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Chapter 636: Destiny Dharmic Weapon

Cultivators would experience life-changing transformations after forming a core. That was the first time they would break free from the restraints of Heaven and Earth and they would not only be able to soar through the skies, their lifespans would even extend to 500 years.

Core formation could be considered as a rift in the path of cultivation.

The difference between Golden Core and Nascent Soul realm was another great rift.

That was because one would break free from the restraints of Heaven and Earth once more at Nascent Soul realm by cultivating their Essence Spirits and extending their lifespans to 1,000 years!

With an Essence Spirit, cultivators were able to channel Dharmic powers for their own use.

At the same time, it meant that cultivators would require new Dharmic arts, weapons and even some secret skills to refine their spirits.

Simply put, the intermediate ancient battlefield was where many paragons of the Golden Core would prepare themselves for what they require after ascending to Nascent Soul realm!

The old monk said, “There were even heaven-grade Dharmic arts and cultivation techniques that appeared in the rewards of previous Phenomenon Rankings!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he was secretly speechless.

After advancing to Nascent Soul realm, one would enter a new world and reach a new level.

Dharmic powers were the powers of the universe.

Dharmic arts and cultivation techniques were differentiated by grades.

The four grades in the cultivation world for Dharmic arts and cultivation worlds were heaven, earth, dark and light.

Naturally, the most frightening techniques that could release the strongest Dharmic powers were heaven-grade Dharmic arts!

Thereafter, the power level was reduced per grade.

Light-grade Dharmic arts had the weakest Dharmic powers.

Of course, there were also stronger and weaker light-grade Dharmic arts.

Furthermore, in the cultivation world, most of the commonly seen light-grade Dharmic arts and cultivation techniques could be found in various major sects and factions.

Dark-grade Dharmic arts and cultivation techniques were most likely only possessed by aristocratic families and true gentry clans.

Earth-grade Dharmic arts and cultivation techniques were only possessed by major super sects of Tianhuang Mainland.

However, heaven-grade Dharmic arts and cultivation techniques…

Were things that could only be hoped for.

In the ancient era where paragons dominated and multiple emperors rose, there were many heaven-grade Dharmic arts and cultivation techniques that were created. However, few were passed down till now.

Furthermore, many of them that were passed down were incomplete by now.

That was the reason why all the paragons of Tianhuang Mainland looked forward to the intermediate ancient battlefield.

It was also the reason why Di Yin was willing to suppress his cultivation realm so that he could enter the ancient battlefield once more!

The Daming Dharmic Seal that Su Zimo cultivated was originally an earth-grade Dharmic art.

However, with the loss of the Mingwang Prayer Beads such that there were only four Dharmic Seals remaining, Daming Dharmic Seal could only be considered as a dark-grade Dharmic art.

Strictly speaking, the Fiend Suppression, Demon Subduing, Immortal Trap and Immovable Foundation Seals could only be considered as dark-grade Dharmic arts.

When released in tandem with Daming Mantra, it was only a superior dark-grade Dharmic art.

Within the Daming Dharmic Seal, only the lost Great Vajra Wheel and Great Mount Meru Seals were true blue earth-grade Dharmic arts!

However, the strange thing was that Daming True Sutra was clearly listed as a heaven-grade Dharmic art in the ancient books of Daming Monastery!

Even if he managed to recover the two lost Dharmic Seals, Daming Dharmic Seal was only an earth-grade Dharmic art.

However, it could actually turn into a heaven-grade Dharmic art after it was combined with the sound secret skill, Daming Mantra, to form Daming True Sutra?

That was something that Su Zimo could not figure out.

Of course, Nascent Souls would not be able to release heaven-grade Dharmic arts even if they obtained it.

Heaven-grade Dharmic arts had extremely strict requirements of one’s Essence Spirits!

Even if Nascent Souls were to set their Essence Spirits ablaze, they would not be able channel the heaven-grade Dharmic arts.

Theoretically, heaven-grade cultivation techniques could be cultivated the moment one entered Nascent Soul realm.

However, heaven-grade cultivation techniques were extremely difficult to comprehend and having just cultivated their Essence Spirits, there were many things that Nascent Souls did not know about this realm.

It would be extremely difficult for them to cultivate!

Of course, the benefits of cultivating a heaven-grade cultivation technique were clear as day as well.

In the same realm, an Essence Spirit that cultivated a heaven-grade cultivation technique would be much stronger than the Essence Spirits of other Perfected Lords!

The old monk continued, “After advancing to Nascent Soul realm, you will have to change all your weapons. Even if you’re wielding a connate spirit weapon, it won’t be able to release the might of Dharmic arts.”

In terms of toughness, even ordinary Dharmic weapons would not be able to shatter connate spirit weapons with ease.

However, at the end of the day, connate spirit weapons were still only on the level of spirit energy.

“Dharmic weapons are classified into four types for the four different realms and it’s extremely simple. Weapons used by Nascent Souls were called Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons and weapons used by Void Reversions were Dao Being Dharmic weapons.”

“Following that, Dharma Characteristics used Dao Lord Dharmic weapons and Conjoint Bodies used Mighty Figure Dharmic weapons.”

At that point, Su Zimo’s heart stirred and he asked automatically, “There’s also the Mahayana realm above Conjoint Body. In that case, do those patriarchs use Patriarch Dharmic weapons?”


The old monk smiled. “Mahayana Patriarchs use Dharma treasures!”

“Dharma treasure?”

Su Zimo and Ming Zhen were stunned.

That was a term that was foreign to them.

The old monk replied, “The logic is simple. Dharmic powers are above spirit energy and divine powers are above Dharmic powers. With that, Dharmic arts are above spirit arts and divine arts are above Dharmic arts.”

“With the same comparison, Dharmic weapons are above spirit weapons and Dharmic treasures are above Dharmic weapons!”

“The reason why one has to change weapons at a new cultivation realm is because their strength would also transform in terms of quality as their cultivation advances.”

“Spirit weapons will explode if they are injected with Dharmic powers. Similarly, Dharmic weapons aren’t able to withstand divine powers and those that undergo the baptism of divine powers are known as Dharmic treasures!”

Su Zimo was enlightened.

“Be it Perfected Lord or Dao Being Dharmic weapons, the difference in grade is similar to spirit weapons.”

The old monk continued, “A single Dharmic pattern makes an inferior-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon, two Dharmic patterns, middle-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon, three Dharmic patterns, superior-grade, four Dharmic patterns, supreme-grade, five Dharmic patterns, perfect-grade and six Dharmic patterns, connate. I’m sure you know about this by now.”

Su Zimo nodded.

He was a Weapon Refinement Master to begin with and naturally knew a little towards such things.

After a brief pause, the old monk took a deep breath, “There’s another important thing I want to talk about.”

“If you guys are able to advance to Nascent Soul realm successfully, you’ll be able to cultivate your Essence Spirits. Every single Nascent Soul has a chance to refine a Destiny Dharmic Weapon that belongs to themselves!”

“Destiny Dharmic weapon?!”

Both of them were stunned.

Su Zimo asked, “What is a Destiny Dharmic Weapon?”

“A Destiny Dharmic Weapon is interlinked with your Essence Spirit. By refining it day and night with your Essence Spirit, a tight connection will be made between you and your Dharmic weapon over time. It will be like a part of your body.”

The old monk explained, “You will be able to release your greatest strength with a Destiny Dharmic Weapon.”

Upon hearing this, Su Zimo frowned.

Even with that explanation, there was nothing special about Destiny Dharmic Weapons.

However, the old monk continued, “The true strength of a Destiny Dharmic Weapon lies in the fact that it will become stronger as your cultivation advances!”


Su Zimo’s eyes shone brightly, seemingly realizing something.

The old monk revealed a look of admiration and nodded. “If the Dharmic weapon you choose at the start is a superior-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon, by the time you cultivate to Void Reversion realm, your Destiny Dharmic Weapon will also grow into a Dao Being Dharmic weapon after the refinement of your Essence Spirit. Furthermore, it will still be at three Dharmic patterns superior-grade!”


Su Zimo nodded and lamented, “That will be incredible.”

This meant that the grade of a Destiny Dharmic Weapon will not change even as it grows!

In other words, if Su Zimo chose a connate Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon as his Destiny Dharmic Weapon, by the time he reaches Void Reversion realm, his Destiny Dharmic Weapon would transform into a Dao Being Dharmic weapon.

However, its grade will still be at connate!

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