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Chapter 668: Massive Battle!


Su Zimo roared and gripped Blood Quencher with both hands. His blood qi surged as he descended from the skies, slashing down towards the colorful-robed man!

A blood beam extended a hundred feet and burst forth!

The force of that slash was extremely strong with a furious killing intent that threatened to rip the voids apart!

The expression of the colorful-robed man changed slightly.

He could sense that if he were to take the slash head-on, he would definitely suffer a huge loss given the amount of power it contained!

Tapping lightly off his heel, the colorful-robed man dodged to the side nimbly.

The blood beam descended heavily onto the war chariot.

With a boom, that terrifying power split the war chariot into pieces!

A set of green robes fluttered.

Before the war chariot was smashed, Su Zimo had already reached out to rescue the woman.

Blood Quencher danced around the woman and a blood beam flashed.

Although Blood Quencher was huge, it was fluid as water in the hands of Su Zimo. It sliced off all the spider silk on the woman without injuring her at all!

Su Zimo gripped the woman by the wrist and circulated his Inner Core, sending a rich demonic qi into the latter’s body. Before long, he located the seals within her body.

Demonic qi surged forward like a tide.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The woman shuddered briefly and her seals were removed, reverting her to her true form. There was a red patch on her crown as she spread her wings and screeched – it was indeed the little immortal crane from Ethereal Peak!

Little crane was a little different from ordinary immortal cranes.

Ordinary immortal cranes had snow-white bodies but little crane’s body had a tinge of jade-green to it – it was extremely easy to differentiate them!

Su Zimo could clearly sense that the blood qi within little crane had deteriorated to a severe extent. Although she could revert to her true form, she had no combat strength.

“Protect her, I’ll go kill those spiders!”

Su Zimo ordered murderously with a cold gaze.

Monkey, the spirit tiger and Golden Lion huddled in swiftly and protected the little crane and fox within their midst in a circle. With that, they clashed intensely against the incoming beast stampede!

Click! Clack! Click!

Dust and gravel flew from the ground.

A giant scarlet centipede that was dozens of feet long surged forward.

Its hundred legs were sharp as daggers, causing sparks to fly as it crawled on the ground. Emanating a thick demonic qi, it exuded a stench that was nauseating!

The moment the giant centipede lunged forward, the spirit tiger leaped with an opened mouth. Reaching out with its claws, it grabbed the centipede by the body and chomped down fiercely on the latter’s neck!


The formidable bite strength of the spirit tiger snapped the giant centipede’s neck instantly!

The poisonous demonic qi that it released was instantly purged away by the power of thunder that was flashing on the spirit tiger’s body.


The Golden Lion’s blood qi surged as it let out a deafening roar to the front.

The soundwave rumbled and a ripple surfaced!

A gray wolf that just rushed forward bled from all seven orifices instantly. Its brain was crushed into sludge by the roar and it died on the spot!

Among beasts, a lion’s roar possessed the strongest roar power and was tough and invincible.

In fact, demons and fiends could be purged by its roar!

In the ancient era, Mighty Figures of the Buddhist sect comprehended a sound secret technique after fighting against the lion race – it was the Lion Roar technique of the modern Buddhist sects.

Another few ancient remnant beasts were stunned for a moment. Before they snapped out of their stupor, the Golden Lion had already pounced forward and bit them to death!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

A Ground Dragon a hundred feet long with a body the width of a bucket shook its head and swept its tail. With a ferocious glare, it charged towards monkey!

Resembling lizards, Ground Dragons were not dragons and belonged to a branch of the crocodile race; they merely had a trickle of bloodline from the dragon race. They had massive strength and scales all over their bodies that made them invulnerable!

It was difficult to break through a Ground Dragon’s defense even with a perfect spirit weapon.

The weak spot of a Ground Dragon was their abdomen.

That was the only part of their body that was not covered with scales.

However, Ground Dragons were smart. Even after forming their Inner Cores, they rarely traveled through the air and would stick closely to the ground most of the time so that their opponents would not get any chance at all!

Dust billowed as the Ground Dragon charged with its bared mouth that was lined with sharp fangs, biting towards monkey’s calf!

If that bite landed, monkey’s calf would have been snapped instantly!

At the same time, a Heaven Devouring Mastiff seized the opportunity to lunge over from the side. With a ferocious stance, it leaped and aimed to bite monkey’s throat!

Monkey’s eyes were filled with rage as it raised its leg the moment the Ground Dragon bit on them.


The Ground Dragon missed.

At the same time, monkey smashed down heavily with its raised leg!


Its massive feet crashed heavily onto the Ground Dragon’s head, sending forth a terrifying amount of strength. Sinking into the mud, the Ground Dragon’s head was smashed by monkey!

On the other side, monkey reached out and grabbed the Heaven Devouring Mastiff by its jaws.


Monkey’s eyes shone brightly scarlet and instantly, both its arms grew with intertwining muscles that resembled a tough, firm trunk of an ancient tree!


Roaring, monkey exerted strength in both arms and yanked the jaws of the Heaven Devouring Mastiff in opposite directions!


A blood mist spewed out.

Organs splattered everywhere with a blood stench!

The Heaven Devouring Mastiff was torn into two alive by monkey!

Monkey’s body was dyed red with blood as it tossed the torn carcass of the Heaven Devouring Mastiff to the ground casually. With a torrential ferocity, it whirled its arms and punched another incoming ferocious beast!

Although the little fox was protected in the middle by monkey and the others, she was not idle.

An ancient gigantic elephant charged over with a massive body that resembled a mountain. With a frightening might, it swung its massive trunk wildly as though it could knock out all the stars up in the skies!

The power of a gigantic elephant was extremely scary and was even comparable to the dragon race!

This was also the origin of the power of a dragon elephant!

The triangular formation of monkey, the spirit tiger and the Golden Lion would most likely be knocked apart instantly if the ancient gigantic elephant charged over!

The little fox glared into the eyes of the ancient gigantic elephant and a demonic glint shone in her beautiful eyes.

The speed of the ancient gigantic elephant slowed down gradually and its consciousness turned hazy.

Opening her mouth slightly, the little fox breathed out a fog of fragrance.

Instantly, the eyes of the ancient gigantic elephant turned dazed after it breathed in the fragrance.

“Go, stop them!”

The voice of the little fox sounded.

As though it had lost its soul, the ancient gigantic elephant obeyed the little fox and reversed into the beast stampede, swinging its thick trunk to kill wildly!

The elephant trunk was like an ancient divine whip and any living being struck by it had their bones and tendons snapped instantly!

The gargantuan body crushed everything in its path and some demon beasts that did not manage to dodge in time were struck so badly they were severely injured and coughed blood.

Chaos started to spread out within the beast stampede.

However, the chaos could not be compared to the ferocious beast stampede, merely dissipating instantly like ripples in a river.

Although the ancient gigantic elephant was immensely powerful, it could not withstand the force of the beast stampede. In the blink of an eye, it was drowned by the endless beast stampede, leaving behind nothing but a carcass!

The situation was not optimistic for monkey, the spirit tiger and Golden Lion as well.

Individually, each of them had torrential combat strength and within this short period of time, there were already hundreds of demon beasts carcasses beneath their feet.

However, the beast stampede was endless and charged relentlessly. Injuries started appearing on their bodies one after another inevitably and fresh blood seeped!

They had no way of retreat for this battle!

Su Zimo had already held back all the clansmen from the Rainbow Wolf Spider race.

However, the triangular formation of monkey and the other two would have been broken through a long time ago if the Rainbow Wolf Spiders were involved!

On the other side.

The battle was even more intense with Su Zimo taking on the Rainbow Wolf Spiders and the beast stampede singlehandedly!

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