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Chapter 66: An Ape

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When he saw the haughty man and white bloused woman falling into the abyss, Su Zimo was finally clear about one thing.

Those that fall into the abyss will definitely not die.

Since the two of them possessed a variant spirit root and the peak master of Ethereal Peak already knew about it, there was no way they would be allowed to die.

However, Su Zimo did not know what those who fell into the abyss would encounter.

Shifting horizontally, Su Zimo dodged from the crane’s line of sight and continued speeding up the peak.

Even though he only had one hand, his feet were as nimble as his fingers after he removed his shoes. Digging themselves into the wall of the peak, he continued climbing steadily.

The crane had extremely sharp senses. With a swift flap, it appeared above Su Zimo’s head and cried out, looking at him with a taunting expression as though mocking his little play of trying to dodge it.

The man and crane had finally met.

On a peak enshrouded with spirit qi elsewhere, two grace middle aged cultivators sat opposite to one another. They were both clad in white robes and one of them had a flying sword emblem engraved on his sleeve while the other had a hexagon emblem.

Both of them were sipping tea lazily.

Beside them stood a skinny child who was relating something excitedly.

“Hmms? Variant spirit root? Two of them?”

One of them placed his teacup down and turned around to ask, his expression slightly changed.

The skinny child nodded furiously.

The other cultivator asked, “What spirit roots were they?”

“One is wind and the other is ice.”

At that, the two cultivators exchanged glances and smiled, apparently pleased.

“Wen Xuan, your peak’s about to produce two more geniuses.”

There were six peaks to Ethereal Peak where the highest amongst them was the true Ethereal Peak that was visible to the outside world.

Surrounding it were five other peaks – Spirit, Elixir, Talisman, Array and Weapon.

The cultivator known as Wen Xuan – the one with a flying sword emblem embossed – was the peak master of Spirit Peak.

The other person was Xuan Yi, peak master of Array Peak.

Naturally, anyone who could be a peak master was definitely a Perfected Golden Core.

Even though all the peaks had their specialties, Spirit Peak was the strongest amongst them with the most disciples. Because they valued cultivation realms the most highly, everything they learned and imparted were killing techniques.

If there were variant and heaven spirit roots, they would most likely be selected by Spirit Peak.

Wen Xuan smiled and stood up. “I’ll go take a look and see how many tribulations of the Life and Death Stage those two can pass.”

“Don’t worry. Those with variant spirit roots are blessed by providence. They’ll naturally be able to pass the tribulation of life and death,” A teasing expression flickered by the eyes of Peak Master Xuan Yi as he joked, “Look how anxious you are. Where’s your poise as a peak master?”

“Come, join me to take a look.”

With a hearty laugh, Wen Xuan tugged at Xuan Yi’s wrist and wanted to leave together.

Shaking his head, Xuan Yi ducked away and laughed. “I’m not going. Won’t I be giving myself troubles by watching your Spirit Peak take all the good talents away?”

Right then, a chubby fat child ran over in a huff.

“P-Peak master! T-T-This is bad!”


Both peak masters exchanged glances, looking surprised.

“Why are you here too, junior brother?” The skinny child asked.

Sweating from head to toe, the fat child waved his lumpy hand and cried out, “Peak master, the spirit testing gate exploded!”


Xuan Yi and Wen Xuan looked at one another confused.

Wen Xuan asked, “Why would it explode? Someone destroyed it?”


The fat child shook his head before nodding fervently. “Yes! Wait, no. No!”

Both peak masters were thoroughly confused.

“Just what in the world happened! Speak properly!” Wen Xuan hollered with a solemn expression.

The fat child could not help but recall the words of that scholar. Instinctively, he repeated, “It might be because the spirit testing gate had been enduring the rough weather for such a long time without proper maintenance, that’s why it broke apart…”


Wen Xuan flicked the fat child on the head.


Clutching his head, he pursed his lips sadly.

“What nonsense.”

Xuan Yi could not hide his smile as he chuckled. “Who taught you that? I’m sure you didn’t think up that on your own, right?”

“A scholar told me that,” The fat child replied, “But I think what he said makes sense too. And he was even kind enough to have me remind the sect to take care of our old structures so that…”


Yet another flick.

Instantly, a big, swollen bump appeared on the forehead of the fat child.

He was almost bursting into tears as he asked with teary eyes, “Peak master, why are you hitting me?”

“You’re too silly, child. One day, you might even end up counting money for the man who sells you out,” Xuan Yi did not know to laugh or to cry.

Wen Xuan spoke sternly, “Tell me the entire series of events. Do not hide anything from me.”

“There was this scholar carrying a bow and saber. He came before the spirit testing gate and it displayed a Fire spirit root,” The fat child answered.

“Carry on.”

“But, the spirit testing gate did not allow him to enter. The scholar then continued barging through and the spirit testing gate exploded.”

Wen Xuan and Xuan Yi frowned and exchanged glances, still confused.

Wen Xuan asked right away, “Are you sure it was a Fire spirit root?”


The fat child replied instantly, “Peak master, you’ve got to believe me! Even though I’m stupid, I can still tell that it’s a Fire spirit root!”

“That’s strange,” Xuan Yi could not figure out what happened.

After a moment of silence, Xuan Yi spoke, “Wen Xuan, I’ll accompany you to see just what is up with this scholar.”

Without the use of any spirit weapons, the both of them soared through the skies and with a flip of their robes, carried the two children with them towards the front of the peak.

Before long, all four of them arrived at where the spirit testing gate was.

“It’s indeed broken.”

Xuan Yi stared at the lump of rocks beneath him where the spirit testing gate once stood and murmured silently.

Wen Xuan asked, “Where is that scholar?”

“Eh? He’s gone,” The fat child looked around.

Suddenly, Xuan Yi replied, “No, they’re up the peak. The Eight Distresses Formation of the abyss has already been activated. Yes, those two with the variant spirit roots are there already.”

Wen Xuan asked hurriedly, “How many tribulations have the two of them gone through?”

“They’ve already passed two, life and death. You can rest easy now, right?” Xuan Yi chuckled.

After pausing slightly, Xuan Yi shook his head. “Wait, the bow and saber carrying scholar isn’t going through the Eight Distresses Formation. He might have left already out of fear.”

Wen Xuan harrumphed gently. “This unknown lad appeared and destroyed our Ethereal Sect’s spirit testing gate and left just like that? Brazen!”

“Caw, caw!”

Right then, the hurried calls of a crane rang out from beyond the clouds.

Wen Xuan and Xuan Yi looked up.

Far above, a figure was shifting nimbly around the walls of the peak without falling off. Even while dodging the attacks of the crane, the figure was still climbing to the peak rapidly!

Even with the eyesight of a Perfected Golden Core, they could not see clearly due to the distance between them and the tip of the peak.

“Xuan Yi, look! There’s an ape!’ Wen Xuan said as he pointed to a black shadow on the peak.


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