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Chapter 670: Flames of the Soaring Serpent

More Rainbow Wolf Spiders started climbing up and spitting silk repeatedly, weaving layer over layer on that gigantic colorful cocoon.

There were also some Rainbow Wolf Spiders that stood all around, moving their eight legs to reel in the spiderweb.

That gigantic cocoon was shrinking continuously!

The remaining space Su Zimo had was decreasing!

In the cocoon, Su Zimo was expressionless. His Golden Core appeared gradually from the black hole in his dantian and started circulating.

A shuddering aura spread from within his body!

It was bright and scorching!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

In that instant, the earth and mountains shook!

Mountains toppled and the ground cracked, revealing an unsettling fissure.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Volcano erupted as balls of scarlet lava surged from underground, forming a red sea that could even melt rocks!

The heat within the cocoon rose rapidly!

When the lava splashed onto the rainbow spiderweb, wisps of green smoke rose instantly.

Although the spiderweb was burned and its light dimmed, it did not break!

When he sensed what was happening inside, the colorful-robed man’s pupils constricted and his expression changed slightly.

The silk of the Rainbow Wolf Spider was indeed a counter to most spirit weapons.

However, there was always a counter to everything and the greatest nemesis to the silk was fire!

Thankfully, the Rainbow Wolf Spiders were royalty of the spider race and had powerful bloodlines. They cultivated unique cultivation techniques that made their silk exceptionally tenacious such that it could defend against most fire.

If it was any other spider, the cocoon would have been burned into ashes by the flames a long time ago!

When he saw that the cocoon was merely charred without any lethal damage, the colorful-robed man heaved a sigh of relief and sneered, “You want to burn the silk of Rainbow Wolf Spiders using that level of flames? You must be dreaming!”

Although he said that, the colorful-robed man was in cold sweat moments earlier!

In the cultivation world, Rainbow Wolf Spiders feared cultivators of a few super sects.

For example, of the six Buddhist monasteries, monks of Dapamkara Monastery cultivate a ball of True Fire in their bodies at the start of their cultivation paths. It was extremely strong and illuminated their organs, igniting their spirits.

If a Rainbow Wolf Spider got into contact with the True Fire of a Dapamkara Monastery monk, it could be severely injured or even burned into ashes!

Suddenly, the colorful-robed man’s expression changed.

He could sense that the temperature in the cocoon was rising at a scary speed and was not at its limits yet!

From a fissure in the ground, a menacing head stuck out with a frightening aura. It had the head of a snake, the body of an anaconda and was scarlet red all over its body!

Its scales were stacked on top of one another tightly with no gaps, burning with a thin layer of flames.


The living being rose with a single leap and a pair of scarlet wings blazing with flames burst forth from its back!

With each flap, a heatwave would be sent forth.

The eyes of the colorful-robed man widened as he murmured, “Snake head, anaconda body, dragon scales, phoenix wings, no horns above its head or limbs beneath its abdomen. This is…”

A memory that was embedded deep in its bloodline gradually came to mind.

“Soaring Serpent!”

The colorful-robed man exclaimed in shock.

Deep in its soul, there was a fear that stemmed from the primordial era, causing it to shiver uncontrollably.

The Spirit Fire was a divine being of the flames in the primordial era and was not inferior to phoenixes in reputation!

However, that frightening living being had gone extinct a long time ago in the primordial era.

It could be considered as the greatest nemesis for the Rainbow Wolf Spiders!

Or rather, in the primordial era, that golden era where the ten thousand races ruled, the Rainbow Wolf Spider race was nothing in the eyes of the Soaring Serpents.

The colorful-robed man truly had not imagined that Su Zimo would be able to summon this primordial divine being!

The temperature in the cocoon continued rising!

Standing in the blazing flames, Su Zimo’s hair danced. His aura was torrential as he stood in the scarlet lava with electric eyes!

The figure of the Primordial Soaring Serpent rose continuously behind him.

It was an extremely shocking sight!

Many Rainbow Wolf Spiders stood rooted to the spot and did not escape immediately.

When it sensed that it was being restricted, the Soaring Serpent twisted its head and surveyed the surroundings. Its cold eyes contained an endless ferocity and fury as it reared its head and hissed with its darting tongue!

It was a divine being of the flames with a noble bloodline.

In the primordial era, the Rainbow Wolf Spiders were no different than ants to it.

Now that thousands of years had passed and it was reborn, there was no way it was going to be insulted by such bugs!

Psst! Psst! Psst!

The Primordial Soaring Serpent flapped its blazing wings and fire spewed from its eyes as it opened its gigantic mouth to spit out streams of scorching red lava!

The lava that came from the mouth of the Primordial Soaring Serpent was much scarier than the lava flowing underground!


The gigantic cocoon burst into flames instantly!


Su Zimo tore into the air, rearing his head as he howled!

The Rainbow Wolf Spiders that were climbing on the cocoon were unable to escape at all, screeching terribly as they were engulfed in the sea of flames.

Those flames were absolutely destructive for them!

In the blink of an eye, the cocoon turned into ashes.

The flames spread and blazed through the vast lands – a few hundred Rainbow Wolf Spiders perished in the sea of flames without any corpses left!

Even if any Rainbow Wolf Spider escaped from the sea of flames, a single spark that landed on them was enough to burn them completely!

That was the terror of the Soaring Serpent flames!



The lava surged and extended underground thousands of kilometers.

The entire beast stampede went into chaos, howling constantly as everyone escaped in fear of being burned by the scarlet lava.

The Soaring Serpent was sentient and flew with the flames to hunt after the remaining Rainbow Wolf Spiders.

Su Zimo shifted his gaze and glared at the colorful-robed man who was running. Instantly, he chased after the latter!

The Rainbow Wolf Spider was the culprit behind little crane’s sufferings!

Sticking close to the ground, the colorful-robed man scurried extremely swiftly with his eight limbs, fleeing into the distance with dust clouds in his wake.

“Mmm? You’re still trying to escape?”

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.


His blood qi exploded and spirit energy burst forth!


At the same time, a pair of wings appeared behind Su Zimo, raising his speed to its limits. He vanished from the spot, bolting forward like an arrow!

The colorful-robed man did not dare to stop at all, scurrying for his life with all eight limbs flaying.

Thankfully, the Rainbow Wolf Spiders were nimble and had swift movement techniques – most demon beasts won’t be able to catch up to them if they truly wanted to escape.

Right then, a buzzing sound echoed in the colorful-robed man’s ears.

It was as though something was closing in rapidly!

The colorful-robed man turned around.

That single glanced scared him out of his wits.

The green-robed cultivator was not far behind him, looking murderous with a cold gaze!

Furthermore, the distance between them was decreasing rapidly!

If this continued, he would be caught within 10 breaths!

Suddenly, the colorful-robed man stopped in his tracks and his body shrank repeatedly, turning into a spider the size of a palm. Digging with eight limbs, he burrowed himself into the ground and vanished!

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