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Chapter 625: Send You to Your Grave!

After the deaths of two Nascent Souls in successions, the remaining Nascent Souls had grim expressions as they stood tensely in midair.

Any hint of danger or activity would alert everyone to attack preemptively!

No matter the demon beast, anything that tried getting close would be slain mercilessly!

“Where’s that beast?”

The prince of Great You asked loudly.

It had been quite sometime after the two Nascent Souls were killed and Su Zimo never appeared again, as though he had already left the place.

“This beast is extremely crafty,”

The bald burly man harrumphed coldly. “If he dares to appear right now, he’ll definitely be locked down and killed!”

The white-bloused woman said, “Demon beasts are much sharper towards danger than humans. I’m guessing that it has already escaped.”

After the both of them spoke, they turned and looked at the skinny old man automatically.

The skinny old man shook his head. “I don’t know. I’m just curious as to why that demon beast would gather a beast stampede to stand in the way of our allied army.”

Right then, a Golden Core sped towards them, drenched in blood. The armor on his body was almost torn apart completely by the demon beasts.

The person descended on the deck of the spirit vessel and walked towards the three princes, saying hoarsely, “Princes, the beast stampede is way too ferocious and we can’t defend against it. Please release the order for us to retreat, princes!”


The prince of Great You slapped the table and stood up, berating, “We’ve got a hundred Nascent Souls accompanying our allied army. If they attack, we can suppress the beast stampede at any time!”


The prince of Great Xia narrowed his gaze and said coldly, “Although you’re a general of the army, the way you’re dropping our morale is punishable by death!”

“That’s enough,”

The prince of Great Shang waved it off. “General Sun, head on down first and kill the enemies as best as you can. Victory is already decided with the Nascent Soul seniors around.”

General Sun was someone from the Great Shang Dynasty after all and could not be killed with such a reason.

The prince of Great Shang had to protect him no matter what.

Furthermore, the situation on the battlefield was indeed as he had described.

Many Nascent Souls had already attacked and released Dharmic arts to suppress the beast stampede!

Although the beast stampede was ferocious, they were inferior in terms of cultivation realm at the end of the day and could not withstand the killing might of Nascent Souls.

The force of the beast stampede was already showing signs of weakness!

In that short period of time, General Sun did not stop in his tracks on the spirit vessel and approached the three princes.

When the battle broke out, the skinny old man and the other two Nascent Souls had already closed in to the three princes to prevent accidents from happening.

The first to notice something unusual was the bald burly man.

Looking at General Sun who was walking over, the bald burly man frowned and barked, “Don’t you know the rules? How dare you not kneel down in front of the princes!”

At the same time, the skinny old man frowned and released his spirit consciousness across General Sun.


The skinny old man’s expression changed.

His spirit consciousness was blocked by a mysterious energy!

It was a familiar feeling, as though…

Not good!

The skinny old man gasped and his heart nearly stopped!

At the same time, a voice sounded coldly, “I’m not kneeling because… I’m here to send you to your graves!”

At that moment, General Sun had already arrived before the three Nascent Souls.

Right in front of everyone, General Sun’s facial muscles twitched sinisterly and he transformed into another person in the blink of an eye!

It was a refined looking scholar whose eyes were cold and murderous!

The intruder was not General Sun, but a transformed Su Zimo!

Almost everyone was focused on what was happening outside.

Nobody thought that Su Zimo would dare to approach them personally!


The white-bloused woman was stunned.

That single lapse was the difference between life and death!

In Su Zimo’s eyes, an opening as such was death in melee combat!

Reaching out, Su Zimo slapped the white-bloused woman on the head.

There was a loud thud on the ground.

The white-bloused woman’s head exploded with brain juices splattering everywhere – even her Essence Spirit was destroyed on the spot!

The skinny old man and bald burly man reacted right away.

The bald burly man was a body tempered warrior and he was delighted to see Su Zimo close in.

His bloodline surged.

The bald burly man punched at Su Zimo’s head fiercely!

His fist was like a meteor that arrived with an unparalleled force instantly!

However, the skinny old man was more experienced and retreated immediately.

He would gain the advantage as long as he could increase the distance between them!

At the same time, he conjured hand seals to release a Dharmic art.

Dharmic power churned.

A thick finger that resembled a heavenly-piercing pillar was conjured rapidly and thrust at Su Zimo’s chest viciously with a frightening might!


Su Zimo spoke at the same time.

Daming Mantra was released!

Sanskrit reverberated through the air endlessly, forming a noble might!

The first to be implicated was the Imperial Army that was nearby the deck.

Cling! Clang!

Many Imperial Army soldiers revealed pained looks as their weapons fell to the ground one after another in loud clangs.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

A series of cracks appeared on the protection talismans of the three princes – they were shaken by that single Sanskrit word!

As for the skinny old man, he shuddered and frowned with a hint of pain deep in his eyes.

Although he was a Nascent Soul, he was not a body tempered warrior and was not exactly strong enough to withstand the power of the Sanskrit sound.

The Dharmic power finger that was conjured in midair dissipated slightly and its power was reduced.

The bald burly man was the least impacted by the Sanskrit sound.

There was almost no pause in his punch!


Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he spoke once more.

The second Sanskrit had arrived!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Most of the Imperial Army soldiers on the deck collapsed stiffly with blood oozing from all orifices. They suffered miserable deaths and their brains were mostly rattled into sludge.

The three princes slumped to the ground with terrible expressions on their faces as well.

The Dharmic power finger arriving from midair trembled and its strength was greatly diminished.

The skinny old man staggered as well.

However, he was fearless.

He had already increased the distance between them.

Moreover, Su Zimo had to deal with his Dharmic art and the bald burly man’s melee combat – there was no chance for him to get close to the skinny old man.

All of a sudden!

The skinny old man caught a glimpse of light from the corner of his eyes.

Instinctively, he turned over.

Not far away, Su Zimo’s right eye released a dazzling brilliance that resembled a blazing sun, illuminating the entire world like daylight!

Illumination Eye!


A blinding light column surged forth through the void and delved right into the skinny old man’s face!

Instantly, the world went still.

A radiance illuminated.

The next moment, the light beam dispersed.

Night returned.

On the spirit vessel, the skinny old man’s body convulsed helplessly.

A hollow hole appeared on his face; his features were gone and everywhere around the hole was burned.

His head was penetrated by that white column of light!

His Essence Spirit was annihilated before it even had the chance to escape!

In the blink of an eye, two Nascent Souls on the spirit vessel were dead!

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