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Chapter 665: Beast Stampede

Su Zimo, monkey, the spirit tiger, little fox and Golden Lion made their way to the center of the ancient battlefield.

The fight for the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking would take place half a year later.

The location would be at the center region of the ancient battlefield – Myriad Phenomenon City!

Su Zimo did not know if Xiaoning entered this time round nor did he know where Ming Zhen was.

However, the greatest possibility of locating the both of them would be in Myriad Phenomenon City!

That was because every single cultivator that entered the ancient battlefield would try their best to rush towards Myriad Phenomenon City.

Even cultivators who knew that they wouldn’t be contesting for a position on the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking would rush over as well to witness the glory of all the paragons in Tianhuang Mainland and a clash between countless ancient phenomenons!

This was a rare battle that happened once in a hundred years – nobody wanted to miss it!

Even if they merely watched by the sidelines, it would only be beneficial for their personal cultivations.

Furthermore, the ancient battlefield was boundless and searching for two people without any clues would be equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Half a year later, the various major sects and factions of Tianhuang Mainland would gather in Myriad Phenomenon City along with all the heretical doctrines, unorthodox groups and itinerant cultivators. With that crowd, it would be easier to get news about anything.

Even if Su Zimo could not find the two of them by then, there was a high chance he would be able to obtain some useful information.

Of course, although there were millions of cultivators that entered the ancient battlefield, there might only be less than half of them who could arrive at Myriad Phenomenon City eventually!

Apart from the countless demon beasts and ancient living beings that resided in the intermediate ancient battlefield to begin with, demon races from Tianhuang Mainland would also be teleported in to fight for treasures and resources.

With everyone rushing towards Myriad Phenomenon City at the center, the journey was extremely treacherous!

For most cultivators, they would choose to travel during daytime. At night, they would try their best to look for gathering grounds to rest.

They would then continue traveling after day arrived.

Not many people dared to travel at night in the ancient battlefield where birds and beasts roamed.

However, for Su Zimo’s group, day or night made no difference to them.

Apart from Su Zimo, the other four were true blue spirit demons!

Although there were only five of them in a group, none of them were to be trifled with.

Notwithstanding Su Zimo, monkey and the spirit tiger…

Although the Golden Lion was suppressed by Su Zimo with ease, it was a pure-blooded ferocious beast to begin with. Furthermore, it was from the Golden Lion race of Wild Lion Ridge and had an extraordinary bloodline that surpassed most demons!

Most demon beasts could not even approach the little fox that seemed the weakest.

Foxes were natural-born seductresses and could bewitch the masses just by standing at a spot. A single beckon of her finger or a release of fragrance was enough to subdue a group of demons!

The spirit tiger was long charmed out of its wits by the little fox.

Along the way, the spirit tiger followed behind the little fox and expressed concern constantly while wagging its tail – it almost became a mount for the little fox.

Its pandering expressions naturally attracted quite a few slaps from monkey again.

However, the little fox would avoid as far as she could each time. If she truly couldn’t avoid, she would revert to her true form and bury herself into Su Zimo’s embrace.

The spirit tiger could only watch with frustration.

During this period of time, each time the little fox hid herself in Su Zimo’s embrace, the spirit tiger would sigh constantly with a miserable expression.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

Although there were naturally fights against other demons during this period of time, they got out perfectly fine each time.

The Golden Lion had also started getting chummier with monkey and the spirit tiger and integrated itself into the group.

This night, Su Zimo’s group continued ahead.

The man had elegant features and flowing green robes while the young lady had peerless features that could bewitch the masses. To be honest, Su Zimo and the little fox looked extremely compatible as they walked together side by side at the front.

Monkey, the spirit tiger and Golden Lion followed behind.

The spirit tiger’s head was slumped listlessly.

The Golden Lion asked curiously, “Brother Tiger, why haven’t you been bugging the little fox recently?”

With its hands behind its back, the spirit tiger raised its head slightly and sighed with a fake look of wisdom. “Sigh, I’ve fallen out of love!”

Monkey rolled its eyes and snorted with a chuckle.

The Golden Lion consoled, “Don’t worry, Brother Tiger. When we return to Wild Lion Ridge, I’ll introduce some girls for you!”

“For real?”

The spirit tiger’s eyes lit up and its worried look vanished instantly, almost drooling from the mouth.


The Golden Lion patted its chest loudly.

“What a bro!”

The spirit tiger hugged the Golden Lion by the shoulder with one arm excitedly.

Monkey pouted its lips and could not be bothered with the two of them.

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly frowned. His ears twitched and he said darkly, “Everyone, watch out. A beast stampede is charging over here!”

Beast stampede!

Monkey narrowed its gaze and his eyes shone with a scarlet glint of blood.

Both the spirit tiger and Golden Lion stopped playing around and their expressions turned grim.

The presence of a beast stampede also meant that a demon king was present!

Furthermore, they were no longer at the outer perimeter of the ancient battlefield.

Any demon king that could subdue a group of demons in this region and trigger a beast stampede definitely possessed frightening strength and was not to be trifled with!

In a one-on-one fight, none of them had to fear anybody.

However, they would be embroiled in a bitter fight if they had to go against a beast stampede!

Another while later.

Monkey and the others finally felt the ground trembling.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

It was as though a massive army was attacking!

Although it was at night, Su Zimo’s eyes were sharp and he could clearly see dust billowing in the distant horizon as a thunderous force charged over!

The five of them stopped in their tracks.

Not long after, the beast stampede arrived before them!

The beast stampede consisted of mostly ancient remnant beasts and a few pure-blooded ferocious beasts. Each of them looked menacing with demonic qi rumbling around them, looking as though they wanted to rip Su Zimo’s group of five apart!

However, the strange thing was that there were more than a thousand ‘humans’ in the center of the beast stampede.

Although they were in human form, all of them emanated demonic qi – it was clear that they were transformed from demons.

In the center of the group was a man and a woman. Standing on a war chariot, they seemed to be revered by the rest.

The man had a skinny face and his expression was dark, wearing colorful clothes that seemed extremely showy.

The woman beside him looked no older than 28 and she was transformed from a demon as well. Wearing green robes and trousers, her black hair was tied into a bun on the back of her head and she looked extremely handsome.

Her legs were long and slender and could be described as perfect.

The spirit tiger’s eyes widened blankly once again when it caught sight of the woman’s legs.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

The woman seemed to be restrained with a thin, rainbow-colored thread coiling around her. She could not move at all and even her lips were sealed such that she could not speak.

The rainbow thread coiled around all the ferocious beasts in the beast stampede as well.

The other end of the rainbow thread led to the hands of the thousand odd group of humanoid demon beasts.

It was obvious that the beast stampede was subdued by the humanoid demon beasts!

The thousand odd demon beasts on the other hand were subservient to the man with colorful robes on the war chariot!

The colorful-robed man was the demon king of the beast stampede!

The moment she caught sight of Su Zimo’s group, the long-legged woman on the war chariot seemed agitated and cried endlessly with an indescribable expression in her eyes.

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