Great Zhou alone.

So, the patriarch of Great Zhou also backed the idea!

With that, everything made sense.

This patriarch of Great Zhou had planned a long time ahead.

Furthermore, he made the right gamble.

The fact that the old immortal crane sent little crane here meant that they had agreed on the deal!

Although he was dead, he paved the way for Great Zhou before his demise with the protection of an expert at Dharma Characteristic realm.

From there on, it was no longer up to his control how Great Zhou would grow in the future.

A thought struck Su Zimo as he asked, “Old immortal crane sent you and Nian Qi in here with those two spots?”


Little crane nodded. “Many cultivators joined Ethereal Peak and the strength of the sect has grown. However, there are issues as well. We no longer have enough elixirs, weapons or cultivation techniques to supply them.”

“Both mother and the sect master looked highly forward to the opening of the ancient battlefield, hoping to use this opportunity to strengthen our sect’s foundation.”

“Although Nian Qi joined the sect pretty late, she is already the number one of the Golden Core realm in our sect right now! In fact, the sect master said that she might be comparable to you!”

“Mother also mentioned that Nian Qi’s Golden Core phenomenon has a chance of making it to the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking!”

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

He was surprised enough at the fact that she might be able to make it to the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking.

Sect Master Ling Yun was already at Void Reversion realm and both he and the old immortal crane were wise and sharp. The fact that they gave Nian Qi such a high evaluation was proof of her strength!

Of course, neither the old immortal crane nor Sect Master Ling Yun knew of Su Zimo’s true strength after he laid dormant for 20 years at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Nobody had witnessed it as well.

As though she recalled something, little crane’s eyes were filled with fear. “Not long after we entered the ancient battlefield, we came across a group of seven! There were six men and one woman!”

“The seven of them were extremely strong! Extremely, extremely strong!”

Little crane emphasized continuously – it was clear how much of a blow it was for her!

“The group of them looked down on everything with a cold, arrogant indifference. However, something was off the moment they caught sight of Nian Qi.”

“Nian Qi’s expression turned terrible as well the moment we saw them. At that time, we were holding hands and her palm went ice-cold right away, filled with sweat.”

Su Zimo and the others could not help but feel anxious at this point.

Little crane continued, “Thereafter, the seven of them had odd expressions and walked towards us, looking at Nian Qi with fake smiles. Nian Qi told me not to ask about anything and just run before rushing to them.”

After pausing for a moment, little crane gulped. “The moment Nian Qi rushed up, she released her Golden Core phenomenon. However, it was shattered by a single punch from the leader of the opposing group!”


Little fox exclaimed.

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo asked, “He destroyed Nian Qi’s Golden Core phenomenon with a single punch?”


Little fox nodded with conviction.

Su Zimo’s expression turned grim.

According to the old immortal crane, Nian Qi’s Golden Core phenomenon had a chance of making it to the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking.

In other words, her Golden Core phenomenon was definitely not weaker than his Soaring Serpent and Divine Turtle!

However, such a terrifying Golden Core phenomenon was shattered by a single punch!

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

Even he might not be capable of releasing such a powerful burst!

Suddenly, Su Zimo realized that the ancient battlefield this time round might be much scarier than he had imagined it to be!

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