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Chapter 633: An Arrow to Determine Life and Death

The tiles above the main hall shattered all of a sudden!

A dark light descended into the crowd within the blink of an eye.

At that moment, the tension was nigh within the main hall.

Although there were many cultivators inside, including Nascent Souls, nobody could react to the sudden appearance of the dark light!

“Watch out!”

“Who’s there?!”

The crowd dispersed.

There was a swoosh!

The dark light was already pinned into the ground – it was an arrow.

The arrow was so powerful that its tail was still quivering after more than half of its body was embedded in the ground!

Everyone focused their attention.

There were six spirit patterns on the body of that arrow!

“It’s a connate spirit weapon!”

“No wonder it was so fast!”

The Nascent Souls in the main hall felt a sense of trepidation.

Given the situation earlier, if any of them were struck by the arrow, they would have died on the spot, unable to avoid at all!

It was chaos in the main hall but there was one person who did not move.

The eldest prince!

Motionless, the eldest prince was particularly striking in the crowd.

Everyone looked at the eldest prince and could not help but shudder; their eyes widened in disbelief.

There was a horrific hole of blood in the head of the eldest prince!

The eldest prince was dead!

That arrow had pierced his head!


A momentary silence filled the main hall.

Immediately after, Perfected Lords Jing Shan and Yong Yan were enraged as they shouted with murderous looks, “Who is the scum who dares to take the life of a prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty?!”


Perfected Lord Jing Shan waved his sleeves and attacked.

A massive hole punctured the ceiling of the main hall.

It was empty.

The person who attacked had already left.

“Fellow Perfected Lords, heed my call!”

Perfected Lord Jing Shan calmed down and said darkly, “This is a spirit weapon so this man’s cultivation realm is Golden Core at most. He can’t have escaped Cang Lang City just yet.”

“Soldiers, hunt him down in the city!”


Suddenly, an urgent voice sounded outside the main hall.

A cultivator in martial arts attire sprinted over, panting heavily. He was drenched in sweat and looked agitated, but there was a hint of fear deep in his eyes.

“Reporti—”! Reporti—”!”

The cultivator barged right into the main hall and yelled while stuttering.

Perfected Lord Yong Yan berated him, “No matter what it is, hold on first!”

“It’s an u-urgent news from the scouts at the front…!”

The cultivator panted heavily and said abruptly.

The expressions of everyone in the main hall changed.

“Did the allied army of the three dynasties not rest last and chose to cross Cang Lang Mountain Range?”


“If that’s the case, they must have arrived at Cang Lang City by now!”

A chaotic commotion broke out in the crowd.


Suddenly, Ji Yaoxue’s voice sounded and overwhelmed the clamor with her aura as the empress.

She asked deeply, “Speak, what happened?”

The cultivator managed to compose himself by now. “Last time, the allied army of the three dynasties did not set up a camp. Instead, they chose to cross Cang Lang Mountain Range!”

The hearts of everyone in the main hall sank when they heard that.

After a pause, the cultivator continued, “However, a beast stampede broke out in Cang Lang Mountain Range!”


“Beast stampede?”

“How is that possible?”

A series of exclamations broke out from the crowd.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze had a calm expression and said darkly, “From what I know, there are no fiend demons in Cang Lang Mountain Range. Even if there’s a beast stampede, it shouldn’t be of concern to the allied army.”

The cultivator gulped and continued, “The allied army is almost completely destroyed. They had several million troops but only a few hundred thousand of them managed to escape!”

“The three princes died and the allied army has already withdrawn in defeat!”

Silence engulfed the main hall.

Completely destroyed!

The three princes were dead!

The news were so shocking that everyone almost forgot that the prince of Great Zhou was just killed by an arrow.

“The heavens are watching over the Great Zhou Dynasty!”

Many generals and commanders knelt on the ground and exclaimed emotionally.

Ji Yaoxue frowned with a pensive expression.

The cultivator’s mouth twitched, as though he wanted to say something but stopped himself.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze frowned – although this was a joyous piece of news, there were way too many questions left.

“A hundred Nascent Souls accompanied the allied army. Where are they?” Perfected Lord Ming Ze asked again.

The cultivator replied with a trembling voice and a fearful expression, “T-They’re all dead.”

“They’re all dead?”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze shuddered and pressed on. “The fiend demon of Cang Lang Mountain Range is so powerful?”

“There’s no fiend demon,”

The cultivator shook his head. “Someone triggered the beast stampede in Cang Lang Mountain Range. Later on, the hundred Nascent Souls chased that person into a small town.”

“A thick fog shrouded the small town and by the time it dispersed, all the Nascent Souls were dead with no survivors!”

The main hall went silent once more.

Everyone had puzzled and shocked expressions.

There was a person who could command thousands of demons and trigger such a terrifying beast stampede to devour the allied army?

Or… could that have been a humanoid ferocious beast?

But why would a humanoid ferocious beast run to the town?

Why was there a fog shrouding the town?

How did the hundred Nascent Souls die later on?

Everything sounded extremely odd.

After pondering for a moment, Perfected Lord Ming Ze asked, “Why did that man stand in the way of the allied army?”

The cultivator replied, “His kin passed away at the same time as the invasion of the allied army. In his rage, he triggered the beast stampede and committed the massacre, declaring that he wanted everyone to be buried along with his kin!”

When Ji Yaoxue heard that, she thought of something and shuddered. Ignoring her injuries, she dashed out of the main hall and gazed into the distance.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze asked once again with a sharp gaze, “What’s the name of that person?”

“I think it’s… Su Zimo!”


The moment that name was spoken, everyone in the main hall gasped in shock.

Su Zimo… the strongest monster incarnate in history 20 years ago!

He defeated all the paragons of the Nascent Soul and incinerated Nascent Souls in the Great Qian Ruins, dying the skies red!

Almost everyone had forgotten about that name after 20 years.

To think that it would be mentioned once more today!


Perfected Lord Jing Shan interrupted, “Everyone knows that Su Zimo leaped into the Dragon Burial Valley. How could he still be alive?”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze was in disbelief as well.

However, deep in his heart, he knew that if there was a person in the world who could commit such an act, it would have to be Su Zimo!

“I heard that this connate-grade Black Gold Arrow was used by Su Zimo in that battle of the North Region paragons 20 years ago,” A cultivator said in a hushed tone within the crowd.

There were some rumors in the imperial court of Great Zhou regarding the relationship between Ji Yaoxue and Su Zimo.

Everyone came to a realization.

If the rumors were true, he was exerting his authority by killing the eldest prince with that arrow!

He did not even give the latter a chance to explain!

It was a direct kill!

With the death of the eldest prince and the withdrawal of the allied army, who else would dare harbor evil intentions towards Ji Yaoxue?

None of the Nascent Souls in the main hall, including Jing Shan and Yong Yan who stood by the eldest prince, dared to provoke Su Zimo.

Even a hundred Nascent Souls of the three dynasties were dead, who else would dare provoke him?

A single statement flashed through Perfected Lord Ming Ze’s mind.

An arrow to determine life and death!

To think that the means of that young man had turned even more frightening 20 years later!

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