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Chapter 667: Stupid Bird, Stupid Bird! Is That You?

The beast stampede moved and demonic qi filled the air with dust billowing through the vast plains. Any individual demons along the way avoided them a long time ago.

In the center of the war chariot, the colorful-robed man had a moody expression. He eyed the woman beside him and remarked coldly, “You had better be obedient. If I didn’t require your blood to cultivate daily, I would have killed you a long time ago!”

The woman lowered her head and her eyes were filled with dejection, as though she had lost her soul.

“Don’t dream that anyone would come and save you,”

The colorful-robed man sneered, “In the ancient battlefield, any sect and faction that comes across the Rainbow Wolf Spider race will have to keep their distance!”

He was not entirely bragging by that.

It was especially so at night – even the successors of super sects would not want to openly provoke this group of demons.

“Those few people earlier on knew their places. Otherwise, they would be nothing but corpses by now.”

The colorful-robed man harrumphed.


Suddenly, the sound of clothes fluttering tore through the air behind them!


Sensing something, the colorful-robed man turned around.

Not far away, a green-colored figure was speeding towards them at lightning speed.

He was at the horizon a moment earlier but in the blink of an eye, he arrived right before them!

The green-robed cultivator that they encountered earlier had backtracked!

The four people behind the green-robed cultivator gradually caught up as well.

Su Zimo stood in the air above the beast stampede and ignored the countless demon beasts with menacing looks and gaping, bloody mouths. With a calm expression, he held back the war chariot forcefully!

The colorful-robed man’s gaze narrowed and his pupils constricted with a momentary flash of killing intent!

When the woman caught sight of that, she was visibly agitated. However, she could not speak.



A few young men stood out from both sides of the war chariot, shouting with unfriendly expressions. Thin threads could be seen flickering faintly from their fingertips, as though they could attack at any moment!


The beast stampede let out a ferocious roar that shook the world as well!

However, be it monkey, the spirit tiger or Golden Lion, all of them were much stronger mentally after experiencing the battle in the ancient city.

Furthermore, they had been through countless fights in the days after and they could no longer be threatened by a scene as such.

Even the little fox who was the most timid merely had a slightly paler expression right now.

However, her gaze was resolute without any trace of fear!

To her, she would follow Su Zimo on anything he decided on without hesitation, even if it was a mountain of blades or sea of flames ahead!

The colorful-robed man gestured for silence by pushing down his palms.

Gradually, the roaring of the beast stampede calmed down.

Raising his brow slightly, the colorful-robed man asked coolly, “What’s the meaning of this, fellow Daoist?”

After standing in the way of the war chariot, Su Zimo’s gaze had been fixed on the long-legged woman’s face, as though he was trying to make out something.

It was the same for monkey and the spirit tiger.

After gazing at the woman deeply, Su Zimo shifted his gaze towards the colorful-robed man and said indifferently, “I suddenly thought of something so I returned to verify it.”


The colorful-robed man frowned and asked, “What?”

Expressionlessly, Su Zimo pointed to the woman on the war chariot. “Please remove the seal on her mouth. I’ve got a few questions for her.”

Su Zimo’s tone sounded impolite!

Although he said please, it sounded more like an order!

“Who are you to talk to the young master as such?!”

A Rainbow Wolf Spider at the side stood out and shouted.

The spirit tiger widened its eyes and barked, “Who are you to talk to my master as such too? There’s no room for you to talk here, scram aside!”

“You must have a death wish!”

The thousand odd Rainbow Wolf Spiders revealed cold, menacing expressions as the demonic qi within them surged.

Their bones shifted and the flesh on their faces expanded. Thin, rainbow-colored fur appeared on their skin as sharp, green mouthparts pointed out of their mouths with a nauseating stench!

The colorful-robed man’s expression turned cold as well. With a dark gaze, he replied in an unfriendly manner, “I’d advise you to not push your luck! I was already starting to regret letting you guys off earlier on. Don’t force me to change my mind!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Beside the war chariot, explosions sounded from the bodies of dozens of young men. In the blink of an eye, their bodies expanded and they transformed into terrifying gigantic spiders!

With the head of a wolf and the body of a spider, their bodies were lined with thin fur and they had eight legs with demonic qi surging into the air.

Every single leg had a different color.

Different colored spider silk shot out of their massive abdomens thickly, as though they could form a massive web that could blanket the world at any moment!

Rainbow Wolf Spider!

Monkey twisted its neck and its eyes shone scarlet. Its fists crackled repeatedly as battle intent surged through it.

The tension was tight on both sides!

As long as Su Zimo or the colorful-robed man made a single wrong statement, a huge battle could be triggered!

Suddenly, Su Zimo chuckled. “Well, I’ll back off then and not ask her about those questions.”

“The wise recognize their circumstances,”

The colorful-robed man nodded. “You guys had better disappear from my sights before I change my mind, otherwise…”

“Hold on,”

Before the colorful-robed man could finish, Su Zimo interrupted, “I’m not going to ask her anything, but please remove the seal on her. I want to see her true form.”

For some unknown reason, the colorful-robed man felt an uneasy feeling in his heart.

Naturally, there was no way he would heed Su Zimo’s orders that easily and remove the seal on the woman.

After contemplating, the colorful-robed man said in a dark voice, “There’s nothing much to her true form. At the most, she’s just an extremely ordinary immortal crane.”

His statement removed all doubts in everyone’s hearts!

Su Zimo retracted his smile and nodded as his expression gradually turned cold. “Well, very well.”

Monkey’s eyes shone brightly scarlet.

The spirit tiger was already at its limits a long time ago, yelling towards the long-legged woman agitatedly, “Stupid bird, stupid bird! Is that you?!”

The long-legged woman’s eyes reddened and tears streamed down.

Vaguely sensing something, the colorful-robed man frowned and asked, “You know one another?”

“There’s no need for you to change your mind any longer,”

Su Zimo’s gaze was dark as he glared at the colorful-robed man with a chilling killing intent, snarling word by word, “That’s because… I’ve already changed my mind.”

Before his sentence was finished, a blood-colored saber had already appeared in Su Zimo’s hands!

Six spirit patterns shone.

Instantly, blood qi surged into the air.

It was Blood Quencher that had evolved into a connate spirit weapon!

Dong! Dong!

Monkey circulated its Inner Core and blood qi surged as it reverted to its true form. Its eyes were bloodshot and it had a torrential ferocity, pounding against its chest heavily with loud, dull thuds!

The spirit tiger was extremely emotional and yelled, “Stupid bird, don’t be afraid! Hu Batian is here to save you!”

There was nothing that could stop them.

It did not matter if there was an endless beast stampede before them.

It did not matter if the Rainbow Wolf Spider was from one of the eight demon regions.

It did not matter if there were only five of them.

The moment they recognized the identity of the woman, they had to save her even if it cost their lives!


There was a roar accompanied by a thunderous flash of lightning.

The spirit tiger reverted to its true form and electric currents shot through its eyes – its might was ferocious and its aura was frightening.

The Golden Lion and the little fox reverted to their true forms as well.

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