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Chapter 627: Buried Along With Him!

Initially, the beast stampede was already showing signs of defeat after the onslaught of the Nascent Souls.

But now, after Su Zimo’s appearance to murder three Nascent Souls on the spirit vessel with a thunderous might, blood stained the skies. The torrential ferocity brought forth a massive boost to the morale of the demons!

Countless demons howled within the endless valley.

The nearly defeated beast stampede gathered once again into a series of currents that charged towards the allied army!

Fresh blood and massacres filled the entire place!

The reason why the demon beasts of Cang Lang Mountain Range were so united wasn’t merely out of fear towards Su Zimo’s strength.

More than that, it was because the flesh of cultivators was a great tonic for them!

There were millions of cultivators in the allied army.

By now, corpses were strewn all over the place and there were rivers of blood.

With that massive amount of lifeforce essence, there was bound to be a biological change. There was a high chance that a fiend demon could be born in Cang Lang Mountain Range after this battle!

Demon beasts were also sentient and all of them wanted to become fiend demons!

Prior to this, the hundred Nascent Souls traveled far away from the spirit vessel as they expanded their search radius for Su Zimo.

Although they noticed what was happening on the spirit vessel, it was already too late for them to return.

The three Nascent Souls had died way too quickly.

The entire process took less than five breaths!

“Y-Y-You are…!”

The prince of Great Xia seemed to have recognized something as he pointed at Su Zimo, shivering with fear in his eyes.

“You look like…”

“Su Zimo! You are Su Zimo!”

The prince of Great Xia shrieked and the fat on his face shook.

Back then, the three dynasties sent their armies to the Great Qian Ruins and the prince of Great Xia was one of those lucky enough to witness that earthshaking battle.

Although that strongest monster incarnate in history leaped down into the Dragon Burial Valley and died, the memory of his face was everlasting like a nightmare.

Su Zimo.

The moment that name was spoken, there was an uproar!

“How is that possible?”

“Didn’t he leap down Dragon Burial Valley right in front of everyone? Wasn’t his Golden Core destroyed and his Inner Core torn? Hasn’t he already died?”

“It really looks like him! Back then, I saw him from afar as well!”

“That monster incarnate… is not dead?”

The hundred Nascent Souls revealed uneasy looks of shock.

Golden Cores were not the only ones who died in the paragon battle 20 years ago.

At that time, even Nascent Souls that appeared were annihilated, burned to death without any corpses remaining by a blaze of flames; even their Essence Spirits were destroyed!

It was a tragic battle that was rare in history.

Nobody expected that this man who was thought to be dead would stand before them alive and well!

All the Nascent Souls looked at Su Zimo and none of them could sense any spirit energy fluctuation. Someone said coldly with an icy glare, “Well, well! It seems like you’ve turned into a demon completely! Since you’re not a human, you’re our common enemy!”

Against the threat of the Nascent Soul, Su Zimo was fearless as he turned to look at the three princes shivering on the deck.

The three princes shuddered.

The prince of Great Xia was in an even more pathetic state as his pants were wet with a stench – his pee and shit had already flowed uncontrollably.

“Su Zimo, you will definitely die today if you dare to hurt the princes!”

A Nascent Soul hollered.

The Nascent Souls sped over in an encirclement.

However, the three princes were on the spirit vessel and nobody dared to attack recklessly.

The prince of Great You was no longer as intimidating as before. He was extremely frightful as he asked with a quivering voice, “Su Zimo, we’ve got no grudge with you. W-Why are you doing this?”

“No grudge?”

Su Zimo laughed and pointed to the land beneath him, asking, “Do you know where this is?”

“T-This is the Cang Lang Mountain Range,” The prince of Great Xia replied hurriedly, afraid that he would die if he took his time.


Su Zimo shook his head. “This is the Yan Country. The allied army of the three dynasties sent forth millions of troops to invade the territory of the Yan Country while massacring countless of our citizens. Yet, you say that you have no grudge with me?”

“If you spare us, we’ll withdraw our troops right away!”

The prince of Great Shang was the only one who could maintain his composure right now among the three princes as he said with a dark voice.

“Withdraw? Ha!”

Su Zimo laughed. “Nothing in the world is that easy.”

The prince of Great Shang snarled, “What do you want?”

Su Zimo gazed at Jian An City that was still billowing with smoke in the distance and said, “How many people in these lands have died to the merciless iron hooves of your army? How many people have died in this chaotic era of war?”

He retracted his gaze and turned to the three princes, asking coldly, “Who is going to atone for their lives?”

Su Zimo’s tone was extremely calm. However, the more that was the case, the more afraid the three princes felt!

Beneath that refined exterior was a fiend demon that could devour anyone at any moment!

“Fellow Daoist, you’re a cultivator.”

The prince of Great Shang was smart and did not point out Su Zimo’s identity as a demon right now, afraid of triggering the latter.

Gulping to compose himself, he continued, “Since you’re a cultivator, you’ve already let go of your mortal self and severed your ties with mortality. Why does the lives of the living beings in the world matter to you, fellow Daoist?”

“In other words, how many people can survive from the flames of war in the North Region? Are you going to interfere in everything, fellow Daoist? Are you going to save everyone?”

“You’re not wrong,”

Su Zimo nodded.

When he heard that, the prince of Great Shang felt relieved.

The princes of Great Xia and Great You were so emotional that they nearly cried.


Suddenly, Su Zimo changed the topic and remarked indifferently, “I’m very sad and angry because my brother is dead… therefore, I want to kill! I want you to be buried along with him!”

The moment he said that, the three princes felt chills run down their spines as though they had just fallen into a cesspool of cold water.

That was a reason that seemed simple and absurd.

Yet, no one could refute it.

“Su Zimo!”

The prince of Great Shang felt an immense threat and could not help but shout, “There are a hundred Nascent Souls here and your presence has already been exposed! If you hurt us, you won’t be able to escape as well!”

Although the prince of Great Shang was calm and tried to use both hard and soft tactics, he had not realized that he was dealing with someone so terrifying!

This was a person that was decisive to kill without reservations!

This was a person whose guts would shock Nascent Souls!

“Is that so?”

Su Zimo smirked. “I’m going to give that a shot!”


With a ferocious gaze, he stomped his feet fiercely on the deck, letting off a reverberating boom!

The spirit vessel shook violently!

On the deck, a crack could be seen clearly extending endlessly from where Su Zimo stood – it was extremely fast and dense!


It was yet another deafening sound.

Su Zimo stomped once more.

The spirit vessel exploded into different parts!

The massive spirit vessel was stomped apart by Su Zimo’s foot!

Su Zimo fell rapidly and waved his sleeves, causing countless debris before him to shoot towards the three princes in a flurry.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Blood mists spewed from the three princes, riddling them with holes and ending their lives – they were already dead before they landed on the ground.

“The princes of the three dynasties are dead and this place shall be your resting ground!”

Su Zimo’s voice spread through the entire forest in a chilling manner!

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